**NEW**: Forest and Firefighting Contractor Labor Laws Forum Announcement 


The Solicitation for Proposals for a new Interagency Firefighting Crew A greement (IFCA) is posted on the Oregon Procurement Information Network. Proposers will need to be registered in ORPIN and follow the directions on the Request for Proposals document in order to submit a responsive Proposal.
Document Delivery Reminders
Questions, Requests for Change, Requests for Clarification, Protests - All documentation must be labeled in accordance with A.3.3 of the RFP.
Proposals – All documentation must be labeled in accordance with C.4.2

When hand delivering ANY items in regards to the IFCA Solicitation, please make sure to deliver them to Building C; NOT Bldg. D.
          - Ensure the person receiving your items at ODF dates, time stamps and initials it for receipt of the items.

The Single Point of Contact for all information for this RFP is PCSU Unit Coordinator, Cindy Beck ( Please do not send emails or other correspondence to anyone else.
Very Important: Your packaged and sealed Proposal must be received by ODF in accordance with the RFP. ODF will not provide you with any packaging material if you arrive with an unpackaged and unsealed Proposal, and it will not be accepted. Closing time is exact, so please do not be late. Late items will not be accepted.