The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) administers the Interagency Firefighting Crew Agreement (IFCA) on behalf of the states of Oregon and Washington, and various federal agencies, to provide qualified crews for wildland fire suppression services or Severity/Preparedness assignments for Oregon and Washington. Crews may also be utilized elsewhere.

The typical work of crew wildland fire suppression is performed utilizing hand tools to construct fireline and power saws to clear brush. Firefighting crews are often called upon to help construct hose lays that bring water to the fire area. Once a fire has been contained, crews may perform mop-up operations.

The 2017 IFCA is currently in effect. This Agreement may be extended for up to three one-year extension terms. During this IFCA period, new companies/crews will be unable to participate. Release of the next IFCA solicitation is anticipated for the year 2021.

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Happy New Year 2018!

Pack Tests and Refreshers are currently being conducted by contractors!  Please ensure current year pack tests and refreshers have been successfully completed prior to sending in manifests for statusing crews in ROSS.

Clackamas, Rogue and Treasure Valley are ramping up for Language Skills Assessments. If you have folks that need LSA, please refer to the college websites. Some assessments are scheduled as early as January!


Link to DOL AAM #225   The revised wage determinations reflect the new Health and Welfare Fringe Benefit amounts as of August 01.

 Link to EO 13706, Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors:  


Photo: Hand crew working on a hot spot


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