When FIRE SEASON goes into effect, some activities in the great outdoors are prone to start fires. In an effort to prevent these fires from starting, the Oregon Department of Forestry and our partners impose restrictions pertaining to public and work related activities. To find out what is and is not allowed in your area, follow the link below to our interactive map. Areas outside ODF protection, such as the USDA Forest Service, will provide links to other agency fire regulation information. 


This interactive tool provides the latest in wildland fire risk and public and industrial fire restrictions associated with that risk. Information is provided for areas protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry and Forest Protective Associations. Areas outside our responsibility will provide a link to the proper agency for more information. There are two distinct groups that wildland fire restrictions apply to. The first is the industrial operators, or workers. The second group is the general public.


Zoom in and click the area in which you are seeking information, whether it is for your home, out and about, or on the job. A pop-up box will display with links to public and industrial fire restrictions. Click on the co​rresponding link for the most up-to-date information.

Descriptive icons at the bottom of the map will further help you find your way. 

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The color coded map gives forest workers a snapshot of the fire restrictions in place for given areas. When fire season goes into effect, those working in wildland/forest areas throughout the state are required to meet fire prevention equipment requirements.  West of the Cascade Mountain Range, workers must also follow time and operation restrictions under the Industrial Fire Precaution Levelsystem. Workers east of the Cascade Mountain Range do not observe the IFPL, but are required to follow other requirements based on fire danger and weather.

IFPL’s are illustrated by color. They are not related to fire danger signs used for fire danger awareness.

Green_square.svg.pngIFPL I
600px-000080_Navy_Blue_Square.svg.pngIFPL II
Yellow Square.pngIFPL III
red square.jpgIFPL IV
Orange Square.pngODF Eastside Industrial Fire Restrictions

​To be sure of the public and industrial restrictions in your area, zoom in to your location and click the map. A pop up box will appear with more information.
On behalf of Oregon Forest & Industries Council's member companies participating in the Corporate Closures Information page, we would wish to say "Thank You" to all for your understanding and adjustments to your summer and fall recreation activities on private timberlands.
The entire Pacific-NW has continued to experience severe drought conditions leaving both public and private forests at an increased risk for wildfire.  These extended drought conditions have made forest fuels more susceptible to any ignition source, (no matter how cautious you may be), many activities of which never caused a fire under normal conditions.
We all know we cannot control lightning caused fires...but by implementing access restrictions as a "Prevention" tool, we can attempt to minimize the chance of accidental, yet very damaging and costly wildfires.  Reducing the damage potential to natural resources, including both public and private resources (air, water, wildlife habitat), we hope to ensure their sustainable use and availability for the future.  These efforts to reduce fire starts also improve public and firefighter safety exposure.
Thanks to all the firefighters for their continued efforts and Thank You for being a strong Prevention Partner.
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