Cu​rrent fire information

Current wildfire information can be found on our Wildfire Blog​, the ODF Fire Statistics Database, the ODF Fire Season Weekly Briefing Map, or the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center Interactive Large Fires map.

The ODF Fire Season Briefing Map 9/26/2016  is a statewide reference map showing active large fires ODF is tracking in the state of Oregon during fire season and the locations of year-to-date lightning- and human-caused fires (statistical fires where ODF is the primary protection agency).





Historical fire inf​ormation

ODF keeps statistics on wildfires that occur in its protection jurisdiction, 16 million acres of private and public forestland. These range from annual tallies of the number of fires and the acres burned, to the various causes of fires, fuel types, and other information.
Query the ODF Fire Statistics Database

You can also use the interactive map below to view historical wildfire information from 2005-2015. The Data Lens​ tool also allows you to search by year or category and create your own charts and maps.