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Astoria District



Astoria Contact Information
Oregon Department of Forestry
92219 Highway 202 * Astoria, OR  97103-8531
Phone:(503) 325-5451
FAX:(503) 325-2756
Contact Information:
Name Title Phone
Tom Savage District Forester (503) 325-5451
Ron Zilli Assistant District Forester  
(503) 325-5451
Neal Bond Protection Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451
Cindy Gauntz Office Manager (503) 325-5451
Billy Harris Website Administrator (503) 325-5451

About the District
Astoria District 2013 Annual Report Forest Stewardship Through Shared Leadership 
Astoria District Office circa 1971
​Astoria District Office 2013


Woodcutting Information
24 Hour Information Line - (503) 325-7215 (Option 2)

Permits are sold Monday through Friday
Vehicle license numbers are required
$20 in cash for 2 cords of wood
Permits are limited to 5 per household per calendar year

Please Click Here for more information and Firewood Area Maps
Burn Permits
The Astoria District is currently out of fire season and burn permits are not required. 
For recorded information about fire season requirements, call (503) 325-7215.
To request a burning permit or obtain additional information, please call the
Astoria District office at (503) 325-5451 during business hours. 
To visit the Astoria District website for online information on smoke and burn information, please click here.



ELK Concentrations​

Please click image below for Maps of Areas

The Astoria District Demostration Forest​ and Wellness Trail is improved and open to the public.

Please Click on Image below for a Map of the Trail.





 Northrup Creek Horse Trail
The Northrup Creek Horse Trail is now open but horse riders are advised to use extreme caution due to saturated soil conditions.

For more information, contact Ty Williams, Jewell Unit Forester, at 503-325-5451.

Campground Notices:
Gnat Creek Campground is fully open with 4 camp sites.
Northrup Creek Horse Camp is closed until May 15, 2014.

Henry Rierson Spruce Run Campground has only the main loop open and limited amenities.

Beaver Eddy Campground is open with no amenities.


To view the Clatsop State Forest Brochure (in PDF format)


To view the Off Highway Vehicle Trail Guide (in PDF format)


For more information on Recreation opportunities on the
 Clatsop State Forest,  please click here.
 Or you may contact:  Ty Williams
Jewell Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451
Protection from Fire


The Astoria District is currently out of fire season.

 For recorded information about fire season requirements, call (503) 325-7215.
To obtain additional information, please call the Astoria District office at
( 503) 325-5451 during business hours. 
To visit the Astoria District website for online information on the
Protection from Fire Program for the Astoria District, please click here.

 You may also contact: Neal Bond
Protection Unit Forester
 (503) 325-5451
Dave Horning
Protection Supervisor
 (503) 325-5451
Private Forests




For assistance North of Hwy 26 in Clatsop County please contact:

Ashley Lertora
Stewardship Forester
(503) 325-5451


For assistance South of Hwy 26 to Hwy 6 please contact:

Jasen McCoy      Stewardship Forester
(503) 325-5451

 Unit Manager 

Neal Bond
Protection Unit Forester
State Forests Management

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Ty Williams
Jewell Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451

 John Tillotson
Sunset Unit Forester


Larry Sprouse
Reforestation Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451

News Releases




Following a review concluding that the current NW Oregon Forest Management Plan isn't meeting financial obligations, the Board of Forestry established a subcommittee to work with the Department on new ways for managing state-owned forests in NW Oregon that increase both revenue and conservation.
The Board also directed the State Forester to convene a group of stakeholders to help guide the process. This stakeholder group finished their last meeting on February 10th (review materials by following the link), and produced a Findings Report to submit to the Alternative Forest Management Plan (AFMP) Board Subcommittee. The timeline below outlines next steps:
March 5: Update to the Board of Forestry
March 14: State Forests Advisory Committee (SFAC) work session on implementation
April 4: Forest Trust Lands Advisory Committee (FTLAC) work session on policy implications 
April 14: Update to the Board of Forestry 
May 2: AFMP Board subcommittee reviews Stakeholder Group, FTLAC and SFAC products to decide which concepts to forward to an independent science review team.
May through August: Science review of concepts
June 4: Board of Forestry update
July 24-25: Board of Forestry update
Fall 2014: Board of Forestry decisions on Forest Management Plan (FMP). Rule-making to implement those decisions begins.
Spring 2015: Board of Forestry approves new FMP
Throughout, we want to hear from you. We're visiting NW Oregon communities at a series of informal roundtable info sessions to share general information, clarify what's involved in next steps, and capture your thoughts and comments to take back to the Board. Please attend if you can:
February 26 Astoria: 3-4:30pm, Clatsop Comm. College, 1651 Lexington Ave, Toller Hall, Room 306
February 27 Tillamook: 6-8pm, Tillamook Comm. College, 4301 3rd Street, Room 214/215
March 3
Forest Grove: 6-8pm, Forest Grove Library, 2114 Pacific Ave.
March 6
Lyons: 6-8pm, 22965 North Fork Road SE 


The Board of Forestry is committed to conservation on state-owned forestlands. To highlight this commitment the Board approved high value conservation area (HVCA) designations in June 2013.
To commemorate and implement, there are a number of activities underway. We've launched a central webpage for HVCA information, scheduled March open houses (see below), and will send a web link for public comment once the HVCA & Annual Operation Plans (AOP) comment period kicks off March 17 (open through May 2). Visit the webpage to learn more.
HVCA open houses will provide the opportunity to review these areas on Google Earth maps, ask questions, explore through a self-guided tour, and learn more about how these areas are managed over time, among other activities. We look forward to seeing you there:
March 17: 6-8pm, Forest Grove ODF District Office, 801 Gales Creek Road, Forest Grove
March 20: 6-8pm, Astoria ODF District Office, 92219 Hwy 202, Astoria 
March 22: 10am-noon, Tillamook District Office, 5005 3rd Street, Tillamook






The Clatsop Recreation Advisory Committee is a five member board with one position each which represent interests in off-highway vehicles and equestrian activities, two positions dedicated to miscellaneous activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, or camping and one citizen-at-large position.  The committee provides a forum for recreation users to have direct input into the development, review, and implementation of specific recreation policies, plans, and projects for the Clatsop State Forest and meets quarterly.

For further information or to inquire about any existing committee openings contact our District Office at (503)325-5451.





 Oregon Department of Forestry announces firewood permit changes


Beginning February 1, the manner in which firewood permits are issued by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Astoria District Office will change. The new program will allow for permits to be issued geographically by management basin instead of timber sale area as was done in the past.
There are 15 different management basins in ODF’s Astoria District, ranging in size from 4,265 to 18,832 acres. Most are located in the eastern portion of Clatsop County. Firewood cutting will be allowed on downed wood that is within 50 feet of a surfaced road. Certain areas within each basin will be excluded from firewood cutting. Some examples of excluded areas are: sold timber sales, recreation sites, planned timber sale operations, ecologically sensitive areas, and Oregon Department of Transportation rights-of-way.
As has always been the case, ODF does not guarantee the quality or availability of wood in the permit areas and no refunds will be issued. Areas that have a concentration of material suitable for firewood will be identified on the basin maps. Those interested in obtaining a permit are encouraged to visit the ODF – Astoria District’s web page, www.oregon.gov/ODF/pages/field/astoria/aboutastoria.aspx, to view management basin maps and to familiarize themselves with areas they are interested in obtaining a firewood permit within. Prospective firewood cutters may also call the district’s Woodcutting Hotline (503-325-7215) for information.
Signs will be posted in the field identifying areas that are closed to firewood cutting. However, the public is cautioned that the signs are only for guidance, since signs may be torn down or damaged and not replaced in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to determine if s/he is in an area available for firewood cutting as shown on the permit map. Detailed forest road maps are available at the district office for $6. The double-sided map covers Clatsop County and portions of Columbia, Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill counties.
Permits will be sold during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Permits will not be sold during fire season, which generally runs from July 1 through October 1. There is a limit of five permits per individual and household per year. There will not be a limit on the number of permits sold in each management basin. Firewood permits cost $20 and are good for two cords of wood or three weeks, whichever comes first. Permits may be purchased at the Astoria District Office, 92219 Highway 202, in Astoria, which is located next to the Clatsop County Fairgrounds. All permit sales are cash only. No checks or credit cards are accepted.

The Northwest Area Protection Map has been updated as of May 2012 and can be purchased at the Astoria District Office. The maps are $6.00 each.


Clatsop Recreation Advisory Committee


For more information about the Recreation Advisory Committee please click the links below.


Clatsop RAC Application RAC Roles and Guidelines