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  • Welcome to the website for Oregon's Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management
    Photo of North and Middle Sister Mountains
    This website includes information on the Oregon Board of Forestry's seven strategies for sustainable forest management and the corresponding 19 individual indicators that were approved by the Board to measure progress on evaluating Oregon's forest sustainability. Work to collect data to measure progress will be ongoing for the next several years - much of it in collaboration with others. Ultimately the indicators will feed into a comprehensive assessment for Oregon's forests, revision of the Board's strategic plan, and the Oregon Roundtable on Sustainable Forests.

    With these indicators in place, we can see where we have been and begin to foresee where we are going. We will know what our successes have been and where we need to focus our efforts - leading and planning for the future of Oregon's forests, and achieving the Board's vision of a sustainable flow of environmental, economic, and social benefits from Oregon's forests for all Oregonians.
Indicator Spotlight Related Indicator Information
2007-2009 Oregon Forests Report
Introducing Oregon's Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management, this report overviews the seven strategies contained in the Oregon Board of Forestry's strategic plan and the 19 indicators that the Board endorsed in 2007.
Developing Oregon's Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management
Throughout 2005 and 2006, the Oregon Board of Forestry's Ad Hoc Forest Management Indicator Advisory Committee worked to develop the sustainable forest management indicators for the Board's endorsement. Engaging the public, as well as many technical and policy experts interested in Oregon's forests, their work was an important service to Oregon and its citizens.
Draft 2011 "Forestry Program for Oregon" public comment period
This is a scenic photo of older forest structure.
A public comment period runs from October 1 through December 31 on the Board of Forestry's draft 2011 "Forestry Program for Oregon" - the Board's strategic plan for Oregon's forests.
2003 "Forestry Program for Oregon"
The "Forestry Program for Oregon" is the Oregon Board of Forestry's strategic plan. It contains the seven strategies that form a framework around which forest sustainability issues can be organized and discussed, and also identifies the outcomes that the Board wishes to achieve. It serves as the foundation for the 19 indicators endorsed by the Board for sustainable forest management.
Oregon Roundtable on Sustainable Forests
The purpose of the Oregon Roundtable on Sustainable Forests will be to engage multiple stakeholders through collaborative efforts to advance understanding, assessment, and reporting of forest sustainability. It is intended to be an open, participant-driven network and a forum for discussion and action. There will be no Roundtable "members", only "participants". It will be a gathering place for anyone who is interested in Oregon's forests - to share information, evaluate and discuss forest conditions and trends, to build common ground, and to help shape a common understanding and vision for the future.
Oregon Forest Atlas
This is a graphic of a map showing the western two-thirds of Oregon.
New views of Oregon's forests are now available on the Oregon Department of Forestry's website. The Oregon Forest Atlas project can provide a broader understanding of Oregon's forests using geographic information systems data and contemporary technology.
Oregon Forest Assessment
Ultimately the Oregon Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management will feed into information being collected for a comprehensive assessment of Oregon's forests. In 2010, this assessment will be used during an Oregon Board of Forestry symposium on the state of Oregon's forestlands that will be held to kick off the next strategic planning process.
Other Forest Indicator Initiatives
From dialogues about Sustainable Forest Management between temperate and boreal forest nations through the Montreal Process down to sub-state initiatives - such as using the indicators to report on monitoring activities on the Mt. Hood National Forest - here you will find information about forest indicators from other entities - Interational, National, Regional and within Oregon. Benchmarking, comparing, and contrasting Oregon's indicator development with other entities can provide valuable insights and lessons learned as Oregon continues its own work using indicators to measure our process over the coming years to achieve the Oregon Board of Forestry's vision of sustainable environmental, economic, and social benefits from Oregon's forests for all Oregonians.