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Astoria District



Astoria Contact Information
Oregon Department of Forestry
92219 Highway 202 * Astoria, OR  97103-8531
Phone:(503) 325-5451
FAX:(503) 325-2756
Contact Information:
Name Title Phone
Dan Goody District Forester (503) 325-5451
Ron Zilli Assistant District Forester  
(503) 325-5451
Neal Bond Protection Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451
Lisa Sprague Office Manager (503) 325-5451
Billy Harris Website Administrator (503) 325-5451

About the District
Astoria District 2014 Annual Report Forest Stewardship Through Shared Leadership 
Astoria District Office circa 1971
​Astoria District Office 2013


Woodcutting Information

24 Hour Information Line - (503) 325-7215 (Option 2)


Effective today, June 16, 2015, wood cutting permits will no longer be issued.

Currently issued permits that extend beyond June 19th, 2015 will expire at 1300 hours on June 19th, 2015.

Firewood cutting permits will be issued again this fall after fire season is closed.

Permits are sold Monday through Friday
Vehicle license numbers are required
$20 in cash for 2 cords of wood
Permits are limited to 5 per household per calendar year

Please Click Here for more information and Firewood Area Maps
Burn Permits
The Astoria District is currently in fire season and burn permits are required. 
For recorded information about fire season requirements, call (503) 325-7215.
To request a burning permit or obtain additional information, please call the
Astoria District office at (503) 325-5451 during business hours. 
To visit the Astoria District website for online information on smoke and burn information, please click here.






ELK Concentrations​

Please click image below for Maps of Areas

The Astoria District Demostration Forest​ and Wellness Trail is improved and open to the public.

Please Click on Image below for a Map of the Trail.





Regulate Use closure begins June 19 at 1300 hours (Map)

Clatsop County announces open fire ban effective 2015/08/20 at 0100 hours

Campfires on the Clatsop State Forest are permitted only at the following locations:

  • Henry Rierson Spruce Run Campground
  • Northrup Creek Campground
  • Gnat Creek Campground
  • Viewpoint Quarry OHV Dispersed Site (Quarry Site Only – Not all of the Nicholai OHV Dispersed Sites)


Northrup Creek Horse Trail
The Northrup Creek Horse Trail is now open but horse riders are advised to use extreme caution due to saturated soil conditions.

For more information, contact Ty Williams, Jewell Unit Forester, at 503-325-5451.

Campground Notices:
Henry Rierson Spruce Run Park.
Open and all facilities available, Camp Host on site May 14th.
Northrup Creek Horse Camp.
Open and all facilities available, Camp Host on site May 15th..
Beaver Eddy
Open entire year but no amenities
Gnat Creek
Open and all facilities available.

Two camping areas in the Nicolai Mtn. OHV Riding Area have been recently improved.  The campsites are located on Plympton Ridge Road and Kerry Road.  Both locations have two campsites.  Each campsite has a fire ring, picnic table, and rocked parking area.  Enjoy a unique, secluded camping experience with direct access to the Nicolai Mountain OHV Riding Area.  Special thanks to South Fork Forest Camp, Road Crew, and OHV Crew for improving these sites.


Kerry Road Campsite

Plympton Ridge Road Campsite




To view the Clatsop State Forest Brochure (in PDF format))

To view the Off Highway Vehicle Trail Guide (in PDF format)

For more information on Recreation opportunities on the
 Clatsop State Forest,  please click here.
 Or you may contact:  Ty Williams
Jewell Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451
Protection from Fire


The Astoria District is currently in fire season.

Clatsop County announces open fire ban effective 2015/08/20 at 0100 hours

For a map of Current Fire Restrictions please click here.

For Industrial Precaution Levels and Regulated Use Closures please click here.

For OHV waiver please click here.

For Chainsaw waiver please click here.

For Fire Watch waiver please click here.


 For recorded information about fire season requirements, call (503) 325-7215.
To obtain additional information, please call the Astoria District office at
( 503) 325-5451 during business hours. 
To visit the Astoria District website for online information on the
Protection from Fire Program for the Astoria District, please click here.
 You may also contact: Neal Bond
Protection Unit Forester
 (503) 325-5451
Dave Horning
Protection Supervisor
 (503) 325-5451
Private Forests




For assistance North of Hwy 26 in Clatsop County please contact:

Ashley Lertora
Stewardship Forester
(503) 325-5451


For assistance South of Hwy 26 to Hwy 6 please contact:

Jasen McCoy      Stewardship Forester
(503) 325-5451

 Unit Manager 

Neal Bond
Protection Unit Forester
State Forests Management

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Social media: Find us on Facebook, Twitter @ORDeptForestry, and Flickr


Ty Williams
Jewell Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451

 John Tillotson
Sunset Unit Forester


Charley Moyer
Reforestation Unit Forester
(503) 325-5451

News Releases


Clatsop County announces open fire ban effective 2015/08/20 at 0100 hours


South Jetty Fire Update

For fire status as of August 7, 2015 and the final update on the fire, please click here.

For fire status as of  8:30 am, August 6, 2015, please click here.

For fire status as of 10:30 am, August 5, 2015, please click here.

To view a situation report (as of 8:30 am, August 4, 2015) on the fire and a map of the fire, please click here.


The Oregon Dept. of Forestry issued this news release today.
July 31, 2015                                                                                      
Ron Zilli, Oregon Dept. of Forestry
503-325-5451, ron.f.zilli@oregon.gov
Motorized Recreational Use restricted In the Astoria Basin
The Oregon Department Of Forestry Is restricting motorized recreational traffic on state forest lands within the Astoria Basin in an effort to mitigate the risk of fire during the remainder of the 2015 fire season.
As result of record warm and dry weather conditions, the hazard of wildfires in the local area is significantly higher than normal. The Oregon Department of Forestry owns approximately 3,200 acres of forestland situated behind the city of Astoria. Restricting vehicle access to this portion of the forest will help reduce the risk of human-caused fire. This area of state forest lands can be accessed from Williamsport Forest Road, Mill Creek Forest Road, and Scandinavian Cannery And Pipeline County roads. Gates on all roads that access the Astoria Basin will be closed at 10 a.m. on Monday, August 3, 2015. 
This closure only prohibits unauthorized motorized access into state forest lands until fire season is over. This usually occurs sometime in mid- to late October. Note that non-motorized access by the public for recreational purposes would still be allowed on lands in this area owned by the Oregon Department Of Forestry.   
For more information, contact Ron Zilli, Astoria Assistant District Forester, 503-325-5451.
Oregon Dept. of Forestry issued this news release today.
For immediate release                          Major media distribution
July 29, 2015                                           Contact:
                                                            Ashley Lertora, 503-325-5451, alertora@odf.state.or.us
Rod Nichols, 503-945-7425, rnichols@odf.state.or.us
Warmer Weather Increases Fire Danger
Local Oregon Department of Forestry fire officials have increased the fire danger level in Clatsop County.  The industrial fire protection level (IFPL) that regulates forest operations such as logging and road building on all forest lands is going to change.  At 1:00 am on Thursday July 30, 2015 current levels will be:
NW 1 at Level II requiring a two hour fire watch,
NW2 at Level III requiring a three hour fire watch,
NW 3 at Level III requiring a three hour fire watch.
The Astoria District is in regulated use, meaning that the public is also restricted on allowable activities on forest lands.  Anyone driving on forest roads is required to have a shovel and either a 2.5 pound fire extinguisher or one gallon of water. 
In Northwest 1 under Level II: No open debris burning. Burn barrels and residential campfires are allowed with an ODF issued burn permit and chain saw use on personal property is allowed until 1:00 pm daily.
In Northwest 2 and 3 under Level III: Campfires are only allowed in designated metal fire pits at the following locations: Henry Rierson Spruce Run Campground, Gnat Creek Campground, Northrup Creek Horse Camp and Beaver Eddy dispersed sites in Clatsop County.  For other campgrounds, check with the corresponding ODF office. 
All OHV trails in the Nicolai Mountain OHV Riding Area are closed to OHV use due to the elevated fire danger.  OHV operation in Nicolai Mountain, will be limited to travel on maintained gravel roads only.  Also, all campfires and barbeques are prohibited in the dispersed campsites in the Nicolai OHV Area (Shingle Mill, Viewpoint, Kerry, Plympton and Lost Lake).
Burn barrels and residential campfires are not allowed under Level III. 
The latest information about closures for the Astoria District will be updated on the Woodcutting Information message line at 503-325-7215 or at www.oregon.gov/ODF/pages/field/astoria/aboutastoria.aspx
Oregon Dept. of Forestry issued this news release today.
For immediate release                       Major media distribution Contact:
June 19, 2015                                       Ashley Lertora, 503-325-5451, alertora@odf.state.or.us
Rod Nichols, 503-945-7425, rnichols@odf.state.or.us
            Drying conditions forecasted in northwest forests have caused Oregon Department of Forestry officials in northwest Oregon to impose further public restrictions to those already in effect.  The additional restrictions prohibit the non-industrial use of chainsaws and ban all campfires.  Fire officials want to emphasize that before people go into the woods they must be prepared to take special precautions to prevent fires.  The following restrictions apply to lands in Washington, Yamhill, Tillamook, Clatsop, Columbia, and parts of Multnomah County protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry.
Effective at 1:00 P.M., Friday, June 19, 2015:
1.  Smoking is prohibited while traveling, except in closed vehicles on improved roads.
2.   Open fires are prohibited, including campfires, charcoal fires, cooking fires and warming fires, except at designated locations.  Use of wood burning devices, used in conjunction with temporary dwellings, including tents and trailers, is prohibited.  Portable cooking stoves using liquefied or bottled fuels are allowed.
3.   Non-industrial use of chainsaws is prohibited, except as waived by the Forester.
4.   Use of motorized vehicles, including motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, is prohibited, except on improved roads and designated areas.
5.   Possession of the following fire fighting equipment is required while traveling, except on state and county roads: one gallon of water or one operational 2½ pound or larger fire extinguisher and one shovel.
6.   Use of fireworks, exploding targets, tracer ammunition and sky lanterns are prohibited during fire season.
7.   Cutting, grinding and welding of metal is prohibited.
The State Forester or an authorized representative must approve any waiver of these requirements in writing.
This proclamation shall remain in full force and effect until terminated by similar order of the forester.
“Fireworks” means any combustible or explosive device or any other article which was prepared for the purpose of providing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation, including firecrackers, fountains, skyrockets, snakes, and sparklers. 
“Improved Road” means a road maintained for the use of passenger cars and which is clear of flammable debris.
“Open Fire” means the outdoor burning of any matter in such a way that the combustion air is not effectively controlled and the products of combustion are emitted directly into the atmosphere without passing through a stack or chimney.
“Shovel” means a digging tool having a handle of not less than 26 inches in length and a blade of not less than 8 inches in width.
“Restrictions” means those requirements which must be complied with when on lands subject to this proclamation, unless waived by the forester.  Such requirements do not apply to activities for which a permit has been issued in accordance with ORS 477.625.
These restrictions are in addition to fire season regulations already in effect on commercial logging operations.  Cable yarding, power saws, hauling, and other spark emitting operations are restricted under what are known as Industrial Fire Precaution Levels.  A current information recording on Industrial Fire Precaution Levels is available at 325-7215.  Local fire season regulations for the public may be obtained by calling a public information recording at the Astoria District 325-7215.
Fire season will begin in Clatsop County on Tuesday, June 16th, at 1:00 am, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry.  Fire season is declared each year when conditions of fire hazard exist.  This declaration affects all lands, both public and private, in Northwest Oregon and joins most other regions of Oregon already in fire season.
For all lands in Clatsop County, open debris burning will not be allowed after June 16th, 2015.  Burn permits will be issued by either your local rural fire department or Oregon Department of Forestry at no cost. 
Burn permits are obtained through the Oregon Department of Forestry, rural fire protection districts or the local city fire department, depending on your residential location.  For rural residence, only metal barrels in good condition and heavy mesh screens, with holes no larger than ¼ inch are acceptable.  A charged water supply and hand tools are also required. 
Loggers and other commercial forest operators will need to meet watchman service, fire equipment, and other requirements specified in Oregon forest law.
The use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition is prohibited during fire season on lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. (ORS 477.512)
For recorded information about fire season requirements, call 325-7215.  To request a burning permit or obtain additional information, call 325-5451 during business hours.

  Oregon Department of Forestry announces firewood permit changes


Beginning February 1, the manner in which firewood permits are issued by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) Astoria District Office will change. The new program will allow for permits to be issued geographically by management basin instead of timber sale area as was done in the past.
There are 15 different management basins in ODF’s Astoria District, ranging in size from 4,265 to 18,832 acres. Most are located in the eastern portion of Clatsop County. Firewood cutting will be allowed on downed wood that is within 50 feet of a surfaced road. Certain areas within each basin will be excluded from firewood cutting. Some examples of excluded areas are: sold timber sales, recreation sites, planned timber sale operations, ecologically sensitive areas, and Oregon Department of Transportation rights-of-way.
As has always been the case, ODF does not guarantee the quality or availability of wood in the permit areas and no refunds will be issued. Areas that have a concentration of material suitable for firewood will be identified on the basin maps. Those interested in obtaining a permit are encouraged to visit the ODF – Astoria District’s web page, www.oregon.gov/ODF/pages/field/astoria/aboutastoria.aspx, to view management basin maps and to familiarize themselves with areas they are interested in obtaining a firewood permit within. Prospective firewood cutters may also call the district’s Woodcutting Hotline (503-325-7215) for information.
Signs will be posted in the field identifying areas that are closed to firewood cutting. However, the public is cautioned that the signs are only for guidance, since signs may be torn down or damaged and not replaced in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to determine if s/he is in an area available for firewood cutting as shown on the permit map. Detailed forest road maps are available at the district office for $6. The double-sided map covers Clatsop County and portions of Columbia, Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill counties.
Permits will be sold during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Permits will not be sold during fire season, which generally runs from July 1 through October 1. There is a limit of five permits per individual and household per year. There will not be a limit on the number of permits sold in each management basin. Firewood permits cost $20 and are good for two cords of wood or three weeks, whichever comes first. Permits may be purchased at the Astoria District Office, 92219 Highway 202, in Astoria, which is located next to the Clatsop County Fairgrounds. All permit sales are cash only. No checks or credit cards are accepted.

The Northwest Area Protection Map has been updated as of May 2012 and can be purchased at the Astoria District Office. The maps are $6.00 each.


Clatsop Recreation Advisory Committee



For more information about the Recreation Advisory Committee please click the links below.


Clatsop RAC Application RAC Roles and Guidelines