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Public Records Requests

General Information

In Oregon, public records - such as those of a state agency like the Oregon Department of Forestry - are governed by the Oregon Public Records Law
The Oregon Department of Forestry will respond to requests to view public records or for copies of public records as quickly as possible, and identify what records it will be able to legally provide and an approximate cost estimate, if applicable, for copies.
To help make your public records request as successful as possible, this web page includes some general procedures for public records requests from the department.

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Where/How to Submit Your Request

Submit your request in writing to the Agency Affairs Program at the Oregon Department of Forestry, 2600 State Street, Salem, OR  97310 (FAX: 503-945-7212).  Your written request can be sent by mail, fax, or e-mail. If your request is for information about a specific program, you may direct it to the Agency Affairs personnel (listed below) who are assigned to that program, and they will then work with the correct program staff to most efficiently respond to your request.
If you are unsure what departmental program your request applies to, or if your request will cross programs or apply to the entire agency, address your request to the Agency Affairs Program Director, Dan Postrel, 503-945-7420.

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What to include in your request

Your written request needs to include:
  • the name and address of the person requesting the public record;
  • the telephone number or other contact information for the person requesting the public record; and
  • a sufficiently detailed description of the record(s) requested to allow the department to search for and identify records that respond to the request.
In addition, the request needs to be dated and signed by the person requesting the public record.
A form is included for your use in requesting public records.  You are not required to use this form for your written public records request; it is provided for your convenience only.
Request for Disclosure of Public Record from the Oregon Department of Forestry [PDF; 1 page]

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Responding to your request

Once your request has been received, the department will respond to it as soon as possible, notifying you of one or more of the following:
  • whether or not the department possesses the records requested
  • that the department is uncertain whether or not it possesses the records, and it will need to search for the records and respond as soon as practicable
  • an estimate of the time and fees required before the public records requested may be inspected or copies provided, or a statement about when that estimate will be available
  • that state or federal law prohibits the disclosure of the records requested, including a citation to the appropriate law relied upon
  • providing copies of the records requested
The department may also need to request additional information or clarification to expedite responding to your request.

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The Oregon Department of Forestry has established the following fees by Oregon Administrative Rule  for obtaining copies of public records:

Photocopies  $.25 per page, plus actual labor costs 
Data Processing Materials (computer print-out) $.15 per page printed, plust actual labor costs 
Labor (managerial, technical, office) for any service beyond what is usual and customary as public service  Actual labor costs
Data processing for special programming  Actual labor costs 
Tape recordings  Actual material and labor costs 
Photographs  Actual material and labor costs 
Maps produced by the department  Actual costs 
Certifying copies  $5.00 for the first 10 pages, plus $25 for each additional page in addition to other fees charged 
Computer processing  Actual material and labor costs ($5.00 minimum) 
Computer diskette or CD ROM for data transfer  $5.00 each, plus actual labor costs 
Packaging and mailing  Actual costs 
Any charges or fees that are not described in this information will be determined by the Agency Affairs Program Director.
The Oregon Department of Forestry may also furnish copies of public information without charge or at a substantially reduced fee if the department determines that the fee waiver or reduction is in the public interest as described in ORS 192.440(4).  The person making the request must also request this fee waiver or reduction and explain why it would be in the public interest.

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Need more information?

If you need more information about public records requests from the Oregon Department of Forestry, contact:
Dan Postrel
Oregon Department of Forestry
2600 State Street
Salem, OR  97310
PH: 503-945-7420
FAX: 503-945-7212
e-mail: dpostrel@odf.state.or.us

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