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Forest Practices Act
Guidance Manuals

Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) Guidance Manuals by Division
You can download portions of our administrative rule guidance manual using the links below:
  • Division 600 (pdf) Definitions (rev. 09/06 )
  • Division 605 (pdf) Planning Forest Operations (rev. 08/08) 
  • Division 610 (pdf) Reforestation Rules (rev. 06/09)
  • Division 611 (doc) Afforestation Rules
  • Division 615 (doc) Treatment of Slash
  • Division 620 (pdf) Chemicals and Other Petroleum Products (rev. 08/09)
  • Division 625 (pdf) Road Construction and Maintenance (rev. 02/09) 
  • Division 630 (pdf) Harvesting (rev. 06/09)
  • Division 635 (pdf) Water Protection Rules: Purpose, Goals, Classification and Riparian Management Areas (rev. 11/07
  • Division 640 Water Protection Rules: Vegetation Retention Along Streams
  • Division 645 (doc) Water Protection Rules: Riparian Mgmt Areas & Protection Measures for Significant Wetlands
  • Division 650 (doc) Water Protection Rules: Riparian Mgmt Areas & Protection Measures for Lakes
  • Division 655 (doc) Water Protection Rules: Protection Measures for "Other Wetlands," Seeps, and Springs
  • Division 660 (doc) Water Protection Rules: Specific Rules for Operations Near Waters of the State
  • Division 665 (pdf) Specified Resource Sites on Forestlands (rev. 04/09)

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Interpretive Guidance
  • Chapter 527 Selected Statutes (doc) Harvest Units - Definitions, Wildlife Tree & Downed Log Retention Requirements, Forestland Conversion, Harvest Limitations, Scenic Hwys
  • Chapter 527.620 (doc) Definition Updates, May 2004

Interagency Coordination Guidance

The Oregon Forest Practices Act (FPA) is most often the exclusive authority for regulating forest practices. However, in some cases other state agencies' regulatory programs apply to certain aspects of forest operations. There are other non-forest issues that also require operators to consider other agency programs when forest operations or activities corollary to forest operations are planned. Most of these other agency programs deal with the consequences of operations, rather than the practices to be used.  

  •  Other Agencies' Programs (doc) - Useful information for you or landowner/operator about other agencies' programs that may require some level of coordination before planning your forest operation(s).


Request for review of 'abandoned' status for Spotted Owls


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