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Private Forests Program Reference Library
Resources by Subject
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A - E

Aerial pesticide application - scientific studies & reports
Aerial survey maps & data - forest health related
Afforestation, Exemption From Some Tree Retention Reqmnts to Encourage (pdf)
Afforestation Incentive - encourages landowners to plant and grow merchantable stands of timber on previously nonforested lands where commercial forest production is the main objective; qualifications, specifications, forms, references
Application for forest operation permit - notification of operations
Archaeological and cultural resources:
A Guide for Forest Landowners and Operators - Protecting and preserving Oregon's archaeological and cultrual resources, (pdf) 
Assistance/contacts for non-industrial landowners 
Bald Eagle - assistance available
   - Bald Eagle Monitoring Report (pdf), FPMP Technical Report #19, March 2005 
Bark Beetle Mitigation Funds - qualifications, specifications, forms
Benefits to the public - How can/do private forestlands benefit the public?
Best Management Practices (BMP)
Carbon sequestration - climate change, conversion factors, links
Chemicals/Pesticides - labels, forms, emergency contacts, fact sheets, reports, more...
Civil penalties - rules, request a hearing, penalty reduction, dispute resolution
Commercial Forest Operations
Community forestry - Do you live in a forest?
Compliance monitoring - projects and reports
Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) -  Incentive to assist family forestland owners in prevention and restoration of areas affected by bark beetles; qualifications, specifications, forms
 -Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) incentive for landowners to protect soil, water, fish, and wildlife by establishing plants along streams; qualifications, specifications, forms
Conservation Stewardship Program 
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
 -Oregon Small Acreage Fact Sheets - Resource management guides (protecting watersheds, installing streamside buffers, erosion, fertilizing for profit, enhancing wildlife habitat, wells and septic systems, livestock, etc.) provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).
Privateforest.org - Web resource for private landowners and managers whose primary management objective is forest conservation. Provided by The Nature Conservancy with financial support by the U. S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

Consultant Foresters 
Converting Oregon Forestland to Other Uses (pdf)
Diseases - forest health information
Dynamic Forest Ecosystems 
Enforcement - rules, civil penalties, hearings, dispute resolution
Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) - incentive for landowners to implement management practices to conserve soil, water, and related natural resources; qualifications, specifications
Estate Planning - Ties to the Land  


F - K

2008 Farm Bill: What is in it for Woodland Owners?
Financial assistance - What's available? Eligibility, forms, programs, contacts, etc.
  - Afforestation (plant and grow timber on nonforested lands)
  - Bark Beetle Mitigation (prevention and restoration)
  - Community Forest Program (CFP)
  - Conservation Programs 
  - Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) conserve natural resources
  - Forest Legacy 
  - Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP)
  - Healthy Forests Reserve Prgm (HFRP) restore, enhance ecosystems, habitat for T&E species
  - Noxious Weed Control 
  - Watershed Enhancement (cost-share projects)
  - Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) restore and protect wetlands on private property
  - Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) establish and improve habitat on private lands
  - Fire Restrictions - precaution levels and regulated use closures
  - Restoration Strategies After Fire (pdf)
  - Timber Salvage After Wildfires (pdf)
Firewood - cutting on state forestlands
Fish passage & stream crossings
Forest Activity Computerized Tracking System - FACTS Data
Forest Ecosystems 
Forest Health - Forest Health Highlights, pest notes, maps & data
Forest Operations - best mgmt practices, civil penalties, guidance, notifications, more...
Forest Pracitces Act (FPA) - laws, rules, guidance
Forest Practices Notes & Technical Reports 
Forest Resource Trust (FRT) - eligibility and how to apply
Daily Chemical Application Record Form (pdf) (doc)
Financial assistance - incentive programs, forms, eligibility
Forest Practice Reforestation Rule Stocking Survey Form (pdf)
Landowner Exemption from Reforestation for Land Use Change Form (doc) Form 629-6-3-3-100.B (10/05) Landowner must submit this form to be exempt from the Forest Practice reforestation requirements for the purpose of converting forestland to a non-forest use. 
In-Water Work (Timing of) / In-Water Blasting Permit Application (ODFW)
Notification of Operation - application, subscription
Seed Bank order forms
Guidance Materials - Forest Practices Act
Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Best Management Practices Compliance Monitoring Project: Final Report (pdf) FPMP Technical Report #15 
Ground Based Harvesting (pdf), Forest Practice Note, No. 5 , July 1999
Maintenance and Repairs to Protect Fish Habitat and Water Quality, January 2000 (available by mail only - call 503-945-7470)
Harvest Effects on Riparian Function and Structure 
Summary of Harvest Unit Size Limitations (pdf), News Note 
Summary of Wildlife Tree and Downed Log Retention Requirements (pdf), The News Note 
Hinkle Creek Project - project of the Watershed Research Cooperative
Incentive Programs - What's available? Eligibility, forms, programs, contacts, etc.
Insects - pest notes identifying characteristics, what to look for, prevention and control
Invasive Species - Insect & DiseaseNoxious Weed Control 

L - R

Land Use / Management

South Coast Landowner Resource Guide - Coos and Curry County (pdf) provides basic forest and agricultural management information; addresses some of the challenges landowners face in managing their lands; examples of best management practices.
Biology, Ecology, and Management of Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis),
Richard F. Miller, Oregon State University, Agricultural Experiment Station



Landslides - Storm impacts, research, and reports
Laws & Rules:

All forest laws and rules 
Chemicals/Pesticides - OAR 629-620-000
Forest Practices: 
  -Combined FPA rules and statute (pdf) - ODF's "newsprint" version
  -Forest Practices Act - ORS 527.610 thru 527.770 and 527.990 thru 527.992
  -Forest practices administrative rules - OAR 629-600-0100
Insect & disease control - ORS Chapter 527
Tax Programs:
  -Forest Products Harvest Tax
      -ORS 321.005 through 321.185 
      -OAR 150-321.0257 thru 150-321.0950 

Monitoring Forest Practices - research and project studies, publications
   -Technical reports - numerical list
Noxious Weed Control - grant information and how to apply
Osprey (pdf), Forest Practice Notes, No. 10, September 1992
Pesticides/Chemicals - labels, forms, emergency contacts, fact sheets, reports, more...


What are Oregon's reforestation requirements?
Reforestation (pdf), The Forest Practice Notes, No. 2, December 1994  A Guide To Riparian Tree Planting in Southwest Oregon, M. Bennett and G. Ahrens, EM 8893-E, September 2007. An OSU riparian establishment resource document written for SW Oregon but the core principles are widely applicable.
A Landowner's Guide for Restoring and Managing Oregon White Oak Habitats - Oct 2004, BLM
Coastal Oregon Riparian Silviculture Guide, December 2003, Coos Watershed Assn.
   - A Practical Guide to Oak Release, USDA Forest Service (call for copies)
Research & Monitoring 
   - Forest Roads 
   - Road Maintenance (pdf), Forest Practice Notes, No. 4, July 1999


S - Z

Salmon & Watersheds 
Scientific Studies - scientific information for adapting regulatory policies, management practices, and volunteer efforts on non-federal forest land
Seed Bank - stipulations, forms, inventory lists
Seedlings - sources for seedlings, storage facility, reforestation guide
Soil Survey - Web Soil Survey (WSS) - soil data produced by the Natnl Coop. Soil Survey
Spotted Owl (pdf), Forest Practice Notes, No. 8, Revised December 1994
Stewardship Plan - qualifications, specifications, forms
Stream crossings & fish passage 
Stream function & structure - effects from harvesting; small type "N" streams
Stream temperature 
Tax programs
Technical Reports - numerical list
Urban & Community Forestry - Do you live in a forest?
Water Protection - Research & Monitoring Program guidelines and strategy
Waterbars (pdf) - Forest Practice Notes, No. 1, June 1979 
Watershed Enhancement - incentives to manage riparian areas and improve water quality
Watersheds & Salmon
   - Field Guide to Weeds of the Willamette Valley © Institute for Applied Ecology, 2008
   - Noxious weed control and incentives available
Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) - grant to restore and protect wetlands on private property
Wildlife - publications, technical reports, incentives, assistance
   - Threatened species on State Forests
   - Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)