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  • Welcome to the Tillamook State Forest
    Photo of a scenic overlook of the Tillamook State Forest with fog lying in the valleys.
    Nestled in the Coast Range, the Tillamook State Forest sits in the northwest corner of Oregon, between Portland and the coast. Whatever your interest, the Tillamook State forest holds an abundance of opportunities for discovery, exploration, and learning.

    The forest is managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry out of two district offices, one in Forest Grove and one in Tillamook, with an additional field office in Columbia City.

    Within this web site, you will find a selection of interesting and useful information about the Tillamook State Forest: places to go, things to see and do, background on forest management activities, and forest history.
Spotlight on the Tillamook State Forest Tillamook State Forest - Resources
Recreation Photo of a tent and camping equipment at a campsite on the Tillamook State Forest.
Recreation opportunities abound on the Tillamook State Forest - camping, hiking, motorized and non-motorized trail riding, target shooting, fishing and more.

For more information click on the Recreation Opportunities link below.
OHV Trail Status
08.17.2015 (Updated) - As of 1 AM on Tuesday, 08.18.2015, OHV trails are CLOSED due to the change to IFPL Level 3.
Please observe all regulated use notices.
Beaver Dam Rock Pit Status
07.27.2015 (Updated) - The Beaver Dam / Browns Camp Rock Pit is CLOSED to all public use for a rock crushing operation. 
This closure will remain in effect until mid-October 2015.
For more information about target shooting on State Forests please visit the Target Shooting page.
Regulated Use Fire Season Restrictions in Effect June 19, 2015 


Friday, June 19, 2015 the Regulated Use Fire Restrictions will go into effect on the Tillamook State Forest and on all ODF Protected Lands in Northwest Oregon.



A waiver allows the OHV Trails to remain open under Industrial Fire Precaution Levels 1 and 2 (IFPL1 or IFPL 2) in the Browns Camp, Lyda Camp, Jordan Creek, Diamond Mill, Trask and BLM Upper Nestucca areas.  (See the OHV Waiver Map for further clarification.)


Forest Travel and Recreation Use

Here’s a brief summary of what this means for the recreation public:
·        NO SMOKING – except in the closed cab of your vehicle (doors on and windows rolled up) or your RV or camp trailer.
·      NO OPEN FIRES – FIRE BAN IN EFFECT No campfires or charcoal barbecues.  (Propane stoves and gas barbecues are OK.)
·        NO NON-INDUSTRIAL USE OF CHAINSAWS – except as waived by the Forester.
o   Designated OHV trails in areas covered by the waiver for OHV use remain open for use during Level 1 & 2 industrial fire precautions (IFPL). 
o   Under a Level 3 industrial fire precaution (IFPL 3) trails in areas covered by the waiver for OHV use close but the roads in the OHV areas remain open for riding.
o   These areas include the Browns Camp Area, Lyda Camp Area, Jordan Creek Area, Diamond Mill Area, Trask and the BLM Upper Nestucca.  
·        NO FIREWORKS.
·        REQUIRED FOR ALL VEHICLES OPERATING IN THE WOODS (except dirt bikes and quads)
o   1 gallon of water or a 2.5 pound fire extinguisher
o   1 shovel with an 8 inch blade and at least 26 inches long from the tip of the blade to the tip of the handle
For more information:
·        Statewide Fire Season Status map:            http://www.oregon.gov/odf/pages/fire/precautionlevelMap.aspx
Tillamook State Forest Recreation Trails
Photo of a non-motorized trail on the Tillamook State Forest.
Get the latest information on the status of your favorite trail or road in the Tillamook State Forest.
Fire Information
A photo of a fire on a hillside on the Tillamook State Forest and an ODF engine and personnel. 
Tillamook and Forest Grove District Protection From Fire personnel provide fire protection on the Tillamook State Forest. During fire season, daily fire updates provide information about fires on all lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry. Information about Industrial Precaution Levels and Regulated Use Closures can help you plan your trip and what activities you can engage in on the forest during fire season.


Current Topics
Photo of large wood in a stream in the Tillamook State Forest. 
Navigating the Tillamook State Forest
Getting around in the woods just got easier.
About the Tillamook State Forest Photo in black and white of one of the fires in the 1940s and 1950s in what is now the Tillamook State Forest
In many ways, the story of the Tillamook State Forest is the story of Oregon. Learn more about this special place - "the burn", the largest reforestation effort ever undertaken, and what this forest today has to offer for all Oregonians.
Firewood and Special Forest Products
Photo of a fern.
The Oregon Department of Forestry has guidelines for collecting special forest products on northwest Oregon state forestlands, including the Tillamook State Forest. The guidelines apply to both personal and commercial use, and describe which products do and do not require a permit.
Tillamook Forest Center
Tillamook Forest Center Logo
The Tillamook Forest Center is OPEN.
Please visit our website for information about hours of operation, exhibits, and special events.
Tillamook State Forest Management
Photo of a forest stand in the Tillamook State Forest following a thinning operation.
The Oregon Department of Forestry operates an active forest management program on state forest lands, including the Tillamook State Forest. This management provides economic benefits to communities where the lands are located, and ultimate social and environmental benefits for all Oregonians.