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RVACT Minutes, July 13, 2004
Summary of July 13, 2004, RVACT Meeting
Members in Attendance: Arthur Anderson, ODOT; Tom Humphrey, Central Point; Paula Brown, Ashland; Skip Knight, Medford; Larry Parducci, Phoenix; Marion Telerski, Talent; Tom Anderson, Shady Cove; Royal Gasso, Gold Hill; Dale Petrasek , Jackson Co.; Sue Kupillas, MPO Policy; Scott Chancey, RVTD; Reeve Hennion, Mike Montero, Richard Smith and Jeff Hunter, private sector representatives from Jackson and Josephine Counties.
Members Absent: Cave Junction; Grants Pass; Rogue River; Butte Falls; David Straus, Stacey Kellenbeck and Craig Stone, private sector representatives from Jackson and Josephine Counties. 
Staff: Mike Baker, Bill Boyett, John Vial and Paul Mather, ODOT; Kathy Helmer, RVCOG.
Other: Dan Moore, RVCOG; Robert Webber, Josephine Co.; Paige West, RVTD; Paul Wyntergreen, Jacksonville; Jim Wear, Phoenix; Cory Crebbin, Medford Public Works; Del Robertson, private citizen; Dan Moore, RVCOG.
1.         Roll Call
Co-Chair Mike Montero directed that the roll call be conducted at 9:05 AM. A quorum was present.  
2.         Approval of Minutes
With the exception of adding Richard Smith as present to the draft minutes, no corrections were suggested to the minutes of the May 11, 2004 meeting.  They were unanimously accepted, as revised.  
3.         Public Input
There was no public input.
4.         06-09 STIP Update
In Mike Baker’s absence, Art Anderson reported to members on this topic. Referring to the project locations map, Art identified each project as a preservation, operations, safety or modernization project. Regarding the 06-07 projects, they are all locked into the previous STIP, with the exception of #13, the US 199 Expressway Upgrade. This one was grouped together with Projects  #11 and #12, projects on the same route ( Allen Creek and Fairgrounds Signal projects).
The 08-09 projects are all new. Art Anderson described each project according to type. Mike Baker noted that the map did not include all OTIA III projects; there are several additional proposed projects, not yet approved by the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC).
5.         2004 Mass Transit Grants
Scott Chancey reported to members on funds RVTD had received for vehicle replacement. Some $165,000 had been received for replacing five vehicles; they had requested funds for replacing ten. RVTD will replace the oldest diesel buses on their fleet. The new vehicles will all be compressed natural gas (CNP) buses. Of their fleet of twenty-five buses, five are still diesel.
6.         Transportation System Plans (TSP) Update
Mike Baker provided this update to members on TSPs. All TSPs are now done. Some have been adopted. Jackson County and White City are in the process of adoption. Josephine County’s is adopted. The Regional Transportation Plan is being updated now.
Mike Montero asked about the recent LUBA decision regarding Springfield ’s TSP which stated that the city had to ensure mobility standards were met as zoning changes and improvements occurred. In other words, mobility standards must be in effect, not planned, when improvements are made. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) staff have said that if standards, such as Level of Service, limit congestion, cities cannot go below them. If a city wishes to go below the standards, it must have enabling legislation in its TSP, allowing the city to go below those standards in the twenty-year period. ODOT and DLCD are looking at the issue now. At this time, unless the TSP has enabling language in it, a city will not be able to make zone changes without improvements keeping the system within the standards.
7.         Area Inventory Update
Mike Baker provided this update. Work has been proceeding on the update of the inventory for the past eight months. It will be HTML based. All TSPs will be on it and it will be posted on the Region III website.
Mike Montero noted that staff had been asked to put all TSPs on the site, and then to overlay the Jackson County/Josephine County ODOT inventory. This will permit people to see where gaps exist and where modest investments would result in great benefits in connectivity.
Paul Wyntergreen suggested that it would be good to walk through the site at one of the meetings, so that people could learn about the site.
8.         OTIA III Update
Art Anderson provided this update. He noted that the process was moving rapidly. Stages 1 and 1A are being picked up. They are hoping for a decision this fall regarding the $500 million in modernization funds regarding freight, industrial sites, projects of state-wide significance and earmarked projects, such as Fern Valley. A few bridges will be expanded, such as Blackwell  that is planned as a three-lane structure.
9.         Break
10.       Oregon Transportation Plan (OTP) Update
Mike Montero briefed members on the OTP.  It has aspirational language to preserve Oregon ’s livability; there are many diverse interpretations of what livability entails. Their charge is to develop an overarching policy document. The main question is: “How do we capitalize on what we have, while preserving what we already have?” The OTP will likely be completed in two years. It is better to do it carefully and well, rather than to rush it.
11.       Local Projects Update
Bill Boyett reported to members on this topic. He noted that the Murphy Bridge project was winding down and was pleased to report that it was $100K under budget and six months ahead of schedule. Work is proceeding on the east side of Highway 62. Downtown Jacksonville had met its major milestones. The predicted doom and gloom from the business community did not materialize; people, in general, are pleased with the results. The storm drain system is excellent and will serve the city well into the future. Regarding the Highway 99 project from Kim’s restaurant to Talent, a lot of paving is going in. They are working closely with Bear Creek Corporation to ensure adequate ingress and egress. This should be done by December 2004. The Gold Hill project hit a snag with utility locates and had to shut down for a period; sidewalk paving should begin next week.
Mike Montero noted that the Record of Decision (ROD) on the South Medford Interchange had been received. He asked if that cleared the way for the project or if it was still subject to potential law suits. Art Anderson responded that anyone can still sue, but that it becomes much harder to do so, now that the ROD has been received.
Bill Boyett noted that the small projects in small towns are really the most difficult due to project impacts on businesses.
Paula Brown shared that the Ashland project was completed and thanked ODOT for the job they had done.
12.       2006/2007 Pedestrian and Bicycle Grant Program
John Vial reported to members that two applications had been received, one for Highway 99 in Grants Pass and one in Cave Junction. There is no regional distribution of projects under this program. ACT endorsement is not sought in this process.
13.       OTC Update
Art Anderson reported to members on this topic. He noted that the OTC is working through issues regarding increasing the speed limit. It is assumed that the OTC will reach its final decision on the 06-09 STIP in the November timeframe.
14.       Agenda Build/Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at 9 AM in the Grants Pass City Council Chambers.
Sue Kupillas noted that she had attended an Institute for Natural Resources meeting and they were discussing an innovative program that provides “plug in” access for diesel trucks, such that they do not have to idle overnight for purposes of refrigeration, etc. John Vial noted that the Pilot Truck Stop was being considered as a test location for this program.
Robert Webber asked if there was any possibility that remaining OTIA III funds might be used for a bridge in his county. The sufficiency rating went from 50+ down to 37 recently. Art Anderson suggested that he might try to get it on the OTIA III list, even though it is late. He noted that local programs are eligible for remaining funds.
No topics were identified for the next agenda.
Mike Montero adjourned the meeting at 10:10 AM.
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