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Professional Graphic Design
Desktop Publishing
Originating in the early 1980's, the term "desktop publishing" was used to describe the process of using personal computers to perform graphic design.  The tantalizing prospect that just about anybody could create professional-quality publications seemed within reach.  Three decades later, however, the best software available still cannot make a designer out of a data entry clerk or even a skilled computer user.
Before you buy desktop publishing software and assign your office assistant to do your graphic design, consider the pitfalls - and there are many.
Does your publication include photos?  If so, which of the many formats should you use:  JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS or WMF; and at what resolution?  What's the difference, anyway?  They all look the same on your computer screen.  But the wrong choice can result in an unprintable file.
What constitutes a "printable file?"  Just because you can print a copy on your desktop printer doesn't mean you have something that a commercial print shop can put on the press.  More often than not, your document will be unprintable.
The task of "debugging" do-it-yourself graphic files usually costs more than having a professional designer create the publication in the first place.

Layout & Design
Do you need brochures, posters, signs, newsletters, manuals, web pages and reports?  We can help with whatever you have that needs to be published, printed, posted or otherwise reproduced.  Our graphic design team applies imagination and creativity to make your project reflect the high degree of professionalism you demand.

Photo Simulation
Call it "modified reality."  We can take any photograph that shows things as they are and electronically edit it to show what is proposed or planned.  This is an ideal way to involve local communities in the planning process.

Original Artwork
Using a variety of professional graphic design and illustrating software, we create the visual effects needed to bring your publication to life.  We also have access to extensive libraries of stock artwork and photos.

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