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Mentor-Protégé Program
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I would like additional information prior to talking to the prime contractor or subcontractor, who can I contact?

A: Contact ODOT’s Small Business Programs Manager at (503) 986-3016.

Q: I don’t want to have the prime contractor’s superintendent as a mentor. Can I have a mentor that is not associated with the project I’m working on?

A: Yes, a substitute mentor can be on the team. While the project’s prime contractor’s superintendent is the first choice, this relationship may not always be the best fit for the team. A substitute mentor should be in a field that fits the protégé (i.e. Construction or A&E) and must be approved by ODOT’s program manager.

Q: Is this a classroom setting similar to other classes and mentoring programs available?

A: No. This program is based on closed door, confidential discussions that complement the training and education provided through other classes and mentoring programs. Support services are typically in the form of tutoring sessions with industry experts focusing on the protégé’s specific needs rather than generalized education.

Q: What happens if the mentor and protégé have a conflict outside of the team meetings?

A: One of the key components of the ODOT Mentor-Protégé Program is confidentiality and trust. In the event that either the mentor or the protégé feels these components may be compromised, the team can be suspended or terminated without fault. Future participation in the program is not compromised upon termination.

Q: Is there compensation available for time invested as a mentor or a protégé?

A: The protégé will not be compensated directly for participating in the program. The mentor may request compensation prior to participating on a team.


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