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Contractor Special Prequalification Overview

Contractor Special Prequalification may be required in addition to the mandatory General

Prequalification (also known as Prime Contractor Prequalification) when the elements of a
particular public improvement project require specialized knowledge and/or expertise. When
Special Prequalification is required, notice of the Request for Contractor Special Prequalification
will be through ODOT's website and in the Daily Journal of Commerce for projects with an
estimated cost over $125,000.
Qualifications are submitted by contractors prior to bid opening. An evaluation committee
determines pass/fail results. And, the contract award is by low bid. Only contractors with a
passing submittal will be specially prequalified and allowed to submit a bid on the project.
The Contractor Special Prequalification qualifies the prime contractor, but only for the team
submitted, including subcontractors and individuals who were used to meet the Contractor
Special Prequalification requirements. The contractor team used to meet the requirements, and
only that team as a whole, is prequalified. Prime contractors may not select subcontractors that
were listed on other teams if not included in their own team. Therefore, any subcontractors or
individuals who were used to enable the contractor to meet the prequalification requirements will
be required to perform those functions in the performance of work on the proposed project, if
that prime contractor is awarded the contract for the project.
The contractor must demonstrate experience and commit to the availability of key, skilled
personnel necessary to complete the entire scope of work required for the project. Submittals
that do not comply with the criteria identified in the instructions will be considered to have failed
and the submitting contractor will not become prequalified and will be ineligible to submit a bid.
After the evaluation committee has reviewed the submittals, ODOT will notify all applicants of the
status of their Contractor Special Prequalification Submittal. A standard Notice to Contractors will be
issued prior to the bid opening and only approved contractor's can submit a bid for the project.
In addition to passing the Contractor Special Prequalification, the contractor must also meet the
Prime Contractor Prequalification requirements. To be eligible to bid, Prime Contractor
Prequalification applications must be received complete and correct at least ten calendar days prior
to the first anticipated bid opening date. Click on the link below for more information on Prime
Contractor Prequalification.


Current Projects

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