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(ARCHIVE PAGE - July 1, 2013) Consultant Selection for Local Agencies

Tier-2 Selection Overview

The two-tiered process applies when Local Agencies choose to use ODOT Price Agreements to obtain Architectural, Engineering and related services for Local Agency projects. Alan Lively is Contract Administrator for the A&E On-Call Price Agreements. ODOT’s Local Agency Liaisons (LAL) administer the WOCs assigned for local agency projects in their respective Regions.
Here Local Agencies and ODOT staff will find links to forms and documents they will need to conduct the second tier of the two-tier selection and work assignment process.
Always use the current forms linked on this web page. DO NOT use versions saved to your computer as all items are subject to change with out notice.

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Tier-2 Selection Procedures

Detailed procedures for Tier 2 selections.
Streamlined guidance and checklist for Tier 2 selections.

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WOC Request Forms

WOC & Amendment Request Form
(ODOT Staff Only)

LAL submits form to OPO (prior to contacting firms) to request Mini-Solicitation (Option 1), or Direct Appt (Option 2) when applicable. 

LAL also uses this form to request an amendment to an existing WOC.

Email Request to OPO
(ODOT Staff Only) 
Link opens email to OPO Request Mailbox.

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Mini-RFP Doc Template
(ODOT Staff Only)
For consistency in process, use this Mini-RFP Template for all Mini-Solicitations.
Mini-Solicitation Email Template(ODOT Staff Only)
Used by ODOT staff for sending Mini-RFP to Consultants with PAs for local agency A&E projects.
Pass/Fail & Required Items Evaluation  Complete this before forwarding proposals to evaluation committee. (Typically completed by LAL or OPO staff)
Evaluator Score/Comment Sheet Used by local agency staff to document proposal evaluations.
Note: Capacity Summaries are required as part of the Mini-Solicitation process for projects with project PE + CE of $250,000 or more (optional if less).  Consultants are required to provide capacity information on key personnel they propose for a pending project assignment. A link to the Capacity Summary form is in the Mini-Solicitation template.

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LPA Tier-2 Selection Form

LPA Tier-2 Selection Form  Following selection, LPA staff complete this form and submit to LAL. LAL submits form to OPO. OPO issues intent to award notice.

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LAP Firms & Data

Name of Firm/Proposal
(Click links to review  Proposals for RFP 23810)
PA #
Cost Data, QA/QC Plans, & Price Agreement
Rate Schedules (ODOT staff only) for Prime and Approved Subcontractors are available as Excel Workbooks in the linked folder. (See note below.)
Overhead and FCCM Rates (ODOT staff only)
Approved for each firm that calculates overhead.

QA-QC Plans (ODOT staff only) on file are available in the linked folder. QA-QC plans for PE and design phase should not be a compensated deliverable in WOCs for firms with QA-QC plans on file at ODOT.

Price Agreement Document The PA includes the terms and conditions incorporated in WOCs (same for each firm).
OBEC Consulting Eng.
DEA, Inc.
CH2M Hill, Inc.
TY Lin
HW Lochner
Rate Schedules. The rate schedule workbooks may include two different types of rate schedules:
  • Escalated Salary Rate schedules (ESRs) are base rates that do not include overhead, FCCM, or profit.
  • Negotiated Billing Rates (NBRs) are fully loaded billing rates that include overhead and profit (used for firms that don’t calculate overhead in their normal accounting practices) NBRs do not include automatic escalations.
For additional information and resources see Billing Rate Resources & Requests page (ODOT staff only).

Period for WOC Assignments. This series of PAs (awarded under RFP 23810) is available for projects included in the 2008-2011 STIP and may be amended to include projects in the 2012-2015 STIP.

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Negotiation Guidance and Forms

Negotiation Guide
(ODOT Staff Only)
This link provides access to the ODOT Negotiation Guide, with guidance and best practices from pre-negotiation planning and cost analysis thru documenting the negotiation with a Record of Negotiation.
Profit Worksheet Form Required once for PE phase and once for CE phase. May not be prepared for Agency by Consultant. Submit to OPO when negotiations are completed.
Internal Estimates
Breakdown of Costs (BOC)
Breakdown of Costs-NBR
Prior to receipt of consultant cost estimate, an internal estimate must be prepared with breakdown of costs and expenses by task and subtask. Required for all WOCs and WOC amendments that increase funds. Submit to OPO when negotiations are completed.
Pre-Negotiation Plan
(ODOT Staff Only)
Completed prior to negotion by agency/LPA following preparation of internal estimate and receipt of consultant estimate. A pre-negotiation plan must be prepared for negotiation of contracts/amendments exceeding $100,000.
See "Negotiated Procurements" directive.
Record of Negotiation (RoN)
(ODOT Staff Only)
ODOT staff complete this required form with input from LPA to document cost analysis and negotiations. Submit to OPO when negotiations are completed (prior to signature routing). 

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Contract Administration

Consultant Performance Evaluation Form 
(ODOT Staff Only)
Required form used by ODOT staff to document consultant performance on A&E and Related Services Contracts of $100,000 or more, with some program exclusions.
Consultant Performance Eval Process Guidance 
 (ODOT Staff Only)
Performance evaluations are to be completed by LALs (with input from LPA staff as needed) for design phase and CA/CEI phase. The linked guidance doc requires evaluations for all contracts/WOCs that exceed $100,000. FARs require evaluations for all federally funded A&E contracts of $30,000 or more.
 for CE Phase (ODOT Staff Only)
Consultant Performance Evaluation Form  for CE Phase (ODOT Staff Only)
The Consultant Evaluation Form for the CE Phase (CA/CEI) is currently in a Pilot Program for the 2012 Construction Season.
Consultant Performance Evaluation Process Guidance for CE Phase (ODOT Staff Only) Guidance for performing consultant evaluation for CA/CEI phase.
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Resources, Laws & Policy



ODOT Procurement Office Intranet Site
(ODOT Staff Only)
This link provides access to additional information, forms, and processes related to contracting.


Negotiated Procurements

(OPO Staff Only)

Qualification Based Selection (QBS) Requiremenst

(OPO Staff Only)​

Includes Federal, State and ODOT requirements for negotiating and documenting negotiation of A&E and Related Services contracts and amemdments.


Includes Federal, State and ODOT requirements regarding QBS procedures for A&E Services and Related Services procurements.​

Requirements for Procurements by Local Public Agencies Overview of Federal, State and ODOT Requirements for Federally Funded A&E Procurements by Local Public Agencies
The Administration of Federal-aid Projects by Local Public Agencies FHWA National Review Program Final Report on the Administration of Federal-aid Projects by Local Public Agencies
SOW Template for CE Phase
Additional SOW Templates
This template is required for use on projects that include outsourcing construction contract administration, construction engineering and inspection (CA/CEI). Revisions or deletions of tasks must be approved by the Construction Office (except areas with blue highlight). Use Track Changes to show all edits before sending to OPO and/or the Construction Office.
SOW Writing Guide Guidance and requirements for Statements of Work
ODOT COI Guidelines
COI Form
Consultants are required to be in conformance with the ODOT COI Guidelines and disclosure form (see PA Part II, Section 1.b)
Code of Conduct ODOT’s Code of Conduct Policy includes policy and disclosure requirements (related to contracting) for current and former ODOT employees. 
ORS 279C.125

OAR 137-048-0260
Key Oregon Revised Statutes and Administrative Rules related to 2 Tier Selections for local agencies.

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Archived LA PAs & Resources

Archived Local Agency PAs The previous series of Local Agency PAs (from RFP 22404) and associated forms and procedures are archived here.
Local Government Section Click here to go to the Local Government Section home page at,

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