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Private Party Drive Tests
DMV customers now have the choice to take a drive test scored by a private party instead of testing at a DMV office.
These private businesses receive the same training as DMV employees do for drive tests, use the same scoring system and use drive routes approved by DMV. What’s the benefit to customers? A shorter wait time! In some areas, DMV has a wait list over a month long. It is anticipated that these private partners can serve customers much sooner.
These testers will operate out of their own businesses and set their own fees and the days they operate.
This program is only for Class C non-commercial drive tests. Other programs are available for motorcycle and CDL tests.
Refer to the Private Party Driver Test Program FAQs for more information.
Taking the Test
Prior to taking the drive test, the applicant must come to a DMV office, take (and pass) the knowledge test and vision screening. The applicant then contacts the private business directly to make the drive test appointment.
After passing the drive test, the applicant has 30 days to bring the test results to DMV. DMV will only issue if an applicant meets all qualifications for a license, including observing the necessary wait time if there is a test failure.
Things to remember:
  • DMV is not involved in scheduling, canceling or re-scheduling the drive tests. Contact the business directly.
  • You must bring picture ID to the drive test. The business may also request that you bring a photocopy of that ID.
  • Check with the drive test business about whether they have test vehicles available or whether you need to provide your own vehicle.
  • You must be eligible to take a drive test:
    • You must be 16 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have held an instruction permit for a minimum of six months.
    • You must have passed the knowledge test and vision screening at a DMV office.
    • You must not have suspended or revoked driving privileges in Oregon or any other state.
    • If you have previously failed a drive test, you have observed the wait time between tests (see below).
  • Drive tests administered by a private business are not for individuals in the At-Risk Driver Program or who require the addition or removal of an adaptive equipment restriction.
  • After passing the drive test, you will be given a sealed envelope containing a certificate of test completion and a copy of the photo ID you presented at the drive test. Do not open the envelope.
  • You must bring the sealed envelope to DMV within 30 days of passing the drive test.  You will need to provide acceptable proof of your identity even though you provided the documentation to DMV when you took the knowledge test.  To be issued your license, be prepared to provide additional application requirements.
Wait Time Requirements After Failing Drive Test:
Under 18 Years of Age:
  • After 1st - 4th failed test: Wait at least 28 days
  • After 5th failed test: Wait at least one year

You also must have held a valid Oregon Instruction Permit for at least 28 days before taking a second or subsequent test.

18 Years of Age and Older:
  • After 1st failed test: Wait at least 7 days
  • After 2nd failed test: Wait at least 14 days
  • After 3rd or 4th failed test: wait at least 28 day
  • After 5th failed test: Wait at least one year
Certified Private Party Drive Test Examiners
The following businesses are certified to offer non-commercial drive tests. Contact the businesses directly to learn about their drive test rates and available test appointments.
Note: The testers listed below are NOT certified to conduct CDL or motorcycle tests.
Oregon Driver Education Center, Inc.
Serving: Beaverton, Keizer
(503) 581-3783

Pacific Driver Education
Serving: Gresham
(503) 766-3567
Southern Oregon Driver Education Inc.
Serving: Medford, Grants Pass
(541) 499-0132
Third party transactions are authorized under ORS 802.600 which allows DMV to enter into an agreement with a person who is not an employee of the department and allows the person to transact business on behalf of the department. The program is defined in administrative rule under OAR 735-061-0210 through 735-061-0390.
This program is currently being evaluated as a pilot project and is not accepting new drive test examiners at this time. Questions about the program and becoming a drive test examiner can be sent to ThirdPartyInfo@odot.state.or.us.