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Online Change of Address FAQs


When should I change my address?
You must notify DMV of a change of residence within 30 days of the move.

Should I change my address if I am only temporarily away from home?
If your residence is not changing you do not need to notify DMV.

Is there a fee for changing my address?

If my license is suspended can I still update my address?
Yes, but you will not be eligible to receive an address sticker while suspended.

Can I get a replacement sticker online?
Yes and No.  You cannot get one using the online change of address service but you can submit a General Driver-related Online Inquiry, specifying what you need and why in step 4.  You may also call DMV at (503) 945-5000 to request a replacement sticker.

Can I change my address by mail?
Yes, but your address change will be updated faster on DMV records if you change your address online. To submit your address by mail, you may download and print a Change of Address Notice for DMV Records (Form 735-6838) and mail it to DMV.

Will I receive new titles or registration cards for my vehicles after I change my address?
No, however, the address change will be reflected on all of your DMV records.

Can I change my address to/from a foreign address?
Yes, you can submit your foreign address change using DMV's alternate online form, which is capable of processing foreign address changes.

If my vehicle is registered to a business can I change the business address online?
No.  You will need to download and print a Change of Address Notice for DMV Records (Form 735-6438) and mail it to DMV.

Can I change my address to a mailing service (drop box) address?
A mailing service (drop box) may be used for your mailing address but not for your residence address.

Will changing my address at DMV update my address at the postal service or vice versa?
No.  The U.S. Postal Service is a federal agency while DMV is part of Oregon's state government.

Will changing my address at DMV update my voter registration information?
Yes, unless you check the box indicating that you do not want the address change used to update your voter registration.

How long will it take to receive my address sticker?
DMV will place your address sticker in the mail within one business day.  Actual postal service delivery times will vary.

How do I just replace a damaged address sticker?
If your address sticker is mutilated or has become illegible and you still reside at the same address, you can request a replacement sticker at no cost by calling DMV at (503) 945-5000 or by submitting a General Driver-related Online Inquiry, specifying what it is you need and why in step 4 of the form.  Do not submit change requests for addresses already on file, as this will not trigger the production and mailing of new stickers.

Information Security & Disclosure

Will the information I provide be shared or sold?
DMV will collect and store only that customer information necessary to conduct DMV business, or that is required by law.  This information becomes a public record, including personal information DMV may request from you in order to provide requested services.  However, personal information (name, address, driver license number or identification card number) is not released unless a requestor qualifies under the law to receive it.  Certain information may be protected from general release by one or more Oregon laws, which include Oregon's Public Records Law (Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 192.410 - 192.505) and DMV's Record Privacy Law ORS 802.175 - 802.191.  If information is protected under one of these laws, it will not be released unless a requestor legally qualifies to receive the information.

Is personal information kept secure?
DMV uses a combination of advanced security technologies to ensure that the data we collect and store is kept secure.  Also, information you send to DMV is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) while it is being transmitted over the Internet.

Technology, Error Messages & Problems 

Why am I getting "A matching record cannot be found or current address not eligible to renew online" message when I am entering a valid U.S. address?
The error message indicates that we cannot match your address to published U.S. postal service information.  This can occur because your address is not yet documented by the postal service, information about your address has not yet been received, or your address has been officially documented differently than you are specifying. 

How do I change my address if I get an error message and cannot renew online?
You may download the Change of Address Notice for DMV Records (Form 735-6438) and mail it to DMV or submit it at a DMV office.

Does it matter what browser I’m using?
The state of Oregon Web site supports a number of browsers but not all.  Refer to the Browser Requirements & Compatibility FAQs for more information.

Why do I get a "This session was canceled or timed out" message?
It’s probably for one of two reasons: You took too long to complete your transaction (for security reasons, you have approximately 30 minutes from the time you begin the transaction to the time you complete it) or the privacy settings on your browser are set too high. You must ensure that your browser can accept cookies.

Why am I getting a "This page cannot be displayed" or "You cannot connect to www.odot.state.or.us because SSL is disabled" message?
Your browser security settings are set so that the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is disabled.  SSL must be enabled.
Why am I having problems using my browser's "Back" and "Forward" options?
DMV's online services do not support the use of Web browser "Back" and "Forward" buttons.  You must use the navigation buttons provided with the online service vs. the browser.
Why does a page I bookmarked within the online service not open properly when I access it later?
Individual pages within DMV's online services are dynamic Java Server Pages (JSPs) and cannot be bookmarked like standard Web pages.