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Online Vehicle Registration Renewal FAQs



What do I need to have to renew my registration online?
You will need your registration renewal notice from DMV, your insurance company name and policy number, and a credit or debit card.

Can I renew online if I don’t have an access code on my renewal notice?
No, you must have a Renewal Access Code. If you lost your renewal notice, contact DMV.

Can I get a replacement registration renewal form?
Yes, contact DMV.
How long will it take to get my registration stickers?
They are mailed in one business day (for renewals submitted by 4:00 PM). Postal service delivery times vary.

Where will my stickers be mailed?
To the mailing address DMV has on file.

Can I renew online anytime?
Yes, but you only have up to 75 days from the date your vehicle registration expires.

Can I renew online if I don’t have insurance for my motor vehicle? 

Can I drive my vehicle if my stickers are expired but I renewed online?
Yes, as long as you have a photo of the receipt on your phone or a printed copy to show to an officer if you are pulled over.
How long do I have to renew online after I receive my renewal notice?
You can renew online for up to 75 days after the vehicle registration expiration date. 

Can I renew online if my address is different from what is on the renewal notice?
Yes, but change your address online before you renew so that your registration stickers are mailed to the right address.
How do I request a refund?
Submit your request in writing and return your plates and/or registration stickers to DMV. We will not
refund registration fees in which DMV has a legal interest and have been lawfully paid (ORS 293.334[2]).

Information Security & Disclosure

Is personal information kept secure?  
DMV uses a combination of advanced security technologies to ensure that the data we collect and store is kept secure. Also, information you send to DMV is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) while it is being transmitted over the Internet.

Will my credit card information be protected?
Yes, the credit card information you provide is encrypted using a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) while being transmitted over the Internet and we do not store your detailed credit card information after the transaction is processed.

Technology, Error Messages & Problems

Why do I get a "This session was canceled or timed out" message?
Either you took too long to complete your transaction (you have about 30 minutes to complete it) or the privacy settings on your browser are set too high. Make sure your browser can accept cookies.
Why does the "Authorizing Payment" page stay on my screen?
Your browser may not be compatible with JavaScript and/or doesn't have JavaScript (or Active Scripting) enabled.
Why am I getting a "This page cannot be displayed" or "You cannot connect to www.odot.state.or.us because SSL is disabled" message?
Your browser security settings are set so that secured socket layer (SSL) is disabled. SSL must be enabled.
Why am I having problems using my browser's Back and Forward buttons?
You must use the navigation buttons provided within the DMV online service pages. 


Can I renew online if I’m subject to DEQ emissions testing?
Yes, if your vehicle passed the emissions testing.
Can I renew online if my address is incorrectly showing inside a DEQ area?
Contact DEQ to check if your vehicle must be tested. A Declaration of Exemption is required if your vehicle doesn't have to be tested.

License Plates

Can I request a different plate while renewing online?
No.  You must apply for new plates at a DMV office or by mail.
What if my plates need to be replaced?
You can request replacement plates by mail or at a DMV office.