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Web Site-related FAQs

Questions & Answers

How do I adjust the text size?
Most browsers will allow you to increase the text size, usually via a "view" or "zoom" option. You may also try to use the following keyboard commands; press the "ctrl" key and the "+" key simultaneously to enlarge the text size, press the "ctrl" key and the "-" key simultaneously to reduce the text size, and press the "ctrl" key and the "0" (zero) key simultaneously to return to the original text size.
How do I know if I am accessing the official Oregon DMV Web site?
The Oregon DMV maintains and endorses only one official Web site located at http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV. Users should avoid other Web sites claiming to represent the Oregon DMV or all state DMV's and those promising to deliver easy online DMV services, especially those charging a fee to access online forms, skills tests or services. Always check your search results carefully and look for disclaimers and text that indicates that a site is not an official Oregon state government site.
Note: Many unofficial Web sites will provide links to our official Oregon DMV site but that does not mean that there is a formal relationship or endorsement in place. Anyone can build links to any publicly accessible Web page.
Note: We may reference our old Web site located at http://www.oregondmv.com within some advertisements and printed materials but users are redirected via automated algorithms to the official Web site listed above when this address is entered.
Note: Users may be sent to pages within our old Web site located at http://www.oregondmv.com when accessing our interactive office map, online services menus or online forms from our current Web site.
Note: When reviewing search results, remember that anyone can describe their site as Oregon DMV. You must look at the URL. If the page address doesn't start with either www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV or www.oregondmv.com, it is not part of our official Web site.
Why do some words seem to overrun other text or graphics?
Unfortunately the text sizing utility at the top of all Oregon state government pages (TEXT SIZE: A+ A- A) doesn't automatically reorient and resize the page view. This is especially true for rotating feature stories and other automated displays. To address this issue you can simply refresh the page in your browser.
Why is the video and/or audio quality so poor when I view an online presentation?
Your computer's processing, video, audio and network capabilities will determine the actual speed and quality you experience when viewing an online presentation. Although DMV tries to avoid using presentation technologies that require special computing functions and capacities, our audio/video clips may present a challenge for some personal computing devices.

Why do DMV pages have a ".aspx" suffix in the URL?
The state of Oregon uses the Microsoft SharePoint content management system which stores pages in the ".aspx" format.

Why does the DMV homepage and other index pages on the site look so messy?
If your browser and/or configuration settings do not allow you to see our special animation and other formatting effects, you may just see unformatted text displayed in a top-down fashion on your screen or sections may not display at all. Furthermore, the menus in the top, left-hand, right-hand and bottom margins may be impacted as well. This can look quite messy, especially for dial-up users.