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Notice Information


This page provides information for individuals who have received a notice that their driver license has been canceled, revoked or suspended. This includes guidelines for reinstating your driving privileges and regaining your driver license after reinstatement.

Note: Since the laws regarding driver license reinstatement and special permits are complex, additional requirements (not provided) may apply.

Requirements are subject to change if any further action (i.e., additional conviction, suspension, etc.) occurs on your driving record.

Determining Your Reinstatement Requirements

Some actions require you to wait for a specific period of time for a revocation or suspension to end, as stated in your notice. However, there are some actions you can either prevent from taking effect or can end as soon as you can comply with specific requirements.

The notice you receive includes a code that represents your specific cancellation, revocation or suspension action, as illustrated in the suspension notice excerpt below:

This code may be used to determine the applicable reinstatement requirements. Click here to look up the specific requirements for your code.

Note: The fee to reinstate your driver license is $75, regardless of whether you have a single revocation or suspension, or multiple actions against your driving privileges.

For additional information about reinstating your driver license or a specific requirement, click on the links below:

Obtaining a Clearance

Requirements to obtain a clearance vary depending on the agency (court, state, school, etc.) that ordered the suspension. You will need to contact the agency listed on your suspension notice to obtain a clearance before your driving privileges can be reinstated. An example of an agency listing is illustrated in the suspension notice excerpt below:

If you need a clearance notice from an Oregon court, click here to access contact information.

Note: You can stop a suspension before it begins and avoid a DMV reinstatement fee if DMV receives a clearance notice prior to the effective date of the suspension.

Obtaining Your License After a Reinstatement

Replacement License
To replace your driver license after reinstating your driving privileges, you will need to apply for a replacement license at a DMV office.
Click here for more information about replacing a driver license.

Renewal License
If your driver license expires during your suspension, you may apply for a renewal once you reinstate your driving privileges, as long as you do so within one year of the expiration date. If your license expires for more than one year, your driving privileges have been revoked, or you have never been issued an Oregon driver license, you must meet the requirements to get an original license.

For additional information about requirements for getting a driver license, click on the links below:

Note: You are not eligible for a driver license if your driving privileges are revoked, suspended or otherwise withdrawn in another jurisdiction (state).

Other Options That May Be Listed on Your Notice

Hardship Permit
If your notice includes information about a hardship permit, you may be eligible to obtain driving privileges for work, drug or alcohol treatment, or medical treatment. If your notice does not include hardship permit information then you are not eligible for a hardship permit.

Click here for more information about hardship permits and how to apply.

Administrative Review or Hearing
Oregon law and administrative rules determine whether you are entitled to an administrative review or hearing. Your notice will inform you how you may appeal the cancelation, revocation or suspension action. If you decide to appeal the action, please follow the instructions provided on your notice.

Note: You may submit your request for an administrative review or hearing online.

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