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Online Vehicle Renewal


Many vehicle registrations can be renewed online. 


You can renew online if:

  • Registration is not yet expired or has been expired for less than 75 days; and
  • A Department of Environmental Quality inspection is either not required or your vehicle has already passed inspection for this renewal.

Newer vehicles do not need DEQ testing; check to see if your vehicle qualifies.

You cannot renew online if:

  • The registration is expired 75 days or more;
  • A DEQ Declaration of Exemption is required;
  • A DEQ inspection is required and you haven't had the inspection done or your vehicle failed the inspection;
  • You need your stickers mailed to a different address;
  • Your address shows incorrectly within a DEQ area;
  • You moved in or out of Multnomah County and the address on your renewal reminder is wrong; or
  • The vehicle is:
    • A tow/recovery vehicle; or
    • Subject to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

Keep a copy of the receipt in your vehicle or a picture of the receipt on your phone.

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