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Frequently Asked Questions for Teens


This page provides frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers that pertain to teen drivers.
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FAQs About Provisional Instruction Permits
How long do I need to have my permit before I can apply for a Provisional Driver License?
You must have had an instruction permit from Oregon, another state or the District of Columbia, for at least six months. The instruction permit must have been valid for at least six months in the issuing state or District of Columbia.
Who can ride with me when I am driving with my permit?
There are no passenger restrictions when you drive with your permit.  However, you are required to have someone seated beside you who is at least 21 and has a valid Class C or higher driver license.  

FAQs About Provisional Driver Licenses
How do I know if the Driver Education course I take is ODOT-approved?
ODOT provides a list of approved courses offered through public schools and (commercial) Driver Education Providers. You should also check with the course provider to determine if the program is currently approved by the ODOT Transportation Safety Division.
What does an ODOT-approved Driver Education Course get me at DMV?
Presenting your original course completion card at DMV waives 50 of the 100 hours of required supervised driving practice. If you received a hard plastic course completion card DMV will ALSO waive the drive test when you apply for your license.
Who needs to certify school attendance or provide proof of graduation or receipt of a GED?
Please see our page on school enrollment
How do I certify that I am enrolled in school, exempt from attending school or have completed school?
Please review the information on school enrollment
Does a student driver permit or an emergency permit count toward the six-month requirement for an instruction permit?
No, only an instruction permit issued from Oregon, another state or the District of Columbia will meet this requirement.
I am 16 years old and moving to Oregon from another state. I currently have an instruction permit from that state. Will I still have to meet the issuance requirements to get an Oregon Driver License?
If you have held your instruction permit from another state for at least six months, you will not be required to obtain an Oregon Instruction Permit prior to applying for an Oregon Driver License. All other provisional driver license requirements still apply.
I am 16 years old and moving to Oregon from another state. I currently have a driver license. Do I still have to meet the issuance requirements to get an Oregon Driver License?
If you hold a valid license from another state, you must turn it in to receive an Oregon Driver License. Before we can issue you an Oregon Driver License you will be required to:
You will not be required to certify that you have completed Oregon's requirement for supervised driving practice. However, when you receive your license you will be under Oregon's provisional license driving restrictions.
I am 15 years old. My dad's driver license was revoked, so he can't supervise my driving under an instruction permit. He is responsible and capable of supervising my driving. We have no immediate family in the area and I don’t have a relative who can supervise my driving. What can I do?
The law requires that a licensed driver must supervise the behind-the-wheel driving experience. In this case, the father cannot supervise the driving. Ask a school counselor, church pastor, or a friend's parent to help.
I am 16 and an emancipated minor. Do these requirements apply to me?
Yes, all of the issuance requirements apply, except a parent or legal guardian will not be required to sign your application or certify your supervised driving experience.

FAQs About Provisional Driver License Restrictions
I have a license from another state. If I turn it in to get an Oregon Provisional Driver License, will the driving restrictions apply to me?
Yes, the driving restrictions apply to all provisional drivers issued an Oregon Driver License.
Does this law mean that I can't be driving after midnight, or can I be on my way home?
You may not drive after midnight unless one of the exceptions applies.
What happens if I am caught driving outside of the curfew or passenger restrictions?
You could be cited by law enforcement for violation of restrictions on a provisional license, which is a Class B traffic infraction. Convictions for violating license restrictions are used in the Provisional Driver Improvement Program, along with other traffic convictions.
DMV will restrict your driving privileges for three months to drive only to and from work or when required for your job with no passengers (except your parent, stepparent, or guardian) if you are under 18 years of age and have:
  • Two convictions; or
  • Two accidents; or
  • A combination of one conviction and one accident.
These restrictions are in addition to the restrictions placed on a driver in the first year of a provisional license. A conviction for violation of these restrictions could result in a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges.
If you get another conviction or accident, DMV will suspend your driving privileges for six months, even if you turn 18 years of age during the suspension period.
How will law enforcement know how long I have had my license?
Your Oregon Provisional Driver License shows the date it was originally issued.

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