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Dismantler-related FAQs


This page provides access to frequently asked questions and answers that pertain to vehicle dismantlers. 
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Business Licensing
I hear that there have been changes made in licensing requirements for wreckers. Can you tell me what these are?
Yes, starting January 1, 2006 wreckers became known as dismantlers. The license fee is $800 and is valid for three years. There is also an $800 charge for all supplemental locations and $30 for corrections. The bond requirement is $10,000. All new applications and renewals must include a new 3-year bond. A rider increasing the amount from $2,000 to $10,000 will NOT be accepted.
In addition, DMV's Business Regulation unit can assess civil penalties of up to $1,000 per violation for licensed dismantlers and $5,000 per violation for unlicensed dismantlers.
When do I need a dismantler license?
If you are in the business of buying or selling motor vehicles for the purpose of dismantling or crushing of motor vehicles and/or buying or selling motor vehicle major component parts that are stocked in the inventory of your business. The only exception to the license requirement is for businesses selling new vehicles or repairing vehicles for their owners that stock major component parts for their own business use.  
Can I sell vehicles to the public?
No, not without a vehicle dealer license.
How I do become a licensed vehicle dealer or dismantler?
You may use the links below or contact the DMV Business Regulation Business Licensing Unit at (503) 945-5052 for more information:
What should I do when I take possession of a motor vehicle without an ownership document?
You have to keep the motor vehicle confined to an area that is off-limits to customers and you can not remove any parts until you obtain a title or ownership document.
How long do I need to keep records of the motor vehicles and major component parts that I have purchased?
Three years at your business location.
What kind of records do I need to keep for motor vehicles?
The records must include:
  • If last titled in Oregon, an Oregon title, if the title is not available, copy of the vehicle ownership record;
  • If last titled in another jurisdiction, a copy of the out of state title or ownership document;
  • The last known license plate number, if available;
  • The year, make and model;
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN);
  • The date the vehicle was acquired; and
  • The stock or yard number assigned to the vehicle by the dismantler.
What kind of records do I need for the major component parts?
The records must include:
  • The physical characteristics of the part;
  • The stock or yard number assigned to the part by the dismantler; and
  • The VIN of the vehicle from which the part came.
I periodically hire a mobile crusher to crush vehicles and transport them to a recycler. What type of records do I need to keep for these vehicles?
You should keep an inventory list with the VIN or Stock Number of the vehicles you have crushed, who crushed them and the date they were crushed. Provide the crusher with a copy and keep a copy in your records.

Component Parts
What are major component parts?
Engines, short blocks, frames, transmissions, transfer cases, cabs, doors, differentials, front or rear clips, truck beds or boxes, quarter panels, hoods, bumpers, fenders, and air bags.
Can I store or dismantle any motor vehicles or major component parts outside of my enclosed business area?

License Plates
When do I have to destroy the registration (license) plates for a motor vehicle?     
When you take physical possession of the motor vehicle together with possession of the motor vehicle's title or ownership document.

Dismantler Vehicle Notice
When should I submit the Dismantler's Vehicle Notice (Form 735-270) to DMV?
Within 30 days of the date you have acquired the motor vehicle and the motor vehicle's title or ownership document.

Air Bags
Does any air bag containing sodium azide need to be removed from a vehicle before it is wrecked or dismantled?
How long do I have before deploying the air bag?
Seven days.
If I don't deploy the air bag, what does properly stored mean?
Airbags should be stored in a safe location and in such a manner to prevent accidental discharge. In addition, provided a stock number for the air bag and have it stored in your inventory for resale.

Wrecker Notices
Can I use up my supply of the older Wrecker Notices before ordering the new notices?
No, discontinue using the old forms now, unless you are using this form with a vehicle you acquired before January 1, 2006. Any vehicle you acquire after January 1, 2006 you will need to use the new form. The Dismantler's Vehicle Notice (Form 735-270) can be obtained by mailing or faxing a letter request to:
ODOT Storeroom
DMV Forms Supply, Form #735-270
455 Airport Rd. SE Bldg. K
Salem, OR 97301
FAX: (503) 986-2801
If I don't have a title, how can I check to see if the vehicle was titled in Oregon?
You can set up a records inquiry account with DMV. For more information contact DMV Records Services at (503) 945-5475.

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