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Dealer-related FAQs (For Consumers)


This page provides consumer focused frequently asked questions and answers about vehicle dealers.
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Buying Vehicles
How much can a dealer charge me to do the title and/or registration processing?
By Oregon Administrative Rule, the current maximum a dealer may charge for processing the title and/or registration paperwork for a vehicle is $115 if the vehicle dealer does not use an integrator or $150 if the vehicle dealer uses an integrator.
The dealer has told me I can either pay them a processing fee and they will prepare my title and registration paperwork for DMV or they will scrape the registration stickers off the license plates and I can do my own title and registration. Is this so?
Customers still have the option of doing their own paperwork and submitting it to DMV. However, when a customer chooses to do this, the dealer is required to scrape valid registration stickers off of vehicles previously titled in Oregon. The dealer can sell a 10-day trip permit for $15 to the customer to allow them time to travel to DMV. 

I paid cash to a dealer for my car over a month ago and never received my title and registration. What can I do?
Oregon law requires that the dealer deliver the title to you within 25 calendar days if they did not collect fees for title transfer or registration on your behalf. If the dealer did collect fees, the dealer is to submit your fees and application to DMV on your behalf within 30 calendar days. If the dealer has not done so, you can file a Dealer Complaint (Request for Investigation) with DMV.
I haven't received my plate/stickers from the dealer? What can I do?
If the dealer collected fees from you to register your vehicle, the dealer must submit them to DMV with your application within 30 calendar days. A dealer must promptly (within 5 working days of receipt from DMV) deliver these plates/stickers to the purchaser by mail, personal delivery or, only if the purchaser agrees, arrange for customer pick-up.  If it has been over 45 days since you purchased the vehicle, you should file a Dealer Complaint (Request for Investigation) with DMV.
I believe the DMV documents for my car were falsified by the dealer. What can I do?
You can file a Dealer Complaint (Request for Investigation) with DMV.
I traded in my car to a dealer two months ago and my former lien holder is still asking for my payment. What can I do?
Oregon law requires that a dealer pay off your security interest holder within 15 days of the date of transfer of interest in the vehicle. If the dealer has not done so, you can file a Dealer Complaint (Request for Investigation) with DMV. 
A dealer has gone out of business and I need my vehicle title. How do I contact the dealer?
Contact Business Regulation at (503) 945-5052 to obtain the phone number of the principal of the business or check out Oregon Dealers Out of Business.
Can DMV tell me if a person is a licensed dealer?
You can contact us at (503) 945-5052 to find out. We can check our database by name, address and business name or you may also obtain information by accessing the Dealer Licensing Search Page. Only a licensed dealer can sell you a vehicle unless exempt from the requirement. See Oregon Revised Statute 822.005 and 822.015 for more details.
How can I receive the bond and ownership information for a particular dealer?
You can contact us at (503) 945-5052, or you can access the Dealer List.
I want to transfer the license plate on my current vehicle to a different vehicle. How do I do that?
We've created a Web page that details exactly what you need to do.

Selling Vehicles
I consigned my car with a dealer and he sold my car for me 30 days ago. I haven't received payment. What are my options?
Oregon law requires that a dealer pay you, the consignor, within 10 days of selling your vehicle. If the dealer has failed to do so you can file a Dealer Complaint (Request for Investigation) with DMV.
When do I need a dealer license?
Generally, if you sell even one vehicle that is not owned by you and used primarily for personal, family or household purposes, or for which no other exemption applies, you need a dealer license. See Oregon Revised Statute 822.005 and 822.015  for more details.
I suspect someone is selling vehicles without a dealer license. What can I do?
File a Request for Investigation (Form 735-6504fill) and mail it with supporting documents such as pictures or advertisements to:
DMV Investigative Team
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR 97314
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