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Dealer-related FAQs (For Dealers)


This page provides frequently asked questions and answers for vehicle dealers. 
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Electronic Vehicle Registration Program
What is the EVR program?
EVR is a program that allows dealers to electronically register vehicles from their own location.
I am interested in the EVR program.  How can I join?
The EVR program is contracted to an outside vendor.  You will need to contact this company, Vitu Oregon, at 971-808-0202 for information on the program and how to participate.

Dealer License/Certificate
When do I need a dealer license?
Generally, if you sell even one vehicle that is not owned by you and used primarily for personal, family or household purposes, or for which no other exemption applies, you need a dealer license. See Oregon Revised Statute 822.005 and 822.015 for more details.
How do I renew my dealer certificate?
You will receive a renewal packet 60 days prior to the expiration of your dealer certificate. Follow the instructions in the packet. If you have any questions, contact DMV at (503) 945-5052.
I mailed in my license renewal a couple of weeks ago. When can I expect my business certificate and dealer plates/stickers in the mail?
Normal turnaround time from date received at DMV to date mailed is approximately two weeks.

Dealer Plates
How do I order more dealer plates?
A written request is required along with payment of fees. The cost per plate is $54 for a DA plate (large or small) or $21 for a DM plate (motorcycle/moped, snowmobile, Class I and/or III, small only). Call (503) 945-5052 for more information.
How long will it take to get these plates?
A 90 day temporary dealer plate is issued for each plate ordered. This allows time for DMV to order plates, get them back from the manufacturer and send them out.
How do I report lost/stolen dealer plates?
A written request is required that notes which plate(s) are lost/stolen. You can mail your request to Business License Unit at:
Business License Unit
1905 Lana Ave NE 
Salem , OR 97314
You may also FAX your request to (503) 945-5289. Call Business Regulations at (503) 945-5052 for more information.
What is the appropriate use of dealer plates?
A dealer may use their dealer plate on any vehicle over which the dealer has actual ownership or control. The law states dealer plates may be used by the dealer, members of the dealers firm, salespeople or any other person authorized by the dealer. A dealer plate may not be used on a vehicle that is used for hire or for direct compensation. The dealer plate is not intended to be used on commercial vehicles, vehicles carrying a load, or vehicles towing other vehicles. See Oregon Revised Statute 822.040 for more details.

Dealer Information & Training
How can I find out about current issues of concern to dealers?
Access DMV's quarterly publication, Dealer Details.
How can I obtain specialized dealer training?
A dealer can request training by contacting:
  • Any DMV office;
  • DMV Business Regulation at (503) 945-5281 to get a referral to your local investigator; or
  • private vendor approved to provide dealer education.
Are there specific DMV offices that vehicle dealers should use?
DMV currently maintains multiple offices that are specially equipped to handle dealer transactions. These are known as Dealer Processing Centers.
How can I locate laws, administrative rules and policies relevant to dealers?
The Oregon Vehicle Code Book and Oregon Administrative Rules are available online.

Finding Information About a Specific Dealer
Can DMV tell me if a person is a licensed dealer?
You can contact DMV Business Regulations at (503) 945-5052 to find out. We can check our database by name, address and business name or you may also obtain information by accessing the Dealer Licensing Search Page. Only a licensed dealer can sell you a vehicle unless exempt from the requirement. See Oregon Revised Statute 822.005 and 822.015 for more details.  
How can I receive the bond and ownership information for a particular dealer?
You can call (503) 945-5052, or you can access the Dealer List.

Relocation/New Location
I'm moving my business location, what do I need to do?
You will need to fill out a Dealer/Rebuilder Business Certificate Correction Application (Form 735-371). The cost is $30. Please read carefully and follow all instructions.
I wish to open another location. Are there any requirements for this?
The Supplemental Application for Dealers/Rebuilders (Form 735-372) must be filled out following all instructions for any new location that is opened.

New Owner
I have bought out a vehicle dealership. Can the vehicle dealer certificate transfer over to me?
No, when a dealership is sold, the new owner(s) must obtain a new vehicle dealer certificate using the Application for Three Year Vehicle Dealer Certificate (Form 735-370) since a vehicle dealer certificate is not transferable.
We are adding an owner to the dealership, what do we need to do to stay in compliance with the state?
To add or remove an owner, partner, LLC member or corporate officer and change type of organization (like LLC to corporation, partner to corporation) you must use a Dealer/Rebuilder Business Certificate Correction Application (Form 735-371).

I received a cancellation notice in the mail. What do I need to do to reinstate my license?
Generally, most cancellations are for either bond or insurance. The bond or insurance policy has expired or the bond or insurance company has cancelled the policy. Once cancellation has occurred, dealers must submit proof of bond or insurance within 45 days or they will need to reapply as an original dealer.

What happens if I'm late renewing my license?
Renewals (dealers and dismantlers) must be received within 15 days after the expiration date of the license or a $100 fine will be imposed on the dealer or dismantler. Applications received 45 days after the date of expiration will be considered original applications and will be processed accordingly.

Secure Forms
Where do I order secure forms?
Secure forms can be ordered from Approved Secure Forms Sales Agents.

Towing Business
How can I find information about what I need to operate a Tow Company (obtaining a business certificate, TW plates, complaints etc.)?
For towing business related questions, please call customer assistance at (503) 945-5000.

Related Information
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