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Limited Vision Condition Program


This page provides information about the Limited Vision Condition Program in Oregon.
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Bioptic Telescopic Lenses
Effective July 1, 2004, Oregon state law provides an opportunity for persons with a limited vision condition that use a bioptic telescopic lens and meet established criteria to be eligible for restricted driving privileges in Oregon.

Note: Information is available in an easy-to-print fact sheet in PDF format.

To be eligible for Oregon driving privileges your vision must meet the following criteria:
  • Visual acuity in the better eye with best lens correction that is no better than 20/80 and no worse than 20/200;
  • Have no ocular diagnosis or prognosis that may result in deterioration of the person's corrected vision below a 20/200 level of visual acuity;
  • Have a visual field of at least 120 degrees horizontally and 80 degrees vertically; and
  • Would be aided by using a bioptic telescopic lens when operating a motor vehicle.
Driving Privileges
A limited vision regular (non-commercial Class C) driver license or instruction permit is issued with the following restrictions:
  • Driving during daylight hours only; and
  • Driving only when using a bioptic telescopic lens.
The daylight only restriction will be removed when you complete the following steps:
  • Are examined by a vision specialist who indicates on a report submitted to DMV that your vision does not prohibit the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle at night; and
  • Provide a certificate from a rehabilitation training specialist stating that you have successfully completed nighttime training and can safely operate a motor vehicle at night.
Getting Licensed
In order to get a license under the Limited Vision Condition Program, you must complete the following steps:
  • Be examined by a vision specialist who completes a report to DMV showing your vision meets the criteria to be licensed under this program;
  • Be fitted by a licensed vision specialist with a bioptic telescopic lens mounted on the carrier lens;
  • Enroll in a rehabilitation training program offered by a specialist certified by DMV to train low vision condition persons in the use of bioptic telescopic lens while driving;
  • Pass DMV's written knowledge test;
  • Be issued by DMV a special limited vision condition learner's permit to only be used during driver training with a Rehabilitation Training Specialist;
  • Submit to DMV a certificate issued by a rehabilitation training specialist certifying that you have successfully completed a rehabilitation training program; and
  • Pass a DMV-provided drive test (call (503) 945-5523 to schedule).
Fees that you may be required to pay include:
  • Class C Knowledge Test - $5
  • Special limited condition learner's permit - $13
  • Class C Instruction Permit - $23.50 (if applicable)
  • Class C Drive Test - $9
  • Class C License - $60 (if applicable)
Other Requirements
Other requirements that you need to meet are:
  • Every two years, you must provide a new certification from a licensed vision specialist; and 
  • A driver under 18 years of age must meet all the requirements of a provisional license:
    • Have an instruction permit (this differs from a special limited condition learner's permit) for a minimum of six months; and
    • Complete a Driver's Education Course (not the specialized training required by this program) and have 50 hours of supervised driving; or
    • Have 100 hours of supervised driving prior to being issued a provisional license.
Program Contact Information
You may mail us at:
Driver Safety Unit
DMV Headquarters
1905 Lana Avenue NE
Salem , OR 97314
If you have any questions, you may call us at (503) 945-5083.

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