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Drive Tests & Skills Tests

Student driver behind the wheelThis page provides information about the various drive tests that DMV provides.

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About Drive Tests
  • Locations & Hours - Drive tests are conducted at most DMV offices. Refer to the individual DMV office pages for directions, hours and phone numbers. You may also test with a private party.
  • Make an Appointment - Check the DMV office listing and call the office nearest you. They can schedule a day and time for your drive test. If you wish to test with a private party, please call the business directly to make an appointment. You must have passed any required knowledge tests before requesting an appointment for a drive test. You must have a valid Oregon commercial instruction permit and passed required CDL knowledge tests or have an Oregon commercial learner permit before you schedule a CDL drive test if the appointment is for on or after September 26, 2016. 
  • Proof of Insurance - Before the drive test is conducted you will be required to provide proof of insurance. If you do not have the necessary insurance information you will have to reschedule the drive test.
  • Proof of full legal name - You may be asked to provide acceptable proof of full legal name.
  • Proof of legal presence in the U.S., identity and date of birth - You may be asked to provide acceptable proof of legal presence, identity and date of birth.
  • Social Security Number (SSN) - You are required to provide your SSN on the Application for Driving Privileges or ID Card.
  • Vehicle Inspection - The examiner will inspect your vehicle to ensure it can be safely and legally operated. If equipment is not working properly, the examiner may be unable to give the drive test. Your vehicle must be equipped with safety belts and have valid license plates or a temporary permit. Refer to the Oregon Driver Manual (English or Spanish) for more information regarding the vehicle inspection. If the vehicle does not pass the inspection you will have to re-schedule the drive test.
  • Fees - Depending on the drive test you are taking there may be a test fee. You must pay test fees prior to taking any test. Be prepared to make separate payments for your testing and licensing fees.
  • Valid Test Scores - All test scores are valid for a maximum 2-year period from the date the test was conducted.
Failing the Test

Under 18 years of age
If you fail this test and you are under 18 years of age, you must wait at least 28 days after each failure before retaking the test. You must also have had a valid Oregon Instruction Permit for at least one month before your next test. If you fail a fifth test, you must wait at least one year before taking another test.

18 years of age and older
If you are 18 years of age or older, you must wait a minimum of seven days before taking your next test. If you fail the second time, you must wait at least 14 days before the third test. Subsequent tests must be taken at least 28 days apart. If you fail your fifth test, you must wait at least one year before taking another test.

A test fee is required each time you take a test, regardless of the number of times you have taken the test.

Regular Drive Test

During the behind-the-wheel drive test, you show your driving skills and how you obey traffic rules, highway signs and signals. The test includes turning, signaling, backing, changing lanes, controlling speed, road courtesy and general driving ability.

Only you and the examiner are allowed in the vehicle during a driving test; the only exception is that a supervisor may go on a drive test to observe the examiner. Interpreters, children or pets cannot be in the vehicle during a test.

Private Party Drive Tests
In some areas, Drive tests are also available from a private party tester. Refer to the list of Certified Private Party Drive Test Examiners to locate a tester.

Commercial Skills Tests

Starting September 26, 2016, you must have a valid Oregon commercial instruction permit and passed any applicable CDL knowledge tests or an Oregon commercial learner permit when you take a CDL drive test.

These tests must be conducted in English only and translators are not permitted. 

DMV will not conduct a commercial skills test in a vehicle that is: 

  • Transporting any load;
  • Contains hazardous materials:
  • Has more than one trailer;
  • Pulls a trailer that has no brakes or uses surge brakes; or
  • Is clearly illegal or unsafe.
Before taking the drive test you will be tested to see if you know whether your vehicle is safe to drive. You may be asked to do a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle and explain to the examiner what you should inspect and why. Section 11 of the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual tells you what to inspect and how to inspect it. You can also see a video of a pre-trip vehicle inspection test that is similar to the one administered by Oregon CDL examiners. This video is not entirely representative of current CDL testing standards and procedures. Do not use this video in lieu of studying the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual, Chapter 11.
You will be asked to perform backing maneuvers to demonstrate your ability to exercise basic control of your vehicle. Section 12 of the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual includes additional information about this portion of the CDL skills test.
You will also be tested on your skill to safely drive your vehicle in a variety of traffic situations. The situations may include left and right turns, intersections, railway crossings, curves, up and down grades, single or multi-lane roads, streets, or highways. The examiner will tell you where to drive. Section 13 of the Oregon Commercial Driver Manual explains more about this test.
Third Party CDL Testers
CDL drive tests are also available from Third Party CDL Testers. 

Waiver of CDL Skills Testing Requirement for Qualified Military CMV Operators​​

DMV may waive the Class A or B CDL skills testing requirements for qualified military commercial motor vehicle operators under the Oregon Military Skills Test Waiver Program. Passenger and school bus endorsement skills tests will not be waived under the Oregon Military Skills Test Waiver Program.  To apply for a military skills test waiver you must: 

  • Hold or be eligible for an Oregon Class C driver license;
  • Provide proof that you are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident;
  • Be currently employed, or have been employed within the previous 12 months, in a military specialty in which a primary duty involves operation of a commercial motor vehicle. Currently, only Army primary MOS 88M, Marine primary MOS 3531 and Air Force primary AFSC 2T1X1 have been identified as specialties in which a primary duty is operation of a commercial motor vehicle;
  • Complete an Oregon Application for Military Skills Test Waiver (Form 735-7390) or equivalent application from DOD or another state, signed by the you and your commanding officer;
  • Provide a copy of your DD 214 or, if you are currently in the military service, a copy of your Military Identification Card;
  • Provide a copy of your military vehicle operator's license (OF346 or DA Form 5984-E), that DMV can use to properly classify the type of commercial motor vehicle that you operate or operated. DMV cannot waive skills tests unless the vehicle can be associated with a specific federal CMV classification that can be verified; and
  • Otherwise meet the requirements described in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation 383.77.

Send the Oregon Application for Military Skills Test Waiver (Form 735-7390) along with copies of other required documents to: 

Oregon DMV
CDL Policy Unit
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem, OR  97314 

If DMV is able to determine that you meet the qualifications for the military skills test waiver, a copy of your application and an approval letter, with instructions, will be mailed to you.  If you do not meet the qualifications for the military skills test waiver, DMV will return your documents to you.
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