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All Forms - Sorted Numerically


This page provides information about, and links to DMV forms.  Some forms are available in an audio and/or fillable format, some are provided in Spanish, and some may be submitted online. All form numbers listed on this page are preceded with the ODOT identification number "735-" in the official index. Non-DMV forms will be listed by the acronym of the organization that owns the form.

Note: You may use your browser's Search/Find option to locate a form number on this page. Just use the portion of the form number that occurs after the DMV 735- prefix. So for form 735-6504, just search for 6504.
Note: Online forms without numbers are listed at the bottom of the table.
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Note: If submitting a form to DMV, please print it on plain white paper, and be aware that some printers may require use of the "Shrink to Fit" printer option to be activated in order to print forms on a single page.

Sorted By Form Number
Form 735-## or Type​ Form Title​
1 ​Oregon Vehicle Code Book
11​, Fillable Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspection​
24, Fillable Certificate of Vision ​
24A, Fillable
Report of Limited Vision Examination for Low Vision Drivers with Bioptic Telescopic Lens ​
32​, Fillable Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report ​
32B Oregon Traffic Accident Supplemental Report ​
36, Audio Oregon Commercial Driver Manual ​
37, Audio Oregon Driver Manual ​
37S, Audio Manual Del Conductor de Oregon (Spanish Version)​
39 Vehicle Title and Registration Handbook ​
Commercial Drive Test Pamphlet - Class A, B and C Commercial Tests ​
41 Drive Test Pamphlet ​
41S Folleto Del Examen Practico de Manejo (Spanish Version)​
48, Fillable, Online
Record Request - Driving Record (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)​
Record Request - Tow Company (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)​
49, Fillable, Online
Record Request - Vehicle Record (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)​
Fee Schedule for Tow/Recovery Vehicle​
149, Fillable Charitable/Non Profit Registration Certification​
152 Fee Schedule for Vehicles Registered for Farm Use
153 Fee Schedule for Charitable/Non Profit Vehicle ​
153T Fee Schedule for Manufactured Structure Toter Vehicles​
160, Fillable Notice of Oregon Title Previously Submitted ​
165, Fillable Dealer Notice of Vehicle Purchase ​
173, Fillable Driver License/Permit/Identification Card Application ​
173A​, Fillable Special Limited Vision Condition Learner's Permit Application ​
175, Fillable Commercial Driver License Application ​
205, Fillable Custom Plate Application ​
226, Fillable Application for Title and Registration ​
Transitional Ownership Document (TOD)​
229, Fillable Application for Salvage Title ​
Application for Replacement Salvage Title ​
Application for Amateur Radio Call Letter Registration Plates ​
263Fillable Vehicle Repossession Certificate ​
264Fillable Request for Correction of Title Records ​
Disabled Person Parking Permit Application​
265FPP ​Family Parking Permit for Disabled Persons Application
​265PP ​Program Parking Permit Application
Application for Registration, Renewal, Replacement or Transfer of Plates and/or Stickers ​
270Fillable Dismantler's Vehicle Notice to Driver and Motor Vehicle Services ​
366, Fillable
Application for 3 Year Business Certificate as a Dealer Exclusively of  Motorcycles, Mopeds, Snowmobiles, and/or ATVs ​
370Fillable Application for 3 Year Vehicle Dealer Certificate as a Dealer or Rebuilder​
370BFillable Surety Bond/Dealer Liability Insurance ​
370CFillable Education Requirements Certification of Exemption​
371Fillable Application to Correct Dealer/Rebuilder Vehicle Dealer Certificate​
372Fillable Supplemental Dealer/Rebuilder Vehicle Dealer Certificate Application​
373Fillable Application for a Dismantler Certificate​
Application for a Supplemental Business Certificate as a Dismantler of Motor Vehicles or Salvage Pool Operator​
373B, Fillable
Application to Correct Business Certificate as a Dismantler of Motor Vehicles or Salvage Pool Operator​
379Fillable Application for Vehicle Transporter Certificate​
387Fillable Application for Tow or Recovery Vehicle Business Certificate​
463 Special Use Trailer Schedule of Registration Fees​
464 Camper and Travel Trailer Schedule of Registration Fees​
465 Motor Home Schedule of Registration Fees​
500Fillable Power of Attorney​
501Fillable Vehicle Bill of Sale​
502Fillable Statement of Error or Erasure of a Name​
512Fillable Application for Title Never Received​
515Fillable Application for Replacement Title​
516Fillable Inheritance Affidavit​
524Fillable Statement of Lien Satisfaction (Release of Security Interest)​
1400Fillable Declaration of  Exemption: DEQ's Vehicle Inspection Program​
6013 Fee Schedule for Heavy Motor Vehicles and  Buses (over 8000 pounds)​
6017Fillable Notice of Vehicle to be Dismantled/Proof of Compliance​
6037Fillable Record Inquiry Account Application​
6044Fillable Hardship/Probationary Permit Application​
6050Fillable Commercial Driving School Application/Procedure​
6050B, Fillable Commercial Driver Training School Instructor Application​
6066Fillable Driver Evaluation Request ​
6110 ​Request for DMV Forms to be Mailed
6367 Oregon Motorcycle and Moped Operator Manual​
6413 Insure Your Driving Privilege - Getting Insurance​
6413S Asegure Su Privilegio de Conducir (Spanish Version)​
6436Fillable Certification of Liens on an Imported Vehicle​
6438FillableOnline Change of Address Notice for DMV Records (Register to Vote!)​
6504Fillable Request for Investigation – Vehicle Dealer, Dismantler, Unlicensed Activity​
6511Fillable Assembled, Reconstructed or Replica Vehicle Certification​
6577Fillable Antique/Special Interest Vehicle Declaration for Registration​
6603 Title & Registration Procedures​
6603L "To Security Interest Holder" Letter​
6607 Report of Uninsured Vehicle​
6610Fillable Vehicle Appraiser Certificate Application​
6612Fillable Fleet Vehicle Delete Notice​
6614 What to Expect on Your Drive Test​
6614S Que Esperar de su Examen de Manejo (Spanish Version)​
6616Fillable Snowmobile Safety Instructor Application​
6619 ​Oregon Moped, Motorized Scooter, Pocket Bike Guide
6642 Oregon Sno-Parks​
6644Fillable Certification of Ownership for an Assembled Light Trailer or Heavy Trailer​
6653A ​Request for Exemption From Use of Motor Vehicle Safety Restraints (for Oregon residents ONLY)
6655Fillable Ex-POW Certification​
6659 Report of Uninsured Accident​
6665 Guide to OR Driving Records and Standard Conviction Abbreviation Manual​
Notice of Rights and Procedures in Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Implied Consent Hearings​
6691 DMV Record Fee List​
6713 Government Vehicle Registration Information​
6726 Oregon Vehicle License Plate Manual​
6733 IVR User Guide - DMV's Interactive Voice Response System​
6736Fillable Application for Disabled Veteran Plates​
6745Fillable Exemption from Odometer Disclosure Requirements​
6747Fillable Odometer Repair or Replacement Certification​
6757T Fleet Registration Fee Schedule, Heavy Vehicle​
6757P Fleet Registration Fee Schedule, Passenger Vehicle​
6766 Application for Third Party Tester Certificate​
6767 Application for Third Party Examiner Certification​
6775Fillable Certification of Vehicle Date of Purchase​
6776 Farm Endorsement Application​
6797Fillable Small Estate Certification​
6798 Application for Self-Insurance Certificate​
6826 DUII Convictions - Suspensions, Hardship Permits and Reinstatements​
6841 Quick Tips for Doing Business with DMV​
6841S Sugerencias Rapidas Para Sus Tramites en DMV (Spanish Version)​
6874 Employer Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Exemption​
6890Online Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle​
6892 CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Memory Aid
6927Fillable Stolen Vehicle Notification​
6937Fillable Trip Permit Order Request​
Group Plate Eligibility Certification (Purple Heart, U.S. Army Special Forces, 1st Marine Division and Gold Star Family)​
6941 ​Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Medical Exemption
​6942 ​Special Registration Organization Annual Statement of Continuing Eligibility
7015 Certification to Register Vehicles Over 26,000 Pounds​
7022 Dealer Details​
7069Fillable Application for Approval of Veteran Group Plates​
7071 Individual's Request for National Driver Register (NDR) File Check​
Employer Request for National Driver Register (NDR) File Check on Current or Prospective Employee​
​7076, Fillable ​Application for Approval of a Special Registration Plate
7080 Consignment Practices & Title Delivery Requirements for the Oregon Dealer​
7095 Dispute of Ownership of a Vehicle​
7104 Driver Record Explanation Summary​
7106 Automobile Liability Insurance Reporting (ALIR)​
7116AFillable Affidavit to Establish Financial Interest in a Vehicle​
7122Fillable Request for Information​
7135 Motorcycle and Moped Skills Test​
7140 Replacement Title Procedures​
7141 Salvage Title Procedures​
7161 How to Request a DMV Record​
7182Fillable Certification of Oregon Residency or Domicile​
​7189 ​Do You Need To Be a Certified (Licensed Vehicle Dealer in Oregon?
7190 Oregon Parent Guide to Teen Driving​
7191 Smart Buyer: A Consumer Protection Guide for Used Car Buyers​
7195, Fillable Request For Complete Driver History
7200, Fillable​ Report of Positive Drug Test under ORS 825.410
7201 Certificate of Motor Carrier​
7206​, Fillable ​Surrender of Driving Privilege(s)
​7206A, Fillable ​Quit Driving Form
7212Fillable Low-Speed Vehicle Certification​
7213Fillable Medium Speed Electric Vehicle Certification​
7225Fillable Application for Recreational Vehicle Show License Certificate​
7230Fillable Mandatory Impairment Referral​
7266Fillable Order Your Own Record​
7273 Rehabilitation Training Specialist Application​
7282Fillable Insurer's Notification to DMV - Notice of Totaled Vehicle​
7286Fillable Certification of Compliance with Federal Emission and Safety Standards
7290Fillable Dealer Certification of Compliance with Federal Emission & Safety Standards​
7291Fillable Account Holder Request For Complete Driving History
7293 Record Inquiry Account Application for Sanitized Records​
7297 Notarized Permission Slip to Request Oregon DMV Records​
7300 Verification of Application in Another Jurisdiction​
7307Fillable Application for Veteran Recognition Plates​
Declaration of Exemption from the Oregon Low Emission Vehicle Requirement (LEV)​
7312Fillable DMV Public Record Request​
7314 Fleet Registration Information​
7315Fillable Application for Fleet Registration​
7318 OR Identification Requirements for Driver Licenses, Permits and ID Cards​
7318S Requisitos de Identificación de Oregon (Spanish Version)​
7325 ODOT Sanctions on Convictions Reference Guide​
7335, Fillable ​Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) Dealer Application
7340 Withdrawal of Consent for Driving Privileges by Parent or Legal Guardian​
7354Fillable DMV Tow Desk Fax​
7366 ​Application for Oregon DMV Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course
7369Fillable Self-Certification CMV Driving Type​
7372 Notice of Release from Incarceration​
7389, Fillable
​Instructions for Provisional Driver Improvement Restriction to Expand Driving Privileges
7390​, Fillable ​Oregon Application for Military Skills Test Waiver
7400, Fillable ​Insurance Verification Response Form - F/F MIC
7400S, Fillable​ ​Verificación de Seguros Formulario de Respuesta - F/F MIC (Spanish)
7401​, Fillable ​Change of Gender Designation
​7410 ​Oregon Special Registration Plates Application Guide
BCD ​Manufactured Structure/Mobile Home (LOIS System) Forms​
BCD ​Manufactured Structure/Mobile Home Title/Ownership​
HWY ​Oregon Bicyclist Manual​
​MCTD ​Farm Certification Application - MCTD
MCTD ​Motor Carrier Transportation Division Forms
Online ​Change of Address Notice for DMV Records (Register to Vote!)​
Online ​Notice of Sale or Transfer of a Vehicle​
Online ​​Record Request - Driving Record (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)​
​​Online ​Record Request - Tow Company (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)
Online ​Record Request - Vehicle Record (Online for Record Inquiry Account Holders Only)​
Online Vehicle ​Registration Renewal
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