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Light Trailers


This page provides information about light trailers. 
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A light trailer is any trailer having a loaded weight of 8,000 pounds or less, except trailers for hire (for rent), recreational trailers, special use trailers and fixed loads.  Light trailers may include boat trailers or horse trailers. For information on how to register a for-rent trailer, contact DMV.
Note: You do not have to register a light trailer (which includes a utility, boat, or horse trailer) or obtain a trip permit to operate it on the road if the trailer, plus the heaviest load carried, weighs 1,800 pounds or less. However, you may wish to obtain a title for your trailer because most law enforcement agencies and insurance companies want to see proof of ownership if it is ever stolen.  All trailers used on the road must be equipped to meet safety standards; see ODOT's Vehicle Equipment and Safety page for more information.

Title & Registration
To Apply Fees
  • $77 title fee if submitting an application for title (changing ownership information).
  • $86 for a two year registration period for renewals and when titling and registering used light trailers. 
  • $172 for a four-year registration period if the trailer is new and is being registered and titled for the first time. 
  • After an initial four-year period, renewals revert to a two year period. 
  • $12 plate fee required if the vehicle does not already have a plate (also see registration fee page for plate fees).
  • $5 fee if you are replacing or changing plates at the time of registration renewal.
  • $10 fee if you are replacing or changing plates between registration renewal periods.
Note: Light trailers registered in Multnomah County are subject to Multnomah County registration fees and are required to pay an additional $19 per year of registration. Multnomah County registration fees are due at initial registration and renewal for registrations expiring on or after September 1, 2010. Visit Multnomah County's web site for more information.
If you have any questions regarding what fees are applicable to your transaction, you may wish to contact DMV.

License Plates
The standard issue license plate for a light trailer is the Tree plate.  Light trailers may also have a Disabled Veteran plate.  Regardless of the plate type, only one license plate is issued and must be displayed on the rear of the trailer.

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