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Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Eligibility


You are eligible to renew your vehicle registration online if:

  • Your registration has not yet expired or it has been expired for less than 75 days, and
  • Your vehicle is not a tow/recovery vehicle, or a vehicle subject to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). Additional requirements must be submitted with registration renewals for tow/recovery and HVUT vehicles that cannot be met online, and
  • Your vehicle is not subject to DEQ Inspection and a Declaration of Exemption form is not required (see DEQ Inspection Requirement section below for more information), or
  • Your vehicle is subject to DEQ inspection and you have passed the test.

Note: If your vehicle is registered within a DEQ boundary and is a heavy-duty diesel vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 8,500 lbs, you may be able to renew your vehicle online if DMV has an exemption on file. If you believe you qualify to renew online, but have received a registration renewal that indicates that DEQ testing is required or you have received an exemption form with your renewal, you must visit a DEQ station to have them verify and certify that your vehicle is a heavy-duty diesel vehicle. You may also submit the exemption form to DMV with the renewal transaction, but the vehicle registration cannot be renewed online.

This eligibility criteria is charted in the table below:

​Registration ​DEQ Inspection Declaration of Exemption Can Renew Online
Not yet expired​ ​Not required ​Not required ​Yes
Not yet expired​ ​Not required ​Required No​
​Not yet expired ​Required and passed ​n/a ​Yes
​Not yet expired ​Required but not yet tested ​n/a No
​Not yet expired ​Required and failed n/a ​No
​Expired < 75 days Not required​ Not required​ ​Yes
​Expired < 75 days Not required​ Required ​No
Expired < 75 days​ ​Required and passed ​n/a Yes​
Expired < 75 days​ Required but not yet tested​ ​n/a ​No
Expired < 75 days Required and failed​ ​n/a No​
​Expired 75 days or more Not required​ ​Not required ​No
​Expired 75 days or more Not required​ Required​ No​
Expired 75 days or more ​Required and passed ​n/a ​No
​Expired 75 days or more ​Required but not yet tested n/a ​No
​Expired 75 days or more Required and failed​ ​n/a ​No
A unique PIN is required to use DMV's online vehicle registration renewal system. PINs are assigned and distributed via renewal reminders (see Renewal Reminders section below for more information).

Important: Online renewal requires payment using a credit or debit card. DMV accepts most credit and debit cards.


Even if eligible, you cannot renew your vehicle registration online if:
  • You need your stickers mailed to a one-time special mailing address.
  • You need to make changes to your registration, other than a simple address change.
  • Your address has changed into or out of Multnomah County since you received your renewal reminder.
  • You wish to change to a different license plate.

Note: Multnomah County has assessed a special fee associated with vehicle registration to fund construction of the Sellwood Bridge so if your vehicle address has changed from that which is printed on your renewal reminder, and you moved into or out of Multnomah County, the total registration fee you owe is different from the fee shown on the renewal reminder.

Renewal Reminders

A renewal reminder is mailed to the vehicle owner 45 to 60 days prior to the expiration date of the vehicle registration. They are sent to the owner's mailing address on file at the time the reminder is printed. The renewal reminder also serves as the renewal application.

Note: Click here for information about changing your address.

Note: If you fail to receive or lose your renewal reminder call (503) 945-5000, or submit a vehicle-related online inquiry to have another one mailed to you.

DEQ Inspection Requirement

Inclusion in the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) inspection program is based on your address. At present, vehicle inspection boundaries are limited to the Portland and Medford metropolitan areas.

To determine if your vehicle must be tested please refer to the Emissions Testing Requirements and the DEQ Vehicle Inspection Program.
Some addresses within DEQ inspection boundaries are exempt. For example, the ZIP code is within a boundary but the street address is located outside of it. DMV cannot currently renew vehicles online that are registered to an exempt address because an additional form is required.
If your address is exempt, you must submit your application for renewal by mail or at a DMV office along with a completed Declaration of Exemption form. This form will be included with your registration renewal reminder if your address on file is exempt at the time the reminder is printed.
To determine if your address is exempt or not you may consult the DEQ Web site, or call them at (971) 673-1630 or toll free at (877) 476-0583.
Note: Most customers can renew their registration at the DEQ testing center after their vehicle passes the required tests.

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