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Online Vehicle Renewal


Many vehicle registrations can be renewed online. 


You can renew online if:

  • Registration is not yet expired or has been expired for less than 75 days; and
  • A Department of Environmental Quality inspection is either not required or your vehicle has already passed inspection for this renewal.
Circle showing if DEQ is required

If “Y” is listed, the vehicle needs a DEQ inspection.

Newer vehicles do not need DEQ testing; check to see if your vehicle qualifies.

You cannot renew online if:

  • The registration is expired 75 days or more;
  • A DEQ Declaration of Exemption is required;
  • A DEQ inspection is required and you haven't had the inspection done or your vehicle failed the inspection;
  • You need your stickers mailed to a different address;
  • Your address shows incorrectly within a DEQ area;
  • You moved in or out of Multnomah County and the address on your renewal reminder is wrong; or
  • The vehicle is:
    • A tow/recovery vehicle; or
    • Subject to Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

Keep a copy of the receipt in your vehicle or a picture of the receipt on your phone.

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