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Racing Activity Vehicles


This page provides information about Racing Activity Vehicles. 
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Definition & Operation
A Racing Activity Vehicle is a motor vehicle that:
    1.  Is primarily used for racing on a race track and that has:
         a.  A bodiless tubular steel chassis that forms the main structural component of the vehicle;
         b.  High side rails;
         c.  Integral front and rear rollover tubes;
         d.  A suspension with both front and rear double unequal length wishbones and inboard,
              pushrod operated dampers; and
         e.  A product identification number instead of a vehicle identification number; and
    2.  Is not a replica or an assembled vehicle.
A racing activity vehicle is exempt from vehicle equipment requirements under ORS 815.040, 815.075, 815.250, 815.295 and 815.310 if the vehicle is equipped with original manufacturer’s equipment and accessories or their equivalent; and the vehicle is maintained in safe operating condition.
Racing activity vehicle operation is limited to:
    1.  Exhibitions, parades or club activities;
    2.  Driving the vehicle from the person’s home to a race track that is within a 90-mile radius of 
         a person’s home; or
    3.  Test driving the vehicle for maintenance or repair purposes within a 30-mile radius of where
         the vehicle is maintained or repaired.
A racing activity vehicle can be operated for purposes of a test drive within a 30-mile radius of the location where the vehicle is manufactured without obtaining registration.  A racing activity vehicle is limited to operation on highways with a speed limit or posted speed of 55 miles per hour or less.

Title & Registration
To Apply Fees
  • $77 title fee if submitting an application for title (changing ownership information).
  • $81 for permanent registration period. 
  • $12 plate fee required if the vehicle does not already have a plate (also see registration fee page for plate fees).
Note: Vehicles registered in Multnomah County are subject to Multnomah County registration fees and are required to pay an additional $19 at initial registration.  Visit Multnomah County's web site for more information. 
If you have any questions regarding what fees are applicable to your transaction, you may wish to contact DMV.

License Plates
The license plate issued for Racing Activity Vehicles has a yellow background with blue letters and numbers.  The configuration on the plate is “SP” followed by five numbers.  This type of plate is called a "Special Interest Vehicle" plate.  Only one plate is issued and must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

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