US DOT has announced the opportunity to apply for $474 million in funding under the TIGER V grant program.  As with past rounds of TIGER funding, projects will be judged primarily on how well they perform on enhancing economic competitiveness, safety, community livability, sustainability, and state of good repair.  Given tight deadlines for obligating funds, readiness to proceed will also among the key criteria.  Applications are due June 3.Siberischer_tiger_de_edit02.jpg
US DOT’s TIGER V has posted a notice of funding availability and a summary of the program is attached. 
There is also US DOT’s TIGER webpage.
ODOT has produced a summary of TIGER V.
If you have questions about the program or would like to consult about whether a project may be competitive under this program, email Travis Brouwer, Senior Federal Affairs Advisor, or you may contact him by phone at 503-986-3448.
Seeking ODOT and Oregon Transportation Commission Support
This program is always intensely competitive, and to ensure that Oregon projects have a strong chance at securing funding the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) and ODOT are offering to support worthy TIGER applications.  Local governments and other agencies have the opportunity to seek OTC/ODOT support for their TIGER grant applications in four different ways:
·         OTC letter of support:  The OTC will issue letters of support for all meritorious applications.
·         OTC statewide priority:  The OTC plans to identify a small number of projects as statewide priorities for funding under the TIGER V program.  Last year, six projects were designated as statewide priorities.
·         ODOT partnership:  ODOT may choose to serve as a partnering agency on projects for which local governments are the lead applicants, provided they are on, adjacent to, or otherwise impact the state highway system or other areas of ODOT responsibility. 
·         ODOT lead application:  US DOT will allow an agency to serve as the lead applicant for only three projects.  As a result, ODOT will have to limit its number of applications and prioritize those that are high priorities for the agency and match the program criteria well.  ODOT is in the process of narrowing our options, so any local government that is interested in ODOT serving as the lead applicant for a project should let me know immediately and also contact the relevant ODOT region/division staff immediately to begin discussions.
Instructions and Deadlines
Please fill out and submit this form to Travis Brouwer.  Please title the e-mail “TIGER V proposal for [project name].”
Deadlines are as follows:
  • If you are interested in having ODOT be the lead applicant for a project, please submit the form by 9 am on Friday, April 26.
  • If you are interested in having a project considered an OTC statewide priority, having ODOT serve as a partnering agency for a joint state-local project, or receiving a letter of support please submit the form by 9 am on Friday, May 10.
Those who are only seeking a letter of support do not need to fill out the TIGER Criteria section.  Late requests for letters of support will be considered.
The OTC will consider ODOT's recommendations for projects to designate as statewide priorities at its meeting on May 15.  Letters of support will be issued on or about May 29.