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Proposed BDDM Changes for October, 2016

Letter from State Bridge Engineer, Bruce V. Johnson 

Proposed updates to the Bridge Design and Drafting Manual

The following revisions are in reference to current BDDM section numbers:


Section 1 – Design and Detailing Practices


1.2.1_and_2        Bridge Design Standards – Update title and reference manuals. Add clarification.
                        Bridge Design Deviations – Update name and email. Add clarification.
1.5.1               Concrete, General – Update section for the use of 80ksi reinforcing.        *Tension Development Length - GRADE 60 – Uncoated Bars        *Compression Development Length - GRADE 60 – Uncoated Bars         *Tension Development Length of Hooks - GRADE 60 – Uncoated Bars       Welded Splices and Mechanical Connections       *Lap Splices – Grade 60       Fixed Girder Connections –  Provide additional guidance to age of girder for continuity.
1.9.1               Design and Detailing – Update deck reinforcing tables for the use of 80ksi reinforcing and 4500psi concrete.
1.10.4             Foundation Modeling – Remove outdated software reference, and update Foundation Designer to Geotechnical Designer.          Spread Footing Foundation Design – Update resistance factors to be consistent with ODOT GDM.
1.13                Rails, Impact Attenuators, and Protective Screening – Update for consistency and clarity; clarify design deviation vs exception; update bridge rail retrofit section; rearrange protective screening section for clarity. 
1.17                Seismic Design – Design using 2014 USGS and CSZE Seismic Hazard Maps.
1.27               On Bridge Sign & Illumination Mounts – Update guidance to be consistent with ODOT Traffic Structures Design Manual.
1.28                Truss and Monotube Cantilever Sign Bridges – Provide basic references to the design of truss and monotube cantilever sign bridges.




Section 2 – Drafting Practices

Section 2       Update to use to Digial Signature and Projectwise. Old version (with minor changes) will be available for current project completion.
                      Section 2 not showing the red mark-ups  for clearity.
General Notes Update to use new Seismic Maps
2.1                   Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) - Updated for digitally signed plans
2.2 thru 2.4    Detailing, Drawing Borders, Title Block Information - Updated for true type font and 11x17 sheet format digitally signed plans
2.5                   Lead Drafters Duties on Large Projects - Changes for clarification
2.6                   Type, Size and Location Plan and Elevation - Changes for clarification, use of coordinate correct plan view base file and change in location map work flow
2.7                   Final Plans - Changes for clarification, 11x17 sheet format and updated work flow
2.7.4               Geotechnical Data Sheet –Changed to a summary; moved to Geotechnical Design Manual (GDM) to minimize conflicts between manuals
2.8                   Printing - Updated for digitally signed plans; removed redundancy with other documents
2.9                   Transfer of Electronic Files to Outside of ODOT - Changes for clarification
2.10                Archiving CAD Files - Removed redundancy with other documents
Appendices   Changes for clarification, 11x17 sheet format, removed redundancy with other documents and true type font


Section 3– Procedures and Layout

3.2.3   MathCAD Template Library – Update the recently developed Bridge Calculation Template to the library list.


A3.91.7          Miscellaneous Common Conversions – Update table to the use of 80ksi reinforcing and 4500psi concrete.


Update Summary