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Bridge Construction Inspector
Below is the list of materials used during the training session. These materials are necessary for taking the Bridge Construction Inspector Certification exam.
Hyperlinks are provided to take you to the PDF versions of the documents.
File sizes are listed after the title. As you can see, the complete manual is very large. Entire manuals will take a longer time for your computer to open because of their size. Each chapter is also available if you prefer to open smaller individual files. There is no fee to print copies of any part of these manuals from your computer.
If you have questions about the Inspector Quality Assurance Program, training, or challenging any of the Inspector Certification exams, contact Lori Butler by e-mail at lorraine.e.butler@odot.state.or.us or by phone at (503) 986-3007.

Materials List
All of the materials noted below are the responsibility of the individual taking a challenge exam unless otherwise noted.
2008 Standard Specifications
Certified Bridge Construction Inspector Training Manual
Scientific calculator

Bridge Inspector Manual
Entire Manual  
Bridge Construction Inspector Training Manual 
271 M
Table of Contents 
11 k
  1 - Introduction 
3.9 M
  2 - Quality Concrete 
1.8 M
  3 - Reinforced Concrete 
14 M
  4 - Pre-Construction Preparation 
2.8 M
  5 - Concrete Placement Preparation 
31.5 M
  6 - Concrete Post-Placement Activities 
15.3 M
  7 - Introduction to Bridge Foundations 
3.2 M
  8 - Driven Piles 
7.5 M
  9 - Drilled Shafts 
8.7 M
10 - Substructure 
20 M
11 - Prefabricated Girders 
25.3 M
12 - Bolting 
8.8 M
13 - Welding 
7.1 M
14 - Post-Tensioned Box Girders 
20 M
15 - Deck Construction 
73.2 M
16 - Appendix A - Glossary 
124 k 
17 - Appendix B - Checklists 
589 k
18 - Appendix C - Forms
800 k

Purchase Materials
If you would rather not print this manual from your computer, it is available for purchase.

Bridge Construction Inspector Training Manual
Please use the Construction Section Manual Purchase Form to purchase any of these or other materials. You may send the form to Susan Herring by e-mail at susan.c.herring@odot.state.or.us or by fax at (503) 986-3096.

Problem Set Questions
Bridge Inspection Training informs the Inspector of the various types and methods of bridge construction and proper Inspection practice. Some review questions have been put together that are similar to the types of questions on the Bridge Inspector exam.
You may access these questions by clicking on this link. The questions are in PowerPoint format that you may view on your computer. Clicking directly on the answer will take you to a new slide and let you know if you have answered correctly or incorrectly.