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ODOT Construction Forms



Welcome to the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Construction Forms website. This site is meant to be a comprehensive list of all forms that could be used during the construction of ODOT projects.  If you believe that there are forms missing from this list that should be included, please send an e-mail to Lori Butler, including the form name and form number or contact her at 503.986.3007. If appropriate, the form will be added to this list. 
To open the actual form click on the form number (or name in some cases).  Some forms have different versions (i.e., English, Metric). If there are different versions of the same form, the different versions are included within the file. Opening the form will open a new window. Many different formats have been used to create these forms. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 or higher to access and use the pdf files. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the forms on this page, contact Lori Butler.

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Always use the current forms linked below. Do not use versions saved to your computer as all items are subject to change without notice.


This page is currently under construction. All the links will be active during the redesign of this page. If you have any problems obtaining a form, please send an e-mail to Susan Herring or contact her at 503.986.3009.

New Column Headers

Title – This is the full title used at the top of the form.

Effective Date – The date that the form was last revised. A green UPDATE icon is added to the most recent revisions.

Form # – This is the official form number for the form. Clicking on this link will open most forms from this page.

Info – Instructions, examples and other helpful material for the form can be found in this column. Click on this link (!) to view helpful information for preparing the form.

Dist. Code – To know where electronic and paper copies need to be sent, see the code listed below.

Form Code – To help determine if this is a required form or one to be used as a suggested tool: 1 = Mandatory; 2= Tool

Notepad Version – This column will have a link as we develop the versions to be used on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Pdf, Excel, Word – The format of the file is listed in this column: p = pdf; x = excel; w = word; o = other.​

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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date


​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
​​ACP Incinerator Oven Calibration Worksheet 734-2327
Oct-15​ ! x​​
​ADA Ramp Inspection Form 734-5020 !​ ​p
​Apprentice/Trainee Approval Request
(See On the Job Training)


​Bulk Density "Unit Weight" Measure Calibration 734-1825 C ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
​Calibration Batch Form 734-2327 CB ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
Target Adjustment Summary
734-2560 ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
​CAT II - MDV Startup Review 734-2550 ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
​Cement Treated Base Relative Maximum Density 734-2091 ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
Certificate of Materials Origin (CMO) 734-2126 ​Sep-06 ​​​! ​x
Certified Agency Quarterly Report  734-2590 ​Apr-15 ​! ​w
Certified Payroll (Bureau of Labor and Industries) WH-38 ​Jun-14 ​! ​w
Certified Payroll 
(U.S. Dept. of Labor)
WH-347 ​Dec-08 ​! ​p
​Concrete Yield and W/C Ratio Worksheet 734-3573 ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
Contract Change Order – Single Form 734-1169 ​May-15 ​x
​Contract Change Order – Workbook (50 forms) 734-1169 WB ​May-15 ​x
Contract Change Order Supporting Data Sheet 
(included in the appropriate change order document file)  ​
Contractor's Notice of Differing Site Conditions, Delay or Protest ​ 734-2887 ​Jul-13 ​p
Contractor’s Request for Adjustment of Contract Time 734-3320 ​Nov-05 ! ​x
Contractor's Request for Relief of Responsibility from Damage by Public Traffic 734-2768 ​Sep-09 ! ​p
Contractor’s Request for Subcontract Consent 734-1964 ​Feb-15 ​! ​x
​Control Strip Method of Compaction for Thin Lifts of ACP NEW ​​734-2084T ​Oct-15 ​x
Control Strip Method of Compaction Testing 734-2084 ​Oct-12 ! ​x
Cooperative Arrangement Request 731-0338 ​Jun-14 ! ​p
Cost Estimate 734-1877 ​Sep-09 ​x
Culvert Data Sheet 734-3247 ​Aug-15 ​p
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
Daily Asphalt Plant Production 734-2401 ​Oct-15 ! ​x
Daily Asphalt Plant Production RAM ​ 734-2401
​Oct-15 ! ​x
Daily Asphalt Cement Report  734-2043 ​Oct-14 ! ​x
Daily DBE Trucking Log 734-2916 Jan-14 ​p
Daily Force Account Record 734-3428 ​Mar-05 ​! ​p
Daily Progress Report (Cover) – Hard copies may be purchased from the ODOT Storeroom. 734-1825D ​Jul-13   ​ ​o
​DBE Commercially Useful Function Form 3B 734-2165 ​Aug-14 ​p
​DBE Work Plan Proposal Form 3A 734-2165A ​Jan-14 p​
​Decision Tree – Evaluate Separation Opportunities, Other Work Zone Concepts, Work Zone Devices ​NEW ​734-5042 Mar-16​ ​p
​Deck Placement Conference Outline 734-2596 ​Jun-13 p​
​Deck Rebar Checklist 734-2837 ​Nov-10 ​p
​Density/Control Strip Reconciliation 734-2584 Oct-12​ ​! x​
​Document Review Report Supporting Documentation: PM Exception Explanation 734-2704 ​Apr-12 ​! w​
​Drilled Shaft Concrete Placement Log 734-2597 Nov-11​ X​
​Drilled Shaft Concrete Volumes 734-2603 ​Apr-05 x​
​Drilled Shaft Excavation Log 734-2604 ​Apr-05 ​x
​Drilled Shaft Inspection Report 734-2598 ​Aug-09 ​x
​Drilled Shaft Inspector's Checklist ​UPDATED 734-2625 ​Feb-16 p​
​Employee Interview Report 734-3475 ​Mar-02 ​​​! ​x
​​Environmental Construction Inspection Report ​ 734-2902 Jan-13​ ​​​​! p​
​​Erosion Control Monitoring 734-2361 ​Oct-15 ​p

​Escalation/De-escalation Worksheets
Asphalt (5%) English

​N/A ​Jun-10 ​! x​
​Escalation/De-escalation Worksheets
Asphalt (10%) English
​N/A ​Oct-06 ​! ​x
​Escalation/De-escalation Worksheets
Fuel (25%) English
​N/A ​Jun-10 ​! ​x
​Escalation/De-escalation Worksheets
Steel (10%)
​N/A ​Jun-10 ​! ​x
​Extra Work Order
Single Form ​UPDATED
734-3208 ​Apr-16 ​x
​Extra Work Order
Workbook (25 forms) ​UPDATED
​Apr-16 ​x
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
Family of Curves 734-3468
​Oct-12 ! ​x
Field Inspection (Sticker) 734-2207 ​Mar-05 ​p
Field Inspection Report 734-3469 Jan-07   ​x

​Field Verifications
Post Length Forms

One Post Installation (TBB)
Two Post Installation (MPB)
Three Post Installation (MPB)

N/A ​o
Field Verifications
Truss Sign Bridge
N/A o
Field Verifications
Truss VMS Bridge
N/A ​o
​Field Verifications
Monotube Cantilever
​N/A ​o
​Field Verifications
Sign Bridge Horizontal Span Inspection Sheet
​N/A ​o
​Field Verifications
Luminaire Pole Height
​N/A ​o

​Field Verifications
Signal Pole Field Verification

​N/A o
Field Worksheet for Aggregates UPDATED 734-1792 ​Oct-15 ! ​x
​Field Worksheet for ACP UPDATED 734-2277 ​Oct-15 ! x​
​Field Worksheet for ACP RAM​ UPDATED 734-2277
​Oct-15 ! ​x
​Final Materials Certification 734-1979 ​Dec-07 ! x​
​Flagger and Pilot Car Receipt 734-3955 ​Mar-05 ​p
​Force Account Invoice for Equipment and Materials UPDATED 734-1864 ​Oct-15 ! ​x

​Force Account Invoice for Labor
Actual Cost Calculation

734-1863B ​Oct-15 ! ​p
​Force Account Invoice for Labor
Standard Calculation
734-1863A ​Sep-09 p​
​Force Account Summary 
734-3385 Oct-15 ​p
​Foreign Steel Summary 734-1968 ​Dec-13 ​​! p​
​General Daily Progress Report 734-3474 May-12​ ​​! ​p
​High Strength Bolting
ODOT Rotational Capacity Test –Long Bolts
734-2629 Mar-12​ ​​​! ​x
​High Strength Bolting
ODOT Rotational Capacity Test–Short Bolts
734-2630 ​Mar-12 ​​​! ​x
​High Strength Bolting
ODOT Verification Testing–Long Bolts
734-2747 ​Mar-12 ​​​​! x​
​High Strength Bolting
ODOT Verification Testing–Short Bolts
734-2748 ​Mar-12 ​​​​! ​x
​Highway Restriction Notice 734-2357 Feb-07​ ​o
​​Inspector's Job Guide and Highway Maintenance Tables 734-2307 ​Nov-10 p​
​Installation Sheet 734-2605 ​Mar-13 ​x
​Job Hazard Analysis
​​734-5015 ​Apr-16 ​p
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
Material Daily Progress Report 734-2599 ​Mar-10 ​x
Material Delivery and Yield Check Sheet NEW 734-2792 Jun-15 ​x
​Materials on Hand 734-2600 ​Apr-05   ​x
Maximum Density of Aggregate Base Materials  734-3468 B ​Oct-14 ​! ​x
Maximum Density of Construction Materials  UPDATED 734-3468 ​Oct-15 ​! ​x
MFTP Form Descriptions
Form ​Oct-15 ​p
​Micropile Log UPDATED 734-2644 ​Mar-16 p
​Monthly Employment Utilization Report (MEUR)
Projects with Bid Letting 
Prior to 7/1/2011
731-0394 May-08​ ​! x​
​Monthly Employment Utilization Report (MEUR)
Projects with Bid Letting 
After 7/1/2011 UPDATED
731-0668 Feb-16 p​
​Notification of Commencement and Completion 734-3233 ​Dec-13 p​
​Nuclear Compaction Test Report UPDATED 734-1793 S ​Oct-15 ! x​
​Nuclear Compaction Report for Base Aggregate 734-1793 B ​Oct-12 ! ​x

​Nuclear Compaction Report for ACP – Standard

734-1793 A ​Oct-15 ! ​x
​Nuclear Compaction Report for ACP – 10 Shot 
Oct-15 ! x
​Nuclear Compaction Report for ACP – with Random Generator  UPDATED 734-1793
Oct-15 ! x​
​Nuclear Core Correlation Worksheet 734-2327 ​Oct-15 ! x​
​Obligations of Oregon Transportation Commission 734-3715 ​Jul-96 ! ​x
​ODOT Apprentice/Trainee Monthly Progress
(See On the Job Training)
​ODOT External Civil Rights Complaint 731-0333 Jan-97​ ​​! p​

​On the Job Training (OJT)


​OJT – Apprentice/Trainee Approval Request
(bid on/after 1/1/2016) NEW
734-2878​ ​Jan-16 p​​

​OJT – Apprentice/Trainee Approval Request
(bid before 12/31/15)

731-0294 ​May-07
​OJT – Apprentice/Trainee Monthly Progress
(bid on/after 1/1/2016) NEW
734-2879 Jan-16​ ​p
​OJT – Apprentice/Trainee Monthly Progress
(bid before 12/31/15)
​731-0332 ​May-08 ! ​x
​OJT – Training Program Approval Request
(bid on/after 1/1/2016) NEW
734-2880 Jan-16 p
​OJT – Training Program
(bid before 12/31/15)
731-0335 ​May-07 ​​​​! ​w
​Order for Force Work 
(See State Force Order)
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word

Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Testing 
General Information ​​

734-4101 ​Sep-12 ! ​x
Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Testing 
Longitudinal Markings ​
734-4102 Sep-12​ ​x
Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Testing​
Transverse Markings ​
734-4103 Sep-12​ ​x
Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Testing​
Longitudinal Markings - Additional Testing ​
734-4104 ​Sep-12 ​x
Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Testing
Transverse Markings - Additional Testing ​​
734-4105 ​Sep-12 x​
​Payroll Receipt and Review ​731-0521 ​Jul-06
​Performance Evaluations
​ODOT Evaluating Contractor 
(Projects let before 1/1/2013)
734-2469 B ​Sep-07 ​x
​​Performance Evaluations
ODOT Evaluating Contractor 
(Projects let after 1/1/2013)
734-2884 May-14​ ​x
​​Performance Evaluations
Contractor Evaluating ODOT
734-2469 A ​Jul-13 ! ​p
Pile and Driving Equipment Data 734-2608 ​Aug-09   ​x
Pile Driving Checklist 734-2609 ​Dec-10 ​p
Pile Record Book 734-3485 May-93 ​p
​Pollution Control Plan
734-2445 Oct-15 ​p
​Post-Tensioning Record
From One End
734-2594 ​Oct-09 ! x​
​Post-Tensioning Record
From Both Ends
734-2594 A ​Oct-09 x​
​Post-Tensioning Grouting Record UPDATED 734-2697 ​Nov-15 p​
​Post-Tensioning Strand Installation Record 734-2696 Jun-08​ ​x
​Precast, Prestressed Slab / Box Beam Placement Checklist ​ 734-2885​ Jul-12​ p​
​Pre-Paving Conference 734-2601 ​Sep-04 ​x
​Prepour Checklist 734-2626 Jul-06​ ​​! x​
​Prevailing Wage Complaint 734-2547 ​Jul-09 ​​​​! p​
​Project Manager’s Diary 734-3120 ​Mar-04 p​
​Project Manager’s Labor Compliance Certification 734-1734 ​Jun-14 ​​​​! ​p
​Project Manager's Monthly EEO Report
(Projects advertised before 7/1/2011)
734-3858 Aug-00​ ​w
​Project Manager's Narrative  734-2756 Aug-14​ ​​​​​! p​
​Project Manager's Owner-Operator Interview Summary Report 734-3581 ​Jun-09 x​
Project Notification to County Surveyors 
(ROW Monumentation)​
734-2298 Feb-08​ ​p
​Proposed Quality Control Personnel and Materials 734-2602 ​Sep-04 x​
​QC/QA Testing Investigation 734-4040 Oct-12​ ​​​​​​! ​x
​​QCCS Structural Concrete Mix Design Submittal Checklist UPDATED ​​​734-5006 ​May-16 p​
​Quality Assurance & Contract Administration Plan 734-2857 Jan-12​ p​
​Random Number Table ​N/A ​Oct-08 ​​​​​​​!
​Random Sample Locations 734-1972 ​Oct-12 ​​​​​​​​! x​
​Random Sample Locations for Density Testing of ACP  UPDATED 734-1972 A ​Oct-15 ​​​​​​​​​! ​x
​Recommendation of Project Acceptance 734-1384 Jun-13​ ​​​​​​​​​​! ​p
​Record of Construction Contractor Claim Form 734-2595 Mar-05​ ​​​​​​​​​​​! x​
​Report on Contractor’s Request for Subcontract Consent–Single Form 734-1395 Oct-10​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​! ​x
​Report on Contractor’s Request for Subcontract Consent–Workbook (50 Forms) 734-1395
Oct-10​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​! ​x
​Request for Overrun, Increase, or Decrease in Construction Authorization UPDATED 734-3372 Jan-16 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​! ​x
​Request for Overrun, Increase, or Decrease Authorization Supporting Data UPDATED 734-2538 Jan-16 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​! x​
​Request for Release of Retainage for Subcontracted Work 734-2510 ​May-12 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​! x​
​Request for Release of Retainage for Subcontracted Work Checklist 734-2707 Jun-08​ w​
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
​Safety Questionnaire for ODOT Contracted Construction Projects std96002 ​Aug-11 ! ​p
Sample Data Sheet
734-4000 ​Oct-15 ! ​x
Sample Data Sheet for Concrete Cylinders  734-4000 C ​Oct-12 ! ​x
Sample Data Sheet for Non-Field Tested Materials 734-4000 NF ​Oct-12 ​! ​x
Semi-Final Documentation Submittal UPDATED 734-2706 ​Feb-16 ​p
​Specific Gravity and Maximum Density of ACP  UPDATED 734-2050 ​Oct-15 ​! ​x
​Sprinkling Tally Sheet 734-3427 ​Mar-05 p​
​Standard Bridge Clearance
Permanent Reduction
734-2614 May-06​ ​! ​x
​Standard Bridge Clearance
Temporary Reduction
734-2614 A ​May-06 ​x
​State Force Order
Single Form
734-1105 ​Jan-12 x​
​State Force Order
Workbook (25 Forms)
734-1105 WB ​Feb-12 ​x
StatSpec–Version 3.10.00 UPDATED
This version works with Excel 2010 & 2013. Please be sure you have this folder on your computer– C:\usr\excel.
StatSpec​ Sep-15​ ​! x​
​Structure Coating Daily Progress Report 734-1789 Jan-10​ ​x
​Subcontractor Consent Checklist 734-2518 ​Jul-12 ​! p​
​Subcontractor Paid Reports (SPR)
SRSP – ​​Summary Report of Subcontractors Paid
(bid before 10/23/14)
​​734-2722 ​​Nov-10 ​​​! ​p
​PSR – Paid Summary Report
(bid on/after 10/13/14)
​734-2882 Feb-16 ​p
​Subcontractor Solicitation and Utilization Report ​734-2721 ​Nov-13 ​p
​Summary of Failing Density Test Results for Bituminous Mixtures 734-3946 ​Aug-00 ​x
​Summary of Failing Test Results for Aggregate 734-3966 ​Aug-00 ​x
​Summary of Failing Test Results for PG Asphalt Cements UPDATED 734-2283 ​May-15 ​x
​Summary of Failing Test Results for Other Asphalt UPDATED 734-2283a May-15​ ​x
​Summary of Failing Test Results for Bituminous Mixtures 734-3965 Aug-00​ ​x
​Tare Sheet 734-2394 May-05​ ​x
​Tensile Stripping Strength (TSR) 734-2050 TSR Oct-12​ ​​​! ​x
​Test Summaries
Field Tested Concrete Materials (B-QA)
Aug-09​ ​x
​Test Summaries
Field Tested Materials (B)
734-1902 B Aug-09​ ​x
​Test Summaries
Non-Field Tested Materials (A)
734-1902 A ​Aug-10 ​x
​Traffic Control Inspection Report 734-2474 ​Jul-12 ​​​​! p​

​Training Program
(See On the Job Training)

​Transmittal Letter (ODOT) 734-2188 ​Jun-09 ​x
​Transmittal Letter (generic) ​​734-2188g ​x
​Turbidity Monitoring Report (In-Water Work) UPDATED 734-2755 ​Oct-15 ​​​​! ​p
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​Title ​Form # ​Effective Date
​Dist Code ​Form Code ​Notepad Version ​pdf excel word
​Unit Weight and Specific Gravit (W/S) 734-1825 ​Oct-12 ! ​x
Voids Worksheet Gyratory
​Oct-13 ! ​x
Voids Worksheet Gyratory
​Oct-13 ! ​x
Wage Determination 734-1870 ​Aug-00 ​x
Warranty for Longitudinal Pavement Markings
734-2891 ​Apr-14 ​! ​w
Warranty for Longitudinal Pavement Markings
High Performance
734-2892 Apr-14 ​! ​w
Warranty for Longitudinal Pavement Markings
Ledgens and Bars
734-2893 Apr-14 ​! w
Weekly Statement of Contract Time Changes 734-3483 Aug-00 ​x
Weigh Memo 734-3082 ​Oct-98 ​p
​Work or Change Order Supporting Data (see Contract Change Supporting Data)
Work Zone Speed 
Reduction Request Form
734-2874 ​Mar-12 ​o
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