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DAP Review Instructions
The DAP Review form is provided to help you document your prequalification requirements and estimates for upcoming jobs.  The form is prepared as a MS Word document with check boxes to answers prerequisite questions and a text holder to copy and paste data from the ID Analysis Spreadsheet.  Once the form is complete, you should print a copy for your records.

Procedures & Checklist
As a general rule, only a maximum of 50% of the work value
can be accelerated on a project.

This preliminary procedure includes the use of two documents.  The project leader or team leader should begin with the DAP review document to complete the preliminary qualifications for the project.  First, complete items 1and 2 in the DAP review Document.  If the answers are yes, proceed to the PD17 document questions, make a copy and review the additional items that are listed.  If the document contains a number of "yes" answers, proceed to the I/D analysis spreadsheet.
The following instructions are for completion of the ID analysis in the DAP I/D analysis spreadsheet and select the PRELIMINARY ID CALCULATOR tab.  The following data entry instructions are also located on the spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet data may be adjusted as needed for "what if analysis" of the project conditions. 
Data Entry Instructions
 Enter the project biddable dollars in G)
 Enter the approximate percent portion of I/D work in H)
 Enter the bid date in L)
 Enter the date of work completion in M)
 Enter the ADT in O)
 Enter the existing posted speed in P)
 Enter the project miles Q)
 Enter if a crossover might be needed R)
 Initial I/D value will calculate in W)
 Enter reduced I/D days with higher I/D dollars in Y)
 Compare I/D to LD's - if higher the I/D decision point will be "YES"
Once the work on the spreadsheet is completed, select the DATA FOR DAP REVIEW REPORT tab, highlight the final report data, copy and paste in the DAP review Document.

Once the preliminary review is complete, the DAP report must be sent to the Area Manager, Consultant Project Manager or Funding Authority for approval of use of the I/D in the contract process.  Once approved, the DAP Review Report should be maintained in the project file as a record document.


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