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Incentive/Disincentives (ID) Program
The use of Liquidated Damages (LD’s) as an enforcement tool for work completion is not a success.   For some projects, the reliance on LD’S is simply a path to failure for timely performance.  I/D’s are designed to enhance the project LD’s and encourage contractors to view the project with high importance to the completion schedule.
Objectives of this Site
  • Evaluate the project need for an I/D
  • Organize the process for developing I/D's
  • Calculate the dollar range of I/D values
  • Assist the selection of the best I/D amount
  • Document the project team decisions
Use this link to learn more about the "Background" of this program and the "Concept of Timely Completion of Work."

Classes Offered for New Traffic Analysis Tool
ODOT’s new Web-based Work Zone Traffic Analysis tool provides traffic data for the state highway system in an easy-to-use interface. 


John Riedl
Senior Cost Engineer
Norma Kearney 
Senior Cost Engineer / QAQC

Reference Materials

Primary Resources  Other Resources 
FHWA 1989 Guideline to I/Ds  ODOT RUC Memo 10 MPH Rule 
ID Research Report 2007 - SPR 630  FHWA Memo 10 MPH Rule 
Specifications for Liquidated Damages  The Value of Travel-Time
Guidance for Selecting the Daily I/D Unexpected Delay Cost Estimates (pdf)
Traffic Tables & Oregon State ATR Map 2007 Incident Delay Statewide (xls)
RUC Gillespie

Instructional Pages

DAP Review 
The DAP Review form is provided to help document prequalification requirements and estimates for projects.  The form is prepared as a MS Word document with check boxes to answers prerequisite questions and a text holder to copy and paste data from the ID Analysis Spreadsheet. 
Information needed:
Total biddable dollars
Estimated % of bid $ in I/D
Estimated bid date
Estimated completion date
Highway ADT
Posted preconstruction speed
Project length in miles
If a crossover detour is needed
DAP I/D Analysis Spreadsheet
Final Review 
The purpose is to provide the second level of review at the advanced design 75% level to refine the initial assumptions for the project I/D. 
Information needed:
Baseline CPM Schedule
Accelerated CPM Schedule
Total biddable dollars
Dollar biddable portion in I/D
Calculated Daily RUC
Preliminary traffic control plans
CPM Schedule Tool
Estimator Program
I/D Cost Calculator (Password Required)
Sample Specifications
PD-17 Overview 
The PD-17 provides guidance and clarification on the use of Incentive/Disincentive (I/D) contracting provisions.
Tools:    PD-17 Policy |  PD-17 I/D Suitability Checklist |  PD-17 Flowchart