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e-Guide: NEPA Process | Project Management | Documentation
Overview - NEPA Process & Project Management

ODOT Standard Operating Procedures for NEPA Project Managers
ODOT Project Delivery Policies & Directives
ODOT Technical Services Policies & Directives
Technical Guidance Practices
ODOT NEPA Process 
Guidance for ODOT NEPA Project Managers and Consultants for managing NEPA processes and documentation for ODOT’s major projects is generally divided into two categories - Procedures and Discipline Guidance - as follows: 
NEPA Document Do’s and Don’ts 

The primary focus of this NEPA Guidance is to:
  • Provide information that will help the NEPA Project Managers understand and integrate the specific environmental requirements into ODOT’s NEPA planning and project development processes;
  • Advise the NEPA Project Managers on the appropriate timing of technical discipline-specific deliverables—to help make the NEPA planning and project development processes as efficient and effective as possible;
  • Serve as both a central source of information and as a training tool to help the NEPA Project Managers gain a broad understanding of each of the primary technical disciplines and associated processes—and how to manage these within the framework of managing the NEPA processes throughout planning and project development;
  • Help technical discipline specialists understand how their products and reports integrate into and support the overall NEPA and environmental documentation process; and 
  • Provide a helpful tool to other users, such as ODOT project leaders and consultants, and other team members including planners, managers, local agencies, resource agencies, participating and cooperating agencies, Tribal organizations, and members of the public.
NEPA Process Regulations & Guidance
NEPA CEQ Regulations (40 CFR)
NEPA Regulations Booklet
FHWA CEQ Regulations (23 CFR)
e-CFR FHWA CEQ 23 CFR Regulations (easier to read)
SAFETEA-LU Provisions & Requirements
Final Rule (23 CFR 771 and 49 CFR 622) 
(new Transit and FHWA EIS procedures; 3/24/09)
FHWA Environment Website
FHWA Every Day Counts - Shortening Project Delivery Toolkit 
FHWA Environmental Guidebook
FHWA Environmental Toolkit Website
Re:NEPA Chat Forums (FHWA Website)
Re:NEPA Reference Section (FHWA Website)
'Improving The Quality of NEPA Documents' Webinar Materials
FHWA Section 4(f) Evaluation & Approval Process
Section 4(f) Policy Resource
LWCF 6(f)--NPS Website-6(f) Regulations
LWCF 6(f) Manual--NPS Guidance for Completing 6(f) Conversion Requests
LWCF 6(f)--OPRD Website-LWCF Grant Program 
LWCF 6(f)--ODOT Process Guidance
NEPA CEQ Guidance Links (lots of good stuff!)
AASHTO-Center for Environmental Excellence
AASHTO-SCOE Reports (NCHRP 25-25/Tasks 01-54)
FHWA Website and FHWA (hdqtrs) Contacts
ODOT NEPA Documentation Guidance
Following is general guidance for the preparation of NEPA documents:
NEPA Documentation Examples
Example FONSI - no REA
Links for Further ODOT NEPA Process Guidance    
ODOT NEPA Coordination Website
CETAS Group (Interagency Streamlining)
Project Scoping Guidebook
Project Delivery Guidebook
Stakeholder Participation Website
Stakeholder Participation Workbook
ODOT Project Management Practices & Tools
FHWA (local) Oregon Division Website & Contacts
ODOT Technical Services Guidance Manuals
(Check for envrionmental sections in the manuals)
ODOT Technical Discipline Websites        
ODOT Guidance Manuals by Section
ODOT Guidance Manuals
Additional Links
ODOT Templates & Forms
ODOT Example Docs
MOAs, MOUs, IGAs, etc. [under construction]
New Guidance ‘In the Works’ for ODOT NEPA Processes   
Please Note: This section is under construction. Your patience and feedback are appreciated!
The following tools are being developed to help streamline and/or clarify the NEPA (EA or EIS) process. Please test-drive these tools once they become active and provide your feedback here.
NEPA Document Quality Control and Assurance Guidance
Reader-Friendly Guidance for Document Writing & Formatting
Technical Report Guidance and SOWs for EAs/EISs
Environmental Document & Data Management System
Environmental Commitment Tracking System
Administrative Record Preparation & Filing Guidance
Title VI Guidance & Tracking Matrix
FONSI-Significance Guidance (Context & Intensity)
Goal Exception Process Guidance

Contacts - NEPA Project Management

*Contact the staff listed below within the appropriate Section: 
      *Statewide NEPA Program Coordinator
      *Geo-Environmental Section Manager
Geo-Environmental Section  (Salem)  503-986-4200

GeoEnvironmental Homepage
*Contact the staff listed below within the appropriate Region:
      *Region NEPA Project Manager (EPM)
La Grande

Local Agency Liaisons & Program Coordinators (includes all Region LALs)
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