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Manuals, Procedures & Practices
Area Listings
This table provides direct links to all "Manuals, Procedures & Practices" documents by areas.  If you notice errors in this listing, please contact the web editor for this page.
Air and Noise
Air Quality Manual  Grants Pass Mobile 5 Table
Noise Manual  Klamath Falls Mobile 5 Table
Archaeology Manual  DOE Consultant Guidelines
Human Remains Guidance  Draft-monitoring coordination
Regs - Inadvertent Discovery  Arch HazMat Spill Guidance
Biology Manual Biology Monitoring Web site 
Consultant Qualifications for Biological  Assessments - GE12-01(B) supercedes GE08-01(B) ODFW Small Pump Screen Self-Certification
ESA Guidance Manual  Temporary Water Management Design  
Guidance Manual for Writing BA Documents  Hydroacoustic Guidance
Stormwater Management Plan Checklist ODA Noxious Weed Strategy
Biological Assessment Template (.pdf) Roadside Maintenance Manual (Blue Book) 
Biological Assessment Template (Word) Draft Emergency-Urgency Cut-Fill PBA
BA Template Checklist OTIA III Environmental Performance Standards
ODFW Fish Screening Criteria Site Maintenance and Corrective Action Plan
NMFS Juvenile Fish Screen Criteria  SLOPES 
ODFW-WRD Fish Screen Inspection Form Making Endangered Species Act Determinations of Effect
CETAS  Streamlining
CETAS Booklet Purpose and Need Concurrence Point Guidance from MTPA 
Draft Presentation Guidelines Range of Alternatives Concurrence Point Guidance from MTPA 
Draft Level of Data Criteria for Selection and Evaluation Measures Guidance from MTPA 
Issue Resolution Process  Preferred Alternative Concurrence Point Guidance from MTPA 
Presentation Templates
Conservation Mitigation
Mit & Conservation Manual  Signed State-wide Agreement 
Cultural Resources
ODOT Cultural Resources Manual   FTP Links (will be replaced by new manual)
Programmtic Agreement for Minor Transportation Projects  
Contract Plans Development Guide  Office Practice Manual
Environmental Baseline Reporting
EBR Decision Criteria  EBR Procedural Guidance 
Erosion Control Resources
Erosion Control Manuals - Includes:
       Erosion Control Manual   &
       Erosion Control Field Manual
 Soil and Rock Clasification Manual   Retaining Structures Manual - Active through 6/30/2010
 Geotechnical Design Manual  
 HazMat Program Procedures Guide  Pollution Control Plan Contractor Guide
 OTIA III Material & Contamination Performance Standards Manual
 Pollution Control Plan Form
 ENV 16-02 Hazardous Materials Procedure for Transportation Projects   
 Internal ODOT Customers Only *
 Hydraulics Manual  
 Material Sources
 Forms & Resources
 NEPA Coordination
 Env Procedures Manual Vol. 1 (Complete)  Cover
 Env Procedures Manual Vol. 2 (Draft)  Sec 4f De Minimus Guidance
 Table of Contents  Appendix A
 Chapter 1 |Chapter 2 |Chapter 3 |Chapter 4  Appendix B
 Chapter 5 |Chapter 6 |Chapter 7 |Chapter 8  Appendix C
 Chapter 9
 Removal/ Fill Permits 
 Common Permitting Problems  DSL ODOT Authorizations
 Nationwide Permits ODOT  Guidance for Permit Drawings
 ODOT Permits Checklist  Permits Guidance Info Primer
 Permits FAQs  
 Region Environmental Coordination
 Env Classification Guidance   Env Checklist Instructions
 Part 3 Instructions  Prospectus Processing 
 Programmatic CE Ageement
 Roadside Development
 Roadside Development Man
  Native Plant Lists 
 Water Quality/Resources
 Wetlands Process Flowchart
 No Wetlands-Waters Findings Memo 
 Wetlands & Waters Scoping Procedures   Site Maintenance and Corrective Action Plan
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