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Material Sources
The Oregon Department of Transportation has been involved in the material source business for more than 80 years.  The Oregon State Highway Department, now known as ODOT was formed in 1913, and purchased the first ODOT owned material source in 1922.  Over the years ODOT continued to develop the highway system and buy material sources needed to meet the demand.  ODOT currently owns approximately 700 material sources located around the State.  These sources collectively form a network of hard rock, borrow, disposal and maintenance material sources.  They are used to various degrees to meet the needs for construction, maintenance and safety of the State transportation system. 
Over the years the ODOT Material Source Program has seen many changes.  In the early days as highways were being developed across the state, material from State owned or controlled sources of material were the primary sources used for highway construction projects.  As the population grew in many areas of the State, the need for materials for construction of local and private projects grew as well.  As a result, in areas of population where demand was high, numerous commercial suppliers of construction materials opened for business.  In many of these areas ODOT turned to these suppliers to meet a portion of the material needs for highway projects.  In the more rural areas of the State commercial supplies of construction material are still few and far between.
As the State has grown, the demand for construction materials for both public and private projects has grown with it.  Over the same time frame the environmental awareness and restrictions, land use laws, and permitting requirements associated with material sources have increased exponentially. Identifying, developing, permitting and operating material sources in Oregon requires development of long range strategies and constant attention to changing rules and regulations and well as to varying material requirements and needs.      
The ODOT Material Source Program is working to do just that: develop short and long term strategies for the ODOT Material Source Network to maintain, develop and permit ODOT owned and controlled material sources to meet the demand of construction and maintenance projects where feasible and appropriate.


Russ Frost - russell.g.frost@odot.state.or.us
Statewide Aggregate Resource Coordinator
Scott Billings - scott.d.billings@odot.state.or.us
Asst. Material Sources Program Coordinator
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Or contact by phone at:  (541) 388-6186


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