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Stormwater Facility Inventory and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals
 Statewide Stormwater Facility Inventory
The Geo-Environmental Hydraulics Program is responsible for data management and inventory of stormwater facilities and operation and maintenance manuals.  Contact the program lead for preparing an O&M Manual or the engineering assets condition specialist for locating a completed manual.
Hydraulics Engineering Program Leader
Engineering Assets Condition Specialist
Stormwater Facility and O&M Inventory
ODOT stormwater facilities are assigned a unique drainage facility identification number.  It is used to associate or link the stormwater facility to an O&M manual and asset management systems.  The DFI numbers are assigned by contacting ODOT’s Geo-Environmental’s Hydraulic Engineering Program Lead to obtain a DFI.  The project hydraulic designer requests DFIs during the project’s PE phase as discussed in Chapter 17 of ODOT’s Hydraulics Manual.
ODOT’s stormwater facility and O&M inventory is posted on ODOT’s TransGIS.  TransGIS is a web-based program that is used to identify the location of a stormwater facility and to post completed O&M manuals onto the internet.  The stormwater data on TransGIS can be viewed by anyone.
How to view O&M Manuals in TransGIS:
·     Select “drainage” from the menu to the left
·     Toggle/select “stormwater management facilities”
·     Select “apply” at the bottom left of the screen
·     To view the facility’s completed manual select the blue button with an “I” symbol and select any green facility marker on the map
·     A box will pop up with facility information and links to the O&M manual and maintenance table.
Note:  Associated stormwater reports will be posted onto the stormwater management layer as time permits
Operation and Maintenance Manuals
ODOT constructs stormwater control facilities to manage water quality and water quantity from highway pavement runoff.  These facilities are located all across the state.  There are approximately 1,000 facilities owned by ODOT as of 2016. 
ODOT requires that every stormwater facility has a prepared manual.  Guidance on preparing an O&M manual is located in Chapter 4 of ODOT’s Hydraulics manual and associated Technical Bulletins.  O&M Manuals describes the type of facility and how it operates, outlines an inspection schedule, and summarizes maintenance actions.
Stormwater facility maintenance actions are summarized in a series of maintenance tables.   Maintenance actions for each facility are based on facility type.  The list of maintenance tables referenced in ODOT O&M manuals is noted below for reference. 
Maintenance Tables 
Table 1: General Maintenance    
Table 2: Maintenance of Stormwater Ponds 
Table 3: Maintenance of Water Quality or Biofiltration Swales    
Table 4: Filter Strips 
Table 5: Bioslopes
Table 6: Detention Vaults 
Table 7: Detention Tank (or Large Diameter Pipe)    
     *S = Special Maintenance Requirements. Please refer to the individual O&M Report.