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Roadside Development
Vista House - Crown Point - Columbia River
Vista House - Crown Point - Columbia River
Greetings and Welcome to the Roadside Development page of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) website. Roadside Development is synonymous with Landscape Architecture at most DOT's around the USA. At ODOT, the Roadside Development program is coordinated through the Geo-Environmental Section - Natural Resources Unit in Salem, with some of the 5 Region offices having Landscape Architects on staff as well. The Roadside Development office in Geo-Environmental is responsible for 1) setting statewide policy and program for Roadside Development at ODOT, 2) reviewing all projects in the state which propose variation from standard details or specifications, 3) providing technical expertise and advice on projects involving revegetation, hardscape development, visual resource analysis, and 4) continuous improvement of the program. We work closely with Environmental, Design, Construction and Maintenance staff to develop projects which are safe to travel, economical to build, supportive of the local ecology, aesthetically interesting and sustainable to maintain.
Originally created in 1934 as the Landscape Unit at the Oregon State Highway Department, Roadside Development and Landscape Architecture have a long history of providing a safe and scenic travelling experience for the citizens of Oregon. From the development of the first Scenic Highway in the USA (Historic Columbia River Highway; Samuel Lancaster was an Engineer anda Landscape Architect!), through creation of one of the first Scenic Byways programs in the country, ODOT has been a leader in the understanding of the value to citizens of a highly scenic travelling experience. ODOT routinely considers the potential impacts to visual quality from projects and has developed specific protocols to support partnering with local agencies to provide enhanced visual treatments of particularly urban facilities.
We are blessed to be surrounded by such a stunningly beautiful state with many diverse ecoregions: from the Willamette Valley to the Columbia Plateau, from the Pacific Coast to the Cascade Mountains, ODOT is committed to delivering a safe and scenic travelling experience.

Headquarters Contacts
Mike Shippey, RLA
ODOT Statewide Roadside Development Program Coordinator
Regional Contacts
Magnus Bernhardt, RLA
ODOT Region 1

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