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Sample Documents
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This table provides direct links to all "Sample Documents" by areas.  If you notice errors in this listing, please contact the web editor for this page.

 Air and Noise
 REA Air Quality Noise Study Report I-5 at Beltline
 Statewide Noise Study Report Statewide Air Quality Report
 Air Quality Report for a Categorical Exclusion Project located in a CO Maintenance Area
 Air Quality Report for a Categorical Exclusion Project located in a PM10 Maintenance Area
 Air Quality Report for a Project EIS/EA located in an Attainment Area
 Air Quality Report for a Project EIS/EA located in a CO Maintenance Area
 Air Quality Report for an Indirect Source Construction Permit (ISCP) Application 
 Air Quality Report for Regional Analysis for a Project in a Rural (non-MPO) Area
 Archaeology Survey Report 
 SHPO Cover Page Example  
 BA Document QA Checklist EFH Response to FHWA - Template
 Template informal consult. to NMFS/USFWS FHWA Response to NMFS - Template
 FHWA No Effect Document Template In-Water Work Ext BA-BO Amend. Form
 Cut/Fill Slope Failure Program. Bio. Opinion Work Ext. BA-BO Amend. Processing Dir.
 Drilling Programmatic Biological Opinion Std Local Oper. Pro. for Endangered Species 
 Biological Opinion TOC Final
 Final Appendices Cover Page
     Appendix 1-A Executive Summary
     Appendix 3B Sec 1.0 - 4.0
     Appendix_2C_Participants Section 5 & 6
     Appendix_3A_NonESA_PS Section7 & 8
     EOE-Appendix2B Section 9
     ESLAppendix2A Liaison Contacts
 Conservation Mitigation
 DSL Application for Mitigation Checklist DSL Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Form
 Monitoring Form Success Criteria 9-2004 
 Cultural Resources
 Blank Cultural Forms Context Statements
   4(f) Programmatic - Historic Bridges   Oregon Interstate Hwy Overview 2004
   4(f) Programmatic - Minor Takes   SBG Bridges in Oregon 
   DOE Form - Bridges Example 4F Documents
   DOE Form - Blank   4(f) Full Evaluation
   DOE Form - Historic Districts   4(f) Programmatic - Historic Bridge
   DOE Form - Multiple Property Submittal   4(f) Programmatic - Minor Take
   FOE Form - Blank Example Baseline Report
   ORS 358 Consultation Form   Cultural Resources Baseline Report
 Example 106 Documents Example MOA 
   DOE Example - Bridge   Example MOA
   DOE Example - Individual Property ORS 358 Documentation Examples
   DOE Example - MPS   ORS 358 Documentation Submittal
   FOE Example   ORS 358 Documentation Submittal - Bridges
   FOE Example - Adverse NEPA Cultural Report
   Sample News Releases   Cultural Resources Technical Report - NEPA 
 Programmatic Agreement Section 4(f) de Minimis
   Example Programmatic Agreement Memo   Parks 4(f) de Minimis Ltr 
      Historic Properties 4(f) de Minimis Ltr 
 Environmental Baseline Reporting
 Sample Environmental Baseline Report Report 4.zip
 Additional ResearchStructure Survey Report
Asbestos, Lead-paint, Mercury, PCBs, etc.
 ASTM Phase 1 Beneficial Water Use Determination
 Groundwater Field Sampling Form ISA Checklist
 Level 1 Corridor Study Level 2 PSI
 Minimal Assessment Memo NFA Response
 RBCA Simple Surplus Property Memo
ODOT Site Specific Health & Safety Plan      Internal ODOT Customers Only *
 Work Plan
ODOT Generic Health & Safety Plan          Internal ODOT Customers Only *
 Material Sources 
 MS Narrative Packet 
 NEPA Coordination
 EA EIS - Pioneer Mtn. Eddyville DEIS 
   Downtown Brookings EA+4f 2004   Executive Summary
   I-5 Beltline Interchange REA 6-06-03   Pioneer Mtn Eddyville DEIS
   Lake Creek EA 2004 South Medford Interchange 
   Lake Creek Revised EA 2004 a   SMI Record of Decision 061804
   Modoc to Algoma Revised EA   South Medford Interchange DEIS + 4f
 NEPA Tech Reports - Downtown Brookings   South Medford Interchange FEIS + 4f
   TechRpt- Hazmat Spencer Creek DEIS  
   TechRpt- Land Use   Part 1-Spencer Creek Bridge (Chap 1-4)
   TechRpt- Socioeconomics   Part 2-Spencer Creek Bridge (Chap 5)
   TechRpt- Transportation   Part 3-Spencer Creek Bridge (Chap 6) 
   TechRpt- Water Quality   Part 4-Spencer Creek Bridge (Chap 7-11) 
   TechRpt- Wetlands  
  TechRpt-Visual AssessmentFHWA Required Documentation for CatEx Projects
 Read Friendly Document Examples
   Hwy 199 Expressway - EA Documents
   Woodburn I/C EA - Exec. Summary & Ltr
 Removal/ Fill Permits 
 DSL-USACOE Joint Permit App Form 
 Region Environmental Coordination
 Prospectus--Part 1 Environmental Checklist
 Prospectus--Part 2 Worksheets
 Prospectus--Part 3CE Minimums Form (FHWA Required  Documentation for CatEx Projects)
 Roadside Development
 Beaverton DES 05-02
 DES 20-01 OSU & SW Oregon
 OSU Select New Tree Visual Report Template
 Portland TechRpt-Visual Assessment
 Water Quality
 Research Technical Documents   
   Barks 1996   
   Barrett et al 1996   
   EPA 1995 Planning Considerations 
   Kaighn et al 1996  
   Price and Yonge 1995 
   Tenney et al 1996 
   Wu et at 1998 
   Yu et al 1998 
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