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Stormwater Retrofit Program
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ODOT has committed $8.4 million over four years towards stand-alone stormwater retrofit projects.  These projects must be in the Willamette River Watershed, primarily in urbanized areas, and must involve treatment of ODOT runoff.  Retrofit projects can include any of the following:
  • Installing a new facility along a stretch of highway where no treatment currently exists;
  • Upgrading an existing water quality facility that doesn’t meet ODOT’s standards for treatment;
  • Upgrading an existing facility that isn’t functioning effectively due to maintenance issues; or
  • Adding functionality to an existing facility (e.g. adding spill containment to a water quality treatment facility)
Project Nomination Form
The project screening and selection process focuses on identifying projects that will have the greatest benefit to water quality and quantity relative to cost.  Some of the factors that are considered in the prioritization process include the following:
  1. Is the receiving waterway on Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s list of water quality limited streams (DEQ 303(d))? 
  2. Does the receiving waterway contain threatened or endangered fish? 
  3. Is the highway a high ADT (greater than 100,000) or medium ADT (30,000 to 100,000) road? 
  4. Is there an opportunity to partner with a local agency or other entity on the project?
  5. Would the project require acquisition of additional right-of-way?
  6. Has any preparatory work been done on the project (e.g. scoping, preliminary design)?

The stormwater retrofit project selection process involves four steps:
  1. Project proponents (including local agencies) submit nomination forms.
  2. Region selection committee reviews project proposals and identifies project list to send to steering committee.
  3. Steering committee reviews projects, identifies projects for immediate implementation as well as a discretionary list of projects that each region may choose to fund based on their priorities.
  4. Region selection committee decides which of the discretionary projects to fund and reports back to steering committee.
The Steering Committee is made up of the following:
  • John Raasch, Interim Natural Resources Unit Manager (503) 986-3370
  • Paul Wirfs, Interim Geo-Environmental Section Manager (503) 986-3526
  • William Fletcher, Water Resources Program Coordinator (503) 986-3509
  • Alvin Shoblom, Senior Hydraulics Engineer (503) 986-3365
  • Jeff Moore, Clean Water Program Technician (503) 731-8289
  • Nicole Peirce, SRP Coordinator (503) 731-3119
  • Ted Miller, Maintenance/Operations Manager/Region 1 representative (503) 731-8559
  • Jerry Wolcott, Project Leader/Region 2 representative (541) 757-4164
  • Ula Janik, Agreement Specialist/Region 1 representative (503) 731-3019
Retrofit Program Budget Allocations

Steering Committee Rankings of 2013 Project

Retrofit Prioritization Plan

Stormwater Retrofit Program FAQs


William Fletcher - William.B.FLETCHER@odot.state.or.us
Water Resources Program Coordinator
(503) 986-3509
Nicole Peirce - Nicole.M.PEIRCE@odot.state.or.us
SRP Coordinator
(503) 731-3119
Region 1
Ula Janin - Urszula.JANIK@odot.state.or.us
Agreement Specialist
(503) 731-3019

Region 2
Jerry Wolcott - Jerry.O.WOLCOTT@odot.state.or.us
Project Leader 
(541) 757-4164