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Ongoing Projects
63 of the original 73 miles of the Historic Columbia River Highway are now open to travel either by motor vehicle (Historic Highway or connecting county roads) or by foot and bicycle (State Trail). Only 10 miles are needed to complete the connection. Below is more information about these ongoing projects that will complete these last 10 miles. 

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Mitchell Point Segment ​

The map above shows the five miles that are funded (in green, described below) and the remaining five miles of the State Trail that need funding (in red). Read the 2015 Progress Report that discusses the last 10 miles (and for a larger version of the map).  

Lindsey Creek to Starvation Creek - Completed: October 2016

This segment of the Historic Highway State Trail was dedicated on September 24, 2016 and final completion of the trail will occur in early October. Trail users can now walk or bike from Viento State Park to Wonder Creek, eventually all the way to Lindsey Creek. Read more about the trail designs. 

This section of the State Trail includes (see the map above for locations):
1. Hole-in-the-Wall Falls overlook; which is a universally accessible trail 
2. Warren Creek Bridge
3. Starvation Creek Trailhead; this trailhead was improved to include a small plaza, new signs, landscaping and parking improvements. 

Wyeth to Lindsey Creek (in development) - Targeted completion: 2019

This State Trail Reconnection Project is currently underway and is expected to have construction start in winter 2016/early 2017. The State Trail section would connect Gorton Creek Trailhead at Wyeth (I-84 near milepost 51) to Lindsey Creek.   It is a major undertaking including a trail around Shellrock Mountain on top of the existing bin wall, a 500’ Summit Creek Viaduct (bridge over land), and the Lindsey Creek Bench Cut. 

This section of the State Trail includes (see the map​ above for locations):
4. Shellrock Mountain Crossing; impressive engineering is required to hold back Shellrock​ Mountain and squeeze in a trail behind the existing wall protecting Interstate 84.
5. Summit Creek Viaduct; a new viaduct is needed to connect the abandoned highway sections. The viaduct will blend with the Gorge’s natural landscape and the design detailing will draw upon the iconic structures found along the Historic Highway.
6. Mossy Road; a thick carpet of moss currently blankets the old highway. This beautiful section of the old highway will be reconnected and restored as a trail. 
7. Lindsey Creek Bench Cut; rock blasting will be required to create space for the State Trail. The rock cuts and a new stone wall will help the trail blend in with the surrounding landscape.