The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

Road Weather OperationsExisting/PlannedOngoingThe Oregon vision for road weather operations is to efficiently and safely manage the transportation infrastructure during inclement weather events. This service area includes road weather information systems (RWISs), maintenance kiosks, automated roadway treatment, weather warning systems, and other systems that support transportation operations during inclement weather.
Transportation Operations Center SystemExisting/PlannedOngoing* TOCS Mission/Vision: "The ODOT Transportation Operations Center System provides a unified, statewide platform for around the clock coordination of transportation related services between internal and external customers." * TOCS Goals/Objectives: "The goals and objectives of the TOCS [are] to integrate the hardware and software systems used by the TOC operators and district office personnel to provide a seamless operational platform that provides for immediate information dissemination and close operational ties between TOC's and their customers and partners both public and private."
TripCheck SystemExisting/PlannedOngoingTripCheck is the statewide public traveler information service provider for Oregon. The system provides various types of traveler information pertaining to road conditions, weather, construction, transit, traveler services, etc. Information from the TripCheck system is disseminated by ODOT through various means: the Internet (, 511 highway advisory telephone, highway advisory radio, formatted cable television presentations, etc.
TripCheck Traveler Information PortalExisting/PlannedOngoingThe TripCheck Traveler Information Portal (TTIP) system collects, processes, stores, and disseminates transportation information to regional agencies and commercial information service providers. This system collects public agency transportation information about roadways, construction, parking, special events, road closures, etc. and allows subscribers to retrieve information from the broker. Some public agency information is not accessible to commercial information service providers for security reasons.