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Local Program Leadership Team
Purpose Statement

The Local Program Leadership Team (LPLT) provides strategic level planning, decision-making, and guidance for key aspects of the Local Program.

ODOT's Local Program involves collaboration among the Active Transportation Section, Regional Local Program Units & Technical Centers, Technical Services and local agencies, for the development and delivery of local projects in compliance with program requirements.
The purpose  of the Local Program Leadership Team is to ensure that ODOT's Local Program fulfills its commitments by delivering local programs, projects, and policies that comply with program requirements and meet the needs of ODOT's customers and stakeholders. 
Meeting Times and Location
LPLT meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of each month, from 9:00am - 12:00pm in Salem at 455 Airport Rd Building B SE Salem, 97302, and offer phone and web conferencing as an option for travel. There is a short span of time allotted on the agenda for members to discuss important issues if the need arises. November and December meeting times will fluctuate based upon the availability of committee members due to the holidays. 
For more information about LPLT meetings, please contact Joanna Robert,  Oregon Department of Transportation Local Program Coordinator, 555 13th St NE Suite 2, Salem, OR 97301; (503) 986-3531; email: Nicholas.Grisham@odot.state.or.us
For more information relating to the LPLT's purpose, please click below on the "LPLT Charter & Operating Guidelines" link: 

Performance Measures Sub Committee Charter  


Pertinent Documents & Templates

LPLT Annual Report to PDLT
ODOT Local Program Roles and Responsibilities for Non-Certified Projects
ODOT Targeted Funding Programs Management Guidelines


Sonny P.A. Chickering, Local Program Leadership Team Chair ( Region 2 Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation ODOT). 
The LPLT Chair is charged with managing the Team's work plan, developing agendas and presiding at each meeting. The core membership also includes Local Program Managers from each Region, and a Region Local Agency Liaison. LPLT members will represent their region or division and communicate information from the LPLT to appropriate management and staff. 
External support involves one member from FHWA, the Association of Counties (AOC) and the League of Oregon Cities (LOC) along with key resources within ODOT. 
To see a complete listing of all LPLT members, click the link below: 
LPLT Membership Roster  
The LPLT welcomes requests to attend or requests to enter topics into the agenda. There will be times when visitors will be invited as topics and issues necessitate. The LPLT also reserves the right to hold "Executive Sessions" with core members when necessary to discuss highly confidential or sensitive issues. If you have an issue or information and would like to present to the LPLT, please contact the appropriate Area Manager or the team Chair on the LPLT membership roster shown above.

Working Documents

Periodically, the Local Program Leadership Team will take projects based upon what is contained in the team's work plan. Listed below are documents under review by the LPLT who may also be working with other leadership teams or sections within ODOT. 
These documents are currently in the developmental stage and have been marked as "DRAFT" accordingly. Questions or comments should be directed to the LPLT Chair listed in the Members section.

LPLT Work Plan
Program Management Procedures
Local and Discretionary Programs
Conflict Resolution Process
Stewardship Agreement

Project Plans

Below are project plans currently in development (organized by work plan item number).


Item # 4: LPLT Goals & Performance Measures Project Plan

Item # 5: LPLT Performance Measures Work Item & Pilot Program

Item # 7:   LPLT Project Plan PS&E Update

Item # 8:   LPLT Training Subcommittee Project Plan & Winter Training Plan

Item # 9:   IGA Consistency

Item # 10: Local Program Communication Guidance & Flowchart

RADAR: Integration Team - LPA Charter, LPA Projects, LAG Manual


Bulletins/ Advisories
Effective Date
Last Updated
Written Communication         August 8, 2013


Project Charging on Locally Administered Projects
September 3, 2013
Indirect Costs: Invoicing requirements added to Intergovernmental Agreement October 14,  2013
​LP03-02B Indirect Costs invoicing requirement added to IGAs ​October 14, 2015 ​New
LP04-01B ​3rd Notice within 120 days of Second Notification ​December 6, 2013 ​New
Current Meeting Materials

 Current Meeting Materials

LPLT 02-03-16 Agenda.pdf
1/29/2016 1:22 PM38 KB
02_Harney County Pilot Handout.pdf
2/2/2016 3:36 PM1032 KB
1/29/2016 1:34 PM904 KB
Past Meeting Materials


 Past Meeting Materials

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