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Local Government Training Information

ODOT is opening some of our classroom training to local agency staff. These courses were designed to provide detailed instruction to ODOT staff about requirements and ODOT business practices associated with personal services contracting, especially for Architectural, Engineering, Land Surveying (A&E) and Related Services contracts. Although some of the information is specific to ODOT business practices, most of the information is also applicable to local agencies who procure A&E and Related Services for projects that include federal funding, or their procurements that must comply with ORS 279C requirements.

​Procurement Classes

PROC 301: Statement of Work for Personal Services Contracts

This training covers basics about how to develop a Statement of Work for personal services contracts. The training includes general information about Statement of Work, an overview of the Statement of Work development process, legal requirements, assessing risk and guidelines for mitigating risk in a Statement of Work, and techniques and writing conventions for clear and concise contracts.

Date: September 20, 2016
Course Fee: No Fee
Location: Salem

PROC 301 Registration

​PROC 302: Contract Administration of Personal Services ContractsThe purpose of this training is to provide information and resources to empower staff to achieve successful outcomes with contracts they administer while complying with procurement regulations and ODOT business practices.

Date: May 10, 2016
Course cost: No Fee
Location: Salem

PROC 302 Registration

​PROC 304: Preparing to Negotiate A&E and Related Services Contracts

This training covers requirements for negotiating A&E and Related Services Contracts, ODOT's recommended process, tools and resources. This training does not cover techniques for negotiations.

Date: October 18, 2016
Course cost: No fee
Location: Salem

PROC 304 Registration

​PROC 305: Invoice Review for A&E and Related Services Contracts

This training covers invoice requirements and best practives for reviewing and processing invoices for ODOT 
A&E and related Services contracts to esure compliance with the contract and meet standard auditing practices for review, backup and resonableness. 

Date: April, 13, 2016
Course cost: No Fee
Location: Salem

PROC 305 Registration 

If you have any questions about Statewide Program Unit trainings or any training needs specific to delivery of local projects, you may email requests to Amanda Tucker.



Local Public Agency Technical and Engineering Related Training

The following link will take you to a Web page that contains a list of ODOT training sessions that are open to those outside of ODOT. The Statewide Program Unit's upcoming training schedule is shown below. More detailed information about Statewide Program Unit's training sessions can be found at the link below.

Upcoming Technical/Engineering Trainings


Region Local Program Workshops


​Presentations from June 2016 Local Project Delivery Workshop:



Certified Local Public Agency (CLPA) Training

The purpose of Certification training is to provide Certification Program global and specific process information to support the successful delivery of Certified Local Public Agency projects. Certification Training is invitation only training focused on ODOT and Local Public Agency staff that deal directly with delivery of Certified Local Public Agency projects. ODOT Local Agency Liaisons (LALs) from Regions 1, 2 & 3; ODOT discipline specific staff responsible for approval and/or oversight of specific elements of Certified Local Public Agency projects; and staff from Local Public Agencies participating in the Certification Program will be invited to attend.


  1. Clarify Local Public Agency and ODOT staff Certification Program roles and responsibilities
  2. Discuss how the Certification Program fulfills ODOT's stewardship responsibilities to FHWA
  3. Provide an overview of governing laws, regulations and directives required by individual disciplines to deliver federally funded projects
  4. Provide process information and schedules for ODOT and Local Public Agency staff to develop CLPA projects
  5. Provide overview of existing Certified Local Public Agency project delivery references and tools e.g. LAG manual, checklists, Quick Reference Guide, desk procedures, etc.
  6. Solicit input for Certification Program improvement


Upcoming classes are currently under development. Please contact Tiffany Hamilton for more information.

​ Previous Certification Training Presentations
Session # 1 March 3, 2011 – Certification Program Overview
Certification Training Relationships
Certification Training Quiz
Session # 2 March 17, 2011 – Key Agreements & Funding
Procedures for Processing Supplemental Project Agreements
City and State Indemnifications
Certified Local Agency Master & Supplemental Project Agreements
Certified Agency Performing Work For Non-Certified Agency
Project Funding
Session # 3 March 29, 2011 – A&E Consultant Procurement
Local Public Agency A&E Procurement Requirements

Session # 4 April 14, 2011 – Design Elements
Highway Utility Program Overview
Certification Design
Local Agency Bridge Design
Acquiring R/W on Federally Funded Projects for LPA's

Design Elements training videos

Becoming Certified
Certification Program Overview
Federal Funds for Local Agencies
Getting Certified in Consultant Selection
The Administration of Federal-Aid Projects by Local Public Agencies
City of Portland
Oregon Local Program Committee Meeting July 27, 2007
Federal Aid Essentials videos for Local Public Agencies