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ACEC-ODOT Partnership

ACEC-ODOT Partnership Background

On March 14, 2005, the American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon (ACEC) and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Steering Committee met in Salem, Oregon to outline a partnership agreement. The intent of the partnering workshop was to formulate a working relationship between ACEC and ODOT that meets partner needs and expectations given today's business context. The Partnership Agreement was renewed in 2013.
The partnership charter was organized to specifically address the following items:
  • Mutual understanding of the new working context and relationship;
  • Partner communication and collaboration protocols;
  • Committee structure and membership; and 
  • Issue identification, tracking and resolution. 

ODOT's Director and additional representatives will meet with the ACEC Board quarterly. 


ACEC-ODOT Working Relationship

The ACEC-ODOT partnership is comprised of two primary committees: the Steering Committee and the Liaison Committee. 

Standing committees are used to address specific work assignments and vary based on subject matter. 


Additional Resources 

ACEC Oregon Strategic Plan 

2016 ACEC-ODOT Partnering Conference, Thurs. April 28, 2016


ACEC National | ACEC Oregon |  ODOT | ODOT Highway Division | ODOT Technical Services | ODOT Major Projects Section | ODOT Procurement Office | ODOT Region 1 | ODOT Region 2

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Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee serves as the management and communication hub of the partnership. Meetings are expected to proactively provide a forum for raising issues, communicating with the partnership community, and overseeing and distributing work assignments to the standing committees.
Meetings held every other month, they are open, and attendees are expected to be a mixture of ODOT technical managers and support services staff as well as general ACEC member firms.

Liaison Committee Contact List


Meeting Materials

2016 Liaison Committee Meeting Schedule

Date Agenda Minutes Handouts
11/19/15 Agenda Minutes

A&E R1 Letter

Technology Standing Committee Handout

01/15/16 Agenda Minutes

Full Service Contract PA Presentation

Contract Initiatives Presentation

Training Standing Committee Handout

Letter from Director Garrett

​03/18/16 ​Agenda ​Minutes

​FAST Act Overview Presentation

Full Service Contracting Presentation

Region 1 Contracting Letter

Annual ACEC Conference Flyer

Disparity Study Flyer

05/20/16 Agenda Minutes

RFI Original Options - Handout A

RFI Award Methodoloy Responses - Handout B

Option 5 RFQ and RFP PA's - Handout C

Full Service PA Solicitation Presentation

ADA Ramps RFP Presentation


Special Session

​Agenda Full Service RFQ Presentation
​7/15/16 ​Agenda


 Looking for archived meeting agendas or minutes? Contact us for more information.


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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is created by joint agreement of ODOT and ACEC Oregon to provide a forum for collaborative guidance and oversight of the overall ACEC/ODOT business partnership including the communication and decision-making structure.

The objective is to seek greater efficiency and a higher level of performance. The Steering Committee is charged with providing leadership and designing the future for the working relationship.


ODOT and ACEC will each appoint 5 to 6 Steering Committee members in addition to the Co-Chairs.  ACEC’s membership will include a strategic mix of large, medium, small/specialty firms. These members should bring experience from the transportation industry both within and outside of Oregon and a have a strong understanding of business practices.

The Committee will meet at least six times a year at mutually agreeable locations. ODOT’s Deputy Director will attend as required and ODOT’s Director will attend a couple of times per year concurrent with ACEC President.

Steering Committee Contact List  


Meeting Materials

2016 Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

Date Agenda Minutes Handouts
11/19/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/15/2016 Agenda Minutes

Consultant Evaluation Process

Letter from Director Garrett

​03/18/2016 ​Agenda Minutes Letter from ACEC re: Contracting
​05/20/2016 ​Agenda ​Minutes
​7/15/2016 ​Agenda


Looking for archived meeting agendas or minutes? Contact us for more information.


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Standing Committees

Standing Committee Information
These committees undertake specific work assignments through a work planning process in agreement with the Liaison and Steering Committees.
Standing committees shall be approximately 6 to 8 members, with an ACEC and ODOT co-chair. All Standing Committees will coordinate any training initiatives with ACEC/ODOT Training AD HOC group. 
  • Procurement and Contracts Standing Committee
  • Project Delivery/Management Systems Standing Committee
  • Technology Transfer Standing Committee
  • Training Standing Committee
  • Environmental & Planning Standing Committee
  • DBE Goal Planning Standing Committee
Project Delivery Management Systems Standing Committee

The goal of the PD/MS Standing Committee is to enhance ODOT and consultant delivery performance and management techniques by:
  • Establishing consistent project management expectations such as cost controls, quality and schedule.
  • Developing delivery performance evaluation and reporting systems.
  • Forging a partnership for delivery expectations, techniques and accountabilities
  • Researching and promoting effective Alternate Delivery methods.
  • Standardizing project Information Management documentation and archiving systems

Contact List


Procurement and Contract Standing Committee
The goal of the Procurement & Contract Standing Committee is to improve contracting processes by:
  • Annual review, evaluation and recommendations for improvements to general procurement processes, contract terms and conditions, and contracting policy and procedures.
  • Assisting ODOT with operationalizing legislative mandates and/or regulatory requirements.
  • Communicating procedures and responsibilities for the contracting process from RFP to performance evaluations for the ODOT and ACEC partnership
Technology Transfer Standing Committee
The goal of the Technology Transfer Standing Committee is to promote continual partnership skills and capacity advancement by:  
  • Developing long-term and short-term protocols for information sharing and knowledge transfer related to technical skill sets.
  • Supporting adoption of best practices – technical methods and tools.
  • Interfacing with ODOT Technical Services to provide input and feedback on technical discipline manuals, guidebooks, and technical bulletins as appropriate.
Training Standing Committee
The purpose is to develop and deliver training initiated by ACEC/ODOT committees (Steering, Liaison and Standing). 
Environmental & Planning Standing Committee
The goal of the Environmental, Planning, and Geo-Hydro Standing Committee is to facilitate communication between ODOT and ACEC consultants regarding issues in the environment, transportation planning, geotechnical, and hydraulics arenas. Current topics of focus include: 
  • Environmental, planning, geotechnical, hydraulic contract management oversight
  • Consistency in application and use of standard practices across regions
  • Dissemination of information to/from ODOT and consulting community relating to environmental, planning, geotechnical, and hydraulics disciplines
  • Technical review and feedback for policy, procedure, directives, templates, etc. 
DBE Goal Planning Standing Committee
ODOT has reconvened an Architectural & Engineering (A&E) Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Goals Committee.  This is a sub-committee to the ODOT-ACEC Steering Committee.  The committee covers topics such as A&E DBE goal processes, DBE RFP scoring and evaluation criteria, DBE contract compliance, updates to DBE FAQ's and data on meeting A&E DBE goals.  
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