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Maintenance Services Program


The Maintenance Services Coordinator assists Maintenance staff in developing, interpreting, and applying the laws, rules and polices for highway maintenance activities as well as administers the Sno-Park, Snowmobile, and Youth Litter Patrol programs and Safety Rest Area vending services.
Contact Information: Maintenance Services Coordinator -  Karen Morrison
Telephone: 503-986-3006     Fax: 503-986-3055

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Sno-Park Program

The winter recreation parking location (Sno-Park) program was created in 1977 primarily to provide for snow removal in designated winter parking areas. The Department of Transportation, in consultation with the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee (WRAC), designates Sno-Parks, establishes the parking permit fee, and sets priorities for the snow removal.
Winter Recreation Advisory Committee
The WRAC is a seven member committee consisting of ski area operators, the general public, and representatives from the Oregon Nordic Club, Oregon State Snowmobile Association, and Pacific NW Ski Association. Committee members are appointed to serve 4-year terms. The current committee members are: 
Mark Schumacher, Chair
Chris Kastner, Vice Chair
Betsy Belshaw
David Fornker
Pete Happy
Peter Johnson
Ken Roadman 

Sno-Park Permits
The Sno-Park program is funded entirely by the sale of Sno-Park parking permits. There are three types of permits available: A seasonal permit that costs $25; a three-day permit (good for three consecutive days) that costs $9; and a one-day permit that costs $4. 
Driver and Motor Vehicles (DMV) coordinates the sale of Sno-Park permits which are available at all DMV offices and private businesses that act as agents of DMV. Agents of DMV may charge a handling fee for each permit they sell. Seasonal Sno-Park permits may also be purchased by mail from DMV. To order a seasonal Sno-Park permit by mail, send a written request with your return address, phone number, and a check or money order to DMV, Vehicle Mail No. 1, 1905 Lana Avenue, Salem Oregon 97314. For information on becoming a sales outlet for Sno-Park permits contact DMV, Vehicle Mail at 503-945-7949. 
Oregon accepts winter parking permits issued by the States of California and Idaho for vehicles registered in those states. Oregon Sno-Park permits are honored in those states as well. 

Oregon's Sno-Park permits will no longer be honored in Washington Sno-Parks. As a result, Oregon will no longer be able to honor Washigton's Sno-Park permit. Vehicles registered in Washington will need to have a valid Oregon Sno-Park permit displayed on the vehicle when parked in an Oregon Sno-Park.

For information on California’s Sno-Park sites, contact the California State Parks and Recreation Department. For information on Idaho’s Park N’ Ski lots, contact Idaho Parks and Recreation Department.

If you park in an Oregon Sno-Park between November 1 and April 30 you will need a valid Sno-Park permit displayed on the lower left corner of your vehicle windshield. Failure to display a Sno-Park permit may result in a $30 fine. Enforcement of the permit requirement may be provided by federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies. Should you receive a citation and have questions, contact the law enforcement agency that issued the citation or the court in the County in which the Sno-Park is located.
Sno-Park Locations
There are about 100 Sno-Parks across the state. Sno-Parks are throughout Oregon’s mountain passes and in most ski, snowmobile, and snow play areas. Each of these areas is posted with signs identifying them as a winter recreation (Sno-Park) area. For a list of parking areas designated as a Sno-Park visit ODOT´s travel information website at the TripCheck Travel Center. The activities that are available at or near Sno-Parks are determined by the land manager. For questions on the activities available or to obtain trail maps contact the land manager listed for the individual Sno-Park. 
Adding a Sno-Park
Requests for a winter parking area to be included in the Sno-Park program are reviewed by the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee prior to consideration by the Department of Transportation. This would include requests for a new parking area, or relocating or expanding an existing Sno-Park. The request must be submitted by the land manager responsible for the area using the Sno-Park Application Form. The information provided in the application must show how the request meets the Guidelines and Criteria for Sno-Parks. A site drawing showing the general layout of the parking area and a vicinity map will assist in the review of the request and should be included with the application.
When a winter parking area is designated as a Sno-Park, the Sno-Park program will provide funding for snow removal. Generally the cost to develop and maintain a Sno-Park (other than snow removal) is the responsibility of the land manager. From time to time funds for those purposes may become available through the Sno-Park program. Should funds for development or maintenance of Sno-Parks become available, land managers will be notified
More Information
For additional information on Oregon’s Sno-Park program or to contact the Winter Recreation Advisory Committee, please email Oregon.Sno-Park@odot.state.or.us or phone the Sno-Park program administrator at 503-986-3006.

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Snowmobile Program

The Snowmobile program provides for the identification and maintenance of snowmobile trails and for the enforcement of snowmobile operator and equipment requirements. The Department administers the Snowmobile program through a contract with the Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA). OSSA coordinates with land managers to identify snowmobile ride areas and with volunteer organizations and contractors for grooming of snowmobile trails. The program is funded through fuel tax and registration fees associated with Snowmobile use.

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Youth Litter Patrol Program

The Youth Litter Patrol program was founded in 1971 to involve youth in the clean up and prevention of litter and vandalism. Today, participants in the Litter Patrol program pick up litter along state highways. Crews usually have a crew leader and two or more crew members and are based in various locations in the state. Crews work primarily during the summer months. 
Crew leaders must be at least 18 years old, pass a criminal background check, and have a valid Oregon Driver License with an acceptable driving record. Crew members must be at least 16 years old and pass a criminal background check. All Litter Patrol workers must have a basic knowledge of spoken and written English, the ability to pick up and bag litter along highways, lift and carry filled bags, work in all types of conditions and work in a safe manner along highways with varying levels of traffic.
Litter Patrol workers are paid on an hourly basis. To be considered for a Litter Patrol job, register online at www.odotjobs.com. Applications are generally accepted from mid-March until early July but this is subject to change based on the need and funding availability. 
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Rest Areas

Rest areas that are part of the state highway system are provided by the Department of Transportation (ODOT) to offer a stopping place for travelers to take a short break from driving, relax, have a snack, or use the restroom. Many of the ODOT rest areas are managed by the Travel Information Council, Oregon Travel Experience (TIC/OTE). ODOT also has arrangements with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and other agencies to provide additional rest opportunities for drivers to supplement the ODOT rest area network.
A list of these areas along with the ODOT rest areas and the features that are available at each is included on TripCheck, ODOT´s travel information web site. Visit TripCheck at www.tripcheck.comClick here to go directly to the rest area page.
The beverage and snack machines located in the ODOT rest areas are provided by the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Also, coffee, cookies and non-alcoholic beverages may be given away at ODOT rest areas by non-profit organizations under the "Free Coffee" program. A "Free Coffee" program permit application form is available online or through the local ODOT Maintenance District Office. Click here for the online application form. Click here to find your District Office. When the rest area is operated by TIC/OTE, the "Free Coffee" permit program is administered by TIC/OTE. Visit TIC/OTE at www.ortravelexperience.com.

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